Poll: Vote for Your Favourite in Junior Eurovision

junior eurovision 2015 smallJunior Eurovision – With the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest starting in earnest today in Bulgaria, we thought it was time to bring you all the contestants and let you vote for your favourite. There are some high quality songs and fantastic vocals this year so check out the songs from the 17 countries that are taking part, and let us know which you like best.

You can watch a summary of all of the songs here:

To watch the songs in full click on the title of the song:

Albania: Mishela Rapo – ‘Dambaje
Armenia: Mika – ‘Love
Australia: Bella Paige – ‘My girls
Belarus: Ruslan Aslanov – ‘Volshebstvo
Bulgaria: Gabriela Yoranova & Ivan Stoyanov – ”Colour of hope
FYR Macedonia: Ivan & Mgdelena – ‘Pletenka
Georgia: The Virus – ‘Gabede
Ireland: Aimee Banks – ‘Réalta Na Mara
Italy: Chiara & Martina – ‘Viva
Malta: Destiny Chukunyere – ‘Not my soul
Montenegro: Jana Mirkovic – ‘Oluja
The Netherlands: Shalisa – ‘Million lights
Russia: Mikhail Smirnov – ‘Mechta
San Marino: Kamilla Ismailova – ‘Mirror
Serbia: Lena Stamenkovic – ‘Lenina Pesma
Slovenia: Lina Kuduzovic – ‘Prva ljubezen
Ukraine: Anna Trincher – ‘Pochny z sebe

Then choose the song you like the best in our poll. We’ll announce the result just before the final next Saturday.

24 comments on “Poll: Vote for Your Favourite in Junior Eurovision

  1. I don’t follow JESC and haven’t listened to the songs. However, the other day are read on Prinz Blog that there are some really good songs in the line-up. If I remember correctly, they were referring to Malta, Serbia, Australia, Ireland and a couple of others.

    I hope that all participants will have great fun.

  2. All I know about participants is that Mika represents Armenia with “Love” and not Albania ;)

  3. Serbia at this point. Lets see how things go on Saturday though. Its a rather unpredictanle year for jesc imo.

  4. Australia will win. Sieste has decreed it, so it shall be done.

  5. I think Australia are one of the faves. The Maltese girl is great.

  6. I just listened to all the songs and i liked Slovenia,Albania and Russia.I should add Serbia maybe which is very Serbian.And yes.Australia may win it.It’s pompous and anthemic enough in a year that there aren’t any songs that really stand out.Armenia may sneek into top-5 since this kind of songs both Georgia and Armenia usually send to jesc do quite well.

  7. PS:Last year was much stronger!

  8. Running order:

    1. Serbia
    2. Georgia
    3. Slovenia
    4. Italy
    5. Netherlands
    6. Australia
    7. Ireland
    8. Russia
    9. Macedonia
    10. Belarus
    11. Armenia
    12. Ukraine
    13. Bulgaria
    14. San Marino
    15. Malta
    16. Albania
    17. Montenegro

  9. I don’t watch Jesc either.
    So I can sell my vote. Or just draw lots.

    I prefer to sell it though.

    Good luck to the participants.

  10. long time no see! :)

    I gotta say is between Armenia and Malta (the only shot at them actually excelling at something Eurovision) with San Marino and Serbia not far behind. Gotta say I like the running order.

  11. Slovenia, Malta, Serbia, Australia and Ireland are the ones I like most. Good luck to all entrants.

  12. Not in the mood to deal with all the grumpyness and conspiracy theories on the australian thread so I will comment on jesc rehearsals instead (videos provided on the official junior eurovision youtube channel and wiwibloggs) :

    Till now I have to say that Armenia has a certain charm, enough to carry them to victory. Lively performance. Still cant stand this kid though.
    Albania needed more people on stage and fails to make a big impact.
    Montenegro is bad..The old trick with the ribbons and subpar vocals..The last spot in the run up may not benefit them.
    Australia appears too mature for jesc standards and that may bring them down.
    San Marino goes for the big dress gimmick which is interesting for jesc. Fortunately Kamilla seems able to deliver vocally and lingually.
    Georgia is a tasteless mess that may unfortunately do well…
    Italy is very dissapointing imo..But at least they deliver vocally.
    I expected more from FYR Macedonia. Awkard staging and dancing.
    Ireland is tasteful and restrained as it should be. Aimee of course delivers.
    Malta..hmm..Destiny is strong enough to go solo here but needs some twtching here and there stage-wise, like the movements are still awkward..Vocally on point.
    Belarus creates an impact on stage. Too bombastic maybe but memorable.
    Bulgaria is too..sugary. Vocally they both deliver and it started growing on me but the fuss on stage with ribbons etc may have neen unnecessary.

  13. Hello everyone! After silently watching the site for some months, here I am again.
    My favorite JESC entry this year is Slovenia followed by Albania and San Marino.

  14. Amazing first rehearsal from Serbia !

  15. Watched the rehearsal of Mika trying to find what may irritate Guitar :D. Found out that our ESC team’s real level is JESC :) They make quite competetive childish entries but they always fail with adults :))

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