Australia: Eurovsion 2016 Return Confirmed

australiaAustralia – Early this morning the EBU confirmed that Australia will be returning to Eurovision in 2016 following their recent debut in Vienna this year. Unlike this year though, the act from down under will have to perform in the Semi Finals

Jon Ola Sands, Executive Supervisor of the contest had this to say about the decision:

“The feedback we got from viewers, fans, press and the broadcasters after Australia’s participation in Vienna was overwhelmingly positive. We strongly believe the Eurovision Song Contest has the potential to evolve organically into a truly global event. Australia’s continued participation is an exciting step in that direction. It remains to be seen what such an event may look like in the long run”

Australia were invited to the 2015 contest as part of the shows 60th Anniversary but an announcement of an Australian return seemed more likely after the decision to have them enter the Junior version of the contest that takes place this weekend.

Last year Australia were represented by Guy Sebastian who came 5th in the Final in 2015 with his song “Tonight Again”

Who would you like to see represent Australia in the future? What do you make about the country’s return?

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180 comments on “Australia: Eurovsion 2016 Return Confirmed

  1. Its been over 8 days since HRT said it was imminently about to announce its decision on its participation.

    I understand being a Mediterranean country means things are a bit more laid back but when you say imminently, that does not usually mean more than a week away. It means in the next day or 2.

  2. Xavier Naidoo will represent Germany next year. :(

  3. Compared to the outrage on Prinz Blog, I am a pretty cool and relaxed guy when it comes to Mr. Naidoo’s participation …

  4. What the hell Germany ? I mean..internal selection ? After all these plans for an mf style final ? And this guy ? I dont know him but from everything I read on social media he is not the kind of person I would like in esc at all. A dissapointment from all perspectives..

  5. Some facts on XN:

    – he believes that the world will come to an end soon and identifies his home town Mannheim with the New Jerusalem (if you knew Mannheim, you would all go ROFL …)
    – he has sympathies for Pedgida
    – he is part of the Reichsbürgerbewegung:

    I fail to understand how NDR can choose someone like that to represent Germany in an international context … :(

    • I am at awe as well. This guy sounds absolutely nuts – apart from the homophobia, racism, conspiracies etc
      The only twisted scenario I can think of is that NDR tries to take advantage of the right wing, racist trends in Europe currently. I am really afraid of the subjects of the songs that will be presented in the nf tbh. Ugh..

      • I don’t think that NDR expected the reactions they now get all over the www. Let’s see what our media think of it … I still hope that they’ll think again. I do NOT want to be represented by this guy.
        The songs will all be about himself and God …

      • Trying to appeal to racists by sending a half Indian half Ghanaian man? Do you think about what your writing before you hit post???

    • His weird conspiracy/right-wing views (even weirder given his mixed indian/african descent) should not disqualify him, just like Mans Zelmerlow was not disqualified due to his homophobic statements. When it comes to his music, from the little I heard I am not overwhelmed. However if they do field a song in german by a popular recording artist, that is definitely good for the contest.

      • Mans apologized repeteadly and did not have a whole song equating gay people with pedophiles to begin with. If Mans had not done everything to make amends with LGBT people he would not be qualifies for esc as well.

        I hope he is dropped soon as the reactions mount.

        • I haven’t read anywhere that this guy released a song equating gays with pedophiles. Give us a link please. And of course Mans shouldn’t have been disqualified if he hadn’t apologised. Where do you get these things? If you didn’t like Mans, don’t vote for Mans. It’s simple.

          Are we now using ideological tests for ESC contestants? Have we stooped this low? Hate speech aside (as I said you should give us a link regarding your accusation), this guy’s ideology or weird views are completely irrelevant. This is intolerance in the name of tolerance.

          • Exactly I don’t know what the guy said but lets assume people like Toggie are right and its something homophobic. Ok I won’t vote for him personally but I don’t think that means he shouldn’t be allowed to compete.

            The same people saying NDR should deselect him for making an anti gay statement in the past would be screaming with rage if Rossiya 1 had deselected Polina after appearing to make a pro gay statement and slammed Vitaly Milonov

            • It is very clear what I wrote. Hate speech against someone in specific is the only grounds for anyone calling for him to disqualify. That he is a brown-skinned man who likes Pegida or believes in far-right conspiracies like Togravus says is irrelevant.

          • Then yoy have not been informed properly.
            Human rights are not an “ideology”. What an idiotic statement. You know what is stooping low ? Ignoring such behaviours and pretend like nothing has happened. I and others have every right to call for him to be dropped.

            You will have your link in a while I am on my phone now.

      • But I can’t help it … both his lyrics and his style of singing cause nausea everytime I listen to one of his songs …

  6. As this thread shows people on here are actually very much in favour of politics dominating the thread as long as it’s politics they agree with. Any dissenting views are to be silenced.

    So what if he is Christian? Europe is a Christian continent (for now) so what if he supports Pegida, it’s not illegal to not want to live in a Muslim country.

    Lefties just hate him because they can’t throw their usual labels at him (fascist, racist) to silence the debate.

    Besides Eurovision is supposed to be above politics. Like I said on FDLC you either ban politics all together (including the peace songs) or you allow politics in which case you have to allow both sides not just the side you happen to agree with.

  7. Nationwide auditions to find the next Ukrainian hopeful in December.Welcome back Ukraine! <3 http://esctoday.com/106910/ukraine-nationwide-auditions-to-national-final-in-december/

  8. The Greek version of “Grande Amore” by Antonis Remos will be released on Monday: http://www.eurovisionary.com/greek+version-grande-amore

  9. Just to make one thing clear : The basic human right of everyone to live, lead save lives and have the same rights as everyone else in a society regardless of religion, colour of skin, origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability is NOT politics and it should not be.

    • That’s right. But to instrumentalise these rights selectively is politics and should be described as such.

      • I disagree vehemently. It should not be up to different parties when they get into power to give or strip groups of their rights. These should be constitutional protections everywhere.

        • And who sets out the rights if not for politicians and parties?

          There is no universal consensus on human rights and how they apply.

          The universal declaration is in fact far from universal. Despite the name. And even then gay rights aren’t included in it.

          All the things you mentioned like right to life etc are political, they just happen to be politics a huge vast majority agree with.

        • How can anyone disagree with that? But you wrote earlier in this thread you only care about what Russia is doing because it is fascist and irredeemably evil or something like that. To me that is irredeemable cold-war mentality. For the record, Russia’s “gay propaganda” laws were modelled on the UK’s Clause 28 which was in the books there untill 2003. So I don’t think western countries who saw the light only a few years ago have the right to single them out or lecture them. I am sure the last thing gays in Russia need right now is for their Eurovision to be taken away from them. And the last thing I need as a gay man is for my rights to be used for the political ostracising of a great country.

          I am not in favour of any country, whether that is Russia, Turkey, Israel or anyone else to be disqualified from the ESC because I find their politics disagreeable. To me, that is tolerance.

          • Well countries with the death penalty clearly don’t agree with the right to life. Terrorists clearly don’t etc.

            And I think you misunderstood my point on Russia I was saying how my position has changed. Ie originally I did want them banned but now I don’t.

            I boycotted them in 2015 didn’t even listen to the song until about a month ago but have already said I won’t boycott them again in 2016 and if they send a great song ill vote for it. Even if that does mean a trip to St Petersburg.

          • Russia has an authoritarian regime currently regressing in terms of liberties and human rights. Fascism is the predominent ideology in Russia currently, that’s the hard truth. I explained the reasons that put Russia in the special position it is but you must have missed that answer, go back and read it if you can.
            I an well aware of Section 28 and its history. That’s why the UK is doing everything it can to redeem itself for all the harm caused in the past and is now one of the best ranking countries in terms of human rights and protection in the world.
            I do not lecture anyone, I am saying actions should have consequences that’s all – We cannot in 2015 act like Russia is within the essence of esc as a whole – not even close.
            The last problem gay people in Russia have is eurovision. They are trying to survive, much more basic things. And by continuing to allow Russia spreading peace propaganda for 3 years now through esc does not help them at all – quite the opposite.
            It’s already audacious that they participate – they dare to sent a song that begins with the lines “we are the world’s people different yet we are the same” – why should esc work as russia’s propaganda machine ? The contest deserves better.
            It’s not political ostracizing, it’s a consequence as I said. EBU should set a standards when it comes to human rights and anyone who cannot get over that, they should not be allowed to participate, it’s that simple. Or else the contest is twisted into a propaganda machine for regimes like the russian one.
            And for one last time – human rights are not politics, they are fundumental liberties, innate to human beings and societies.
            And no it is not tolerance to turn a blind eye to their violation and cheer for a russian propaganda tool singing about how we are all different but the same and we have a million voices etc. It devaluates the contest itself.

            • So who decides what Human rights are etc?

              You realise gay rights aren’t covered in the universal declaration. So Russia Isnt breaching human rights as they are dictated by the UN.

              I obviously disagree with Russia on LGBT rights .

              The thing Is if you want to make a political statement you have to be prepared for someone to voice the alternative. And there not abusing you by doing it.

              We both hate Russias LGBT record but there are countries much much worse.

              We have more in common with Russia than we have different to them.

              And actually letting them in is good not only for lgbt youth who get exposure to the western world and told that actually it’s ok.

              But you get the great statements like conchita coming 3rd in the Russian televote that we would not see if they were not in.

            • “Fascism is the predominant ideology in Russia currently, that’s the hard truth.”

              A lot of people would say the same thing if they wanted to describe the climate of chauvinism and/or authoritarianism in Turkey and Israel right now (I wouldn’t – I don’t like to use charged words like “fascism”). So as I said, I disagree with you for putting the russians in this “special position”.

              And Max do you mean you did not watch Polina perform? Because politics? Given that I think you like this kind of female pop, you missed out on a great performance (I liked it too – #7 in my rankings for 2015). Which is exactly why we shouldn’t let politics divide us :)

  10. P.S. I never asked anyone to stand by my side on my confrontations and having a fallout on FDLC issues does not mean this transfers on ET or any other issue. I do not need to warm my way back in nowhere, since I never left from anywhere because of a disagreement – but I guess it takes some understanding of what a community is to get that.

  11. Just a gentle reminder, which if necessary we will re-post whenever we think it is required.

    If you need to remind yourself of the rules of this forum they can be found here:

    “Respect Your Counterpart: The discussion should be founded on mutual respect. You can disagree, but never get personal! Disagree without being disagreeable.”

    As editors we reserve the right to delete any posts we find abusive and/or antagonistic, we will issue warnings to individuals if we think it is necessary and as an absolute last resort will consider putting people on moderation. We in no way wish to ever do that, so please think about what you post.

    Comments have been deleted from this thread that we believed broke the rules and warnings have been issued to individuals.

    Please note that there is no need to respond to this comment.

  12. No surprises here.

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