Belgium: 5 Finalists to be Revealed on Monday

belgiumBelgium – Flemish broadcaster VRT has announced that the 5 acts it will choose between for its Belgian representative in 2016 will be revealed on Monday 16th November. The announcement will take place on the Grote Peter van de Veire show between 6.00 and 9.00 (CET).

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182 comments on “Belgium: 5 Finalists to be Revealed on Monday

  1. I just received a message from Morgan. He is okay.

  2. Dear all, I was at the movies tonight at a night screening; at the end of the film the cinema officials told us the news and kept us locked for 2h for safety. I got home not long ago safely, thanks for all your messages!

  3. My condolence to French people! Thanks God nothing happened with my cousin, friends, profs and you Morgan! Those who run away from the hell and try to create the same hell in the hostile country shouldn’t find shelter in the civilized Europe and nowdays Europe must be very careful…

    • “Those who run away from the hell and try to create the same hell in the hostile country shouldn’t find shelter in the civilized Europe and nowdays Europe must be very careful…”


    • Exactly it’s time for Europe to wake up and realise all those atrocities we read about in far off places are no longer just stories from a far off land. They are here now, We’ve imported this from the Middle East. Countries like Israel have to suffer under this every week, maybe even almost every day.

      We can’t go around with our head in the sand thinking life is like a Disney movie where good will always win in the end. These people use our openness our kindness as a weapon against us.

      This is a war, but it’s a brand new type of war we’ve never really seen before because there;s not one defined state/country kingdom we’re fighting against, the enemy is within. Like Cancer it destroys from the inside and if you don’t remove every single last cell it grows back.

      The only small silver lining to this otherwise extremely dark cloud, is that a common enemy unites. Already we’ve seen Russia, China and even Iran (that one genuinely shocked me) condemn the attacks and offer their support to France. Maybe we will see former enemies put aside their past, and frosty relations start to thaw in order to Unite against a much greater evil.

      They may be able to hold off the Kurds, they may be able to hold off Nato, they may be able to hold off Russia but lets see them try and hold off all 3 united! With maybe China involved as well.

  4. Update, my friends are OK but shaken of course. 2 of their friends are still in hospital, one was shot twice(!) and is having surgery today to clean up the wounds.

    Sadly it looks like Nick the merchandise seller (from the UK) has not made it. Reports are filtering through that he is one of the victims and as no-one has heard from him it does not look like good news.

  5. Greek media report that the owner of the Syrian passport picked up from Paris yesterday has registered on Leros island for the first on 3rd October…oh well…

    • Shh you cant say that Dino, you’ll look Islamophobic. everyone knows that 100% of the migrants arriving on Europes shores are completely peaceful without exception. That’s why we don’t security check them!

      • So, next time we are at a beach or on a boat (in the Aegean f.i.) and we see someone in the water crying out: “help me, I’m drowning”, we just have to respond: “well, you are probably a potential jihadist terrorist, so… drop dead and drown yourself”…

        • Is it unreasonable to suggest there is a stage in between rescuing them from the sea, and then letting them roam freely across the Schengen zone?

          • Oh silly me, sure, save them first (we wanna call ourselves civilised westerners to distinguish from those oriental “savages” who, the oddacity, have the nerve to flee from the hell WE created in their homelands, after all), then imprison them!
            How fun!
            …and mostly how …western and civilised.

            And this one pretty sums up my conversation with you for tonight.
            Have a nice evening.

            • So you would rather 158 people die than inconvenience someone?

              Who by the way under the international definition isn’t a refugee but an economic migrant.

              You should follow Britain’s example go to the camps in neighbouring safe countries where the actual refugees are, and provide aid (we are the 2nd biggest aid donor after USA) not welcome them all with open arms into Europe before we know the first thing about them.

              Britain’s approach ensures that the needy and vulnerable are helped and Europe is kept safe. Germany and Sweden’s approach acts as a magnet, causing more to risk their lives and die, not to mention putting their citizens lives at risk as we saw yesterday.

            • “So you would rather 158 people die than inconvenience someone?”

              What kind of conclusion is this?

              “Who by the way under the international definition isn’t a refugee but an economic migrant.”

              Obviously you are joking, right?

              “You should follow Britain’s example go to the camps in neighbouring safe countries where the actual refugees are”

              Really? How convinient for Britain! First they bomb Iraq f.i. and thus create hundreds of thousands of refugees (oops excuse me, “economic migrants” according to you), and then just dictate: “well, you Turkey and you Greece take care of those guys we sent you, since you are the first safe countries they meet on their way (on their way to save themselves from the chaos YOU created, I’d add).

              End of story.

            • The conclusion is the one that your view suggested. You would rather let the 3 million go on their way throughout Europe than run security checks , that is what you said.

              The distinction between an economic migrant and a refugee is clear, if you are fleeing from your life to a nearby safe country, you are a refugee. If after reaching a safe place, you then decide to go somewhere else to better your economic circumstances, go somewhere more generous, then you are an economic migrant.

              The Iraq invasion happened in 2003, more than 12 years ago, don’t really think you can blame the UK for what is happening there now .As for Syria pretty sure we’ve never invaded there.

              I will acknowledge though that Obama caused the rise of ISIS by announcing his premature withdrawal 2 years in advance (so the terrorists could just lay for a while) and when the Iraq forces weren’t built up sufficiently enough to repel attacks, all so he could get re elected in 2012.

              And no Greece shouldn’t have to be dealing with the crisis at all, by all means rescue those in the mediteranean but then send them onto which ever safe country they first entered from Syria, and then if those countries are struggling as they are, provide economic aid.

            • ”have the nerve to flee from the hell WE created in their homelands”

              We??? exactly which ones?

            • The west, of course.

            • Under this framework USA should pick up some immigrants too. And anyway. I always believed EU is there to provide help because of its moral standards not just because of its feelings of guilt and moral responsibility.

        • The White Tower dresssed as a Frenchman. :)

        • The issue of loose migration reminds me the following phrase ”can you spot a hoax”? Nowadays, things are so complicated to the extent I don’t know what the best solution is. Obviously closing the borders when a serious humanitarian issue is lurking around isn’t the most moral thing once can do. On the other hand if the open EU borders facilitated the events we saw in Paris 2015, Madrid and perhaps London 2005 then it makes sense why some people will seriously question the whole Schengen idea.

  6. Obviously my opinion doesn’t matter nor will it make any difference but I just hope the savages that do these things don’t win.

    They do win though if Europe chooses to close it borders and make every immigrant a suspect instead of being welcomed.

    As the son of immigrants myself, I know what the vast vast vast majority want: a better life for their families.

    They do win if we let a minuscule amount of people painr everyone with a broad brush. (Terrorists are not even .1% of the total)

    They do win if we live in fear of each other and we expand the spying and snooping on all citizens.

    They do win if we pass knee jerk laws while the wounds are still raw. Stuff like the patriot act that was rammed through post 9/11 and we are still living with its consequences today.

    • Nth more to add.

    • No Alex, they win when they can savagely kill 158 innocent civilians.

      Personally I’d rather those innocents were still alive with us, than have some cheap moral stance. It’s easy for you to stay when your 1000s of miles from the chaos that your President caused.

      I’m currently at work and because of the area we have lots of French people come in and all evening I’ve been seeing sad faces and tears, and one young girl clutching the French flag like you would a teddy bear. It’s breaking my heart and cheap posts about how Libertarian Europe is doesn’t make it any better. It doesn’t bring those people back to life, it doesn’t prevent more innocents dying

      As for spying and snooping, I would gladly allow the secret service to read all my emails if it meant we could bring those that lost their lives back or help prevent more from losing theirs.

      The secret services are doing a fantastic job so far, but they have to get it right every time, a terrorist only has to get lucky once, the least we can do is provide them with the help and assistance they ask for!

      • I would have said the same thing if I was here on 9/11, an event that occurred a few miles from my house. An event where my sister’s best friend was in one of the towers when the planes hit and my best friend was in the building across the street from the towers and was there when the second plane hit.

        He almost got hit by traffic fleeing the carnage.

        So this has nothing to do with me being across the sea, when NYC is a big a target currently for any kind of attack.

        • So like Oxi your more committed to ideology than to saving and protecting lives?

          Your right to not have your emails read if your suspected of potentially plotting a terror attack trumps the right to life for millions of others?

          • So it seems that you have at least conceded that my view has nothing to do with me being so far away from Paris.

            I will answer you question with a question: did any of the measures you advocate prevent what happened in Paris?

            People willing to die for their cause are dangerous for that reason. There is no deterrent whatsoever. The only deterrent is them not being radicalized in the first place.

            • I know you aren’t in charge of Us foreign policy, but I know you supported Obama, who turned his back on the Iraqi people, turned his back on the Libyan people all so he could win re election, and even now fails to help out in Syria ( I admit the UK has failed to take on ISIS in Syria too, for some reason we chase them around Iraq then leave them alone as soon as they cross a non existant border in the sand.

              The policies the security services are begging for haven’t been implemented in many places because of left wing parties shouting catchy slogans like “snoopers charter” or “1984”

              If implemented would every terror attack be stopped, probably not, some will still succeed but I think we should make it as difficult for them as possible!

            • “I know you aren’t in charge of Us foreign policy”

              I guess you don’t know me. I am 100% libertarian and haven’t gone into a voting booth since 2000.

              I stopped voting ages ago.

              I don’t support any president, republican or democrat. They are all ego driven megalomaniacs who represent themselves, not me.

            • Despite loving the USA and envying you on a lot of things, the one thing I don’t envy you on is your lack of choice in political parties. I am fortunate in the UK to have a political party that is a pretty decent fit for me, however in the US Democrats are too left wing and Republicans too right wing.

              However, I don’t care too much who wins the election next year as long as its not Bernie Sanders, I don’t mind Hillary, Trump, Rubio or Ben Carson, anything is better than what we (as a globe) have suffered under for 8 years

            • Our choices suck.

              If our political system was a Eurovision entrant, we would be sending the same entries every year. And finishing in the bottom 5.

      • If you have an issue with US foreign policy, I’m not the person who you should be talking to because I’m not involved in it in any way. I can’t help you even if I wanted to.

  7. “So like Oxi your more committed to ideology than to saving and protecting lives?”

    Ok, that’s it.

  8. This is how “Place de France” looked like today in Yerevan:


    Years ago I spoke here about the events in Ukraine and about “Arabic Spring” and mentioned couple of times that “exportation of “demcracy”” will bring huge troubles for the people living in the region. Who made that exportation of the democracy is the responsable of this victims. Today Assad said very intresting thing in his speech of “The tragedy France faced yesterday Syria is facing every day nearly 5 years”. The french victims and Syrian victims are the victims of big Geopolitacal players who created ISIS for using as a tool for the intervention into Arabic world and predominance in the world !

    Refugees and Europe.
    I represent a nation who faced the same problems these refugees faced today! And as Armenian I’m gratefull to MUSLIM ARABS for hosting Armenian refugees who had to leave their homeland after the genocide just and found shelter Syria, Lebanon, Jordan… I’m not Arabaphobe and I’m not Islamaphobe. But I do see huge demographic issues in Europe today what will lead to huge problems in the future aswell! No matter how many atheists live in Europe it is indenyable that European civilization is based on Christianity and Christian values. If today’s demographic developments will continue in the future Europe will be very different from the Europe we know today! So Europe must be the first intrested side in the stability in the Arabic world to prevent the choice between “hummanity” and “national security”


    Something made me remember the speech of Mr Putin called “Do you realise what you’ve done?”. No matter how hated this man is I would advise to listen to check it ;)

    • Listen to putin ? Why ? On why we should choose his imperialistic megalomaniac plab over the one of the US ? He has his own interests in the area. They just happen to lie with Assad – nothing to do with the stability in the area.

    • Couldnt agree more as you know I am no fan of Putin, being bisexual myself, I’m pretty sure he’s not a fan of me, but I am so grateful for what he is doing to finally combat ISIS. He is the only leader who is actually going out there and standing up to these vile monsters.

      He destroyed more ISIS targets in 2 days than Nato did in a whole year.

      The west try and smear him and say he’s not hitting ISIS, in which case why did they bring down the russian jet, or that he’s hitting these apparent legendarily elusive, “moderates” but when he asked the west to share inteligence, basically saying, tell me where ISIS are then so I can strike them, the west acted like a spoilt kid and said no.

      Obama is weak, and Putin can sense this and if America is no longer willing to lead the coalition of the free then I think more and more will turn to Russia to lead (who unfortunately are not as free)

  9. The fact that someone would suggest that when someone says that we should not drown thousands of refugees or sent them back to the warzone just because a few bad fruits are among them puts “ideology” over human lives is something worth of a permanent ban imo.
    Europe will fall in the hands of far right fascists soon anyway but lets try and keep this forum free of those elements at least.

    If anything this is a time for all of us to feel even more solidarity for the 99.99 % of actual refugees – we got a small taste of what they experienced in their homeland.
    In supposedly stable in the area Lebanon there was also an attack in Beirut that killed many people there as well. I suppose the fake tears of the far right supporters here end for the french victims. My thoughts though are with the french, lebanese and syrian innocent victims.
    I know for some people the life of a person from the middle east is worth less than a european life but to me they are worth the same when there are innocents involved.
    What must be done is for people and nations of every religion and none to unite against ISIS for good and act – we can short out our differences with middle eastern regimes later.

    • We must stop creating ISIS’s in the future ;)

      • And that goes to everyone including Putin.

        • How has Putin created an organisation like ISIS?

          It won’t surprise many on here to know I am no fan of Putin, be it his actions in Georgia, in Ukraine, towards LGBT community, but we have to confess when it comes to Islamic terrorism he has been right the whole way.

          The west are trying to smear him on this saying he’s not hitting ISIS (in which case why did ISIS down their plane? ) but in actual fact we can see he is, and at the moment he is the only one actually standing up for Europe. Obviously he has his own interests, but if the fact that we are safer because of it, then more power to him.

          I think on ISIS it’s the perfect time for many groups who previously don’t get along, Nato, Russia, Turkey, Kurdistan, America, Iran etc to finally all unite together to rid the world of this evil once and for all!

    • You are doing to me exactly what the others did to you on FDLC, you are just making stuff up, nowhere did I say let people drown. I specifically said after you rescue them you do a security check.

      By all means disagree with what I say but don’t just make sh it up.

  10. I suggest that we just delete this whole thread and open a new one for Belgium. The comments here are an insult to lovely Belgium and put us all to shame. :(

    • Given current events this was bound to happen. The first thread active when the atrocities occurred was going to become convoluted.

      We are an opinionated bunch after all.

      • One member has crossed the red line several times, shown his total disrespect for innocent people (just because they are part of a certain religious community … which reminds me of Germany 1933-45 btw … perhaps I as a German am particularly sensitive when it comes to “arguments” like that) and insulted several other members. All that is totally unacceptable imo.
        All this would not have happened without that particular member.

        • You have every right to feel the way you feel of course.

          Personal insults don’t do any good, they just infla e the bbest situation.

          The funny thing about all this (insofar as anything now can be funny) is that if we were all in a room, I genuinely believe we would all get along great.

          Maybe I’m naive, but I try believe this.

        • What is the lefts obsession with religion?

          My problem is with 3 million people coming here unchecked.

          I didnt say 3 million Muslims, or 3 million arabs. I said people and I mean people, but as always with the left if you cant defeat an argument just resort to name calling.

          I wouldn’t be happy with 3 million Americans coming over here without security checks, race and religion have nothing to do with it so stop your smears.

    • No.
      I want to be able to see that once I was called that I put ideology before saving and protecting lives.

      • You can copy/paste that comment … Just imagine newcomers who love ESC coming here and reading what has been posted.

      • So was I. But I have been called worse in my life.
        I just brush it off as a heat of the moment thing. Emotions are running high.

      • You seem really hung up on this but it is what you said.

        You would rather have them go around unchecked than have them security checked. That is what you said, maybe it’s not what you meant, in which case i apologise, but when faced with 2 options the status quo of letting them go around unchecked thus letting in SOME killers, or holding off on that and security checking them to make sure we weed out all terrorist sympathisers, you appeared to endorse the status quo as it fit your ideology of Libertarian europe.

  11. Something positive before I go to bed: We have had such a mild November (20 degrees) that the lavender on my roof terrace has started to bloom again. :)

  12. On topic for just a moment before we go back to the regularly scheduled arguments: Sil was ripped off badly a few years ago. It’s about time that mistake was rectified.

    And while we are correcting mistakes, the all time mistake in Norway needs to be corrected as well. Unfortunately, Norway isn’t like Finland and Estonia or even Hungary, 3 nations that have voters and juries with high IQ’s. Norway needs to start sending their kids to Finland’s schools so they can become smart. There is still hope for Norway, but they need to act fast. And get Adelen out of the country and into one that knows talent when they see it. lol

    [I needed to write something frivolous after the real world tragedies of the past few days. Maybe a bit of levity is inappropriate right now. If it is, then I have no objections to this post being deleted]

    • Let’s just celebrate the fact we agree on Sil who was criminally underrated and should have won the Belgian NF.However,it was just a wtf selection process with Ruslana being her lovely and always sober self. :P
      As for Norway vs. Finland,thank God the first uually gets it right(with the exception of 2011 and 2012)unlike the latter that usually sends atrocities at the expense of some pretty solild entries. :(

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