Belgium: 5 Hopefuls Revealed

belgiumBelgium – The Belgian broadcaster VRT has announced the names of the 5 finalists, one of whom will represent their country in Stockholm. All are solo artists and hope to do better than VRT’s last offering, Alex Hirsoux‘s ‘Mother‘. 

The five hopefuls are:

  • Laura Tesoro
  • Amaryllis Uitterlinden
  • Adil Aarab
  • Astrid Destuvyer
  • Tom Frantzis

We have not yet had the songs that they hope to sing, so watch this space for those.

12 comments on “Belgium: 5 Hopefuls Revealed

  1. I don’t know any of these, but good luck. Hopefully the songs are good :-)

  2. I like the names but don’t know any of those artists either. Good luck!

  3. National final on January 17.The songs will be presented live on a pre-show on January 10.There will be an international jury of 10 countries involved.And here are the 5 hopefuls.One of them has a Greek surname: http://esctoday.com/106766/belgium-national-final-on-17-january/

  4. And a small video presenting the 5 finalists.I think Togravus will like someone more than the rest:

  5. After a unanimous reference group decision Australia is back but in the semis this time ! :


    I know the majority here wont be happy with that but I am neutrual personally – I just hope they bring a better entry in 2016 ! Both their esc and jesc entries were good but could be better given their enthusiasm for the contest and their music scene.

    Good luck to the aussies :-)

    (P.S. I hope we have an article on that soon – poor Belgium does not deserve a second article transformed to a battlefield – cause this is bound to be polarizing)

  6. Austrian national final on February 12;It will feature 10 acts 9 of which will be selected by Eberhard Forcher and the ORF team.The 10th will be a wildcard chosen out of an open submission process: http://esctoday.com/106843/austria-eurovision-2016-national-final-on-12-february/

  7. Will be paying attention, circumstances permitting. Good luck, Belgium. :)

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