Slovenia: Confirms EMA will Choose Representative

sloveniaSlovenia –  RTVSlo has confirmed that it will once again chose its Eurovision representative using EMA 2016 (Evrovizijska Melodija). A call for songs will be made later this month, along with more details about the process. Last year Slovenia finished in 14th place with Maraaya.

29 comments on “Slovenia: Confirms EMA will Choose Representative

  1. Too bad.
    I was hoping that they will opt for an internal selection and send Torul to Stockholm :P

  2. I really enjoyed EMA this year so i’m eagerly waiting for the next edtion.

  3. This announcement is only 50% of the job completed. The other 50% to complete the puzzle occurs when a dose of Slovenian Sunshine forces us to watch the ESC wearing sunglasses. Sunshine so powerful that it will also be used to grow a Sunflower in Malta. It’s a win win situation!

  4. Slovenia has been on the right track for the last 2 years. Good luck!

  5. What’s interesting about Slovenia – as I remember it – is that there was a massive hype on ET about their song last year until we came to the actual contest. Then it suddenly dropped.

    As for me, I was never really exited about it. It was a fine pop song, but not so much more than that. And perhaps a bit too cool for my taste.

  6. Such a missed opportunity for a good result last year for Slovenia…Good luck in 2016 !

  7. I still cant get over how badly Verjamen did. Thought for sure that was gonna be huge. But it never really took off, guess there was just something missing. Should have sung it in English.

    Know the ET crowd arent a fan of English (despite all speaking it and learning it) but genuinely think this version would make the Final at least.

    • It’s a weak song in any language imo …

    • Sorry I prefer Slovenian version. Same as 2011. However I do agree that Verjamem was HUGELY underrated. It was a good song! Live performance was awkward to watch though.

    • Can we just take a moment to observe me agreeing with Max on something?! ;) I LOVED Verjamen, it was one of my faves that year and I didn’t understood how other people didn’t see the beauty of the melody. I think if her backing singers had worn the huge cotton wool balls on their heads in ESC like they did in EMA it may have helped.

  8. “despite all speaking it and learning it”

    I speak Spanish f.i. too. Does that mean I want all esc entries to be in Spanish in every edition?

  9. The official audio of my favorite so far Eesti Laul entry has been released:

  10. @ Morgan, they’ve played Australia in my local supermarket on a regular basis. The funny thing is that they also played CYP12 a couple of weeks ago.

  11. Conchita caused a social media frenzy among esc fans while being in Australia and interviewed by ABC.She basically said that it’s necessary for Australia to be permanently included in eurovision.Ok.It’s her view and part of her PR campaign while visiting Australia i guess. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-11-12/eurovision-australia-permanent-inclusion-necessary-says–conchi/6934010?section=arts-culture

  12. Almost certain CROATIA the 41st country (Australia will come later) now!!! :D

    HRT just announced they will announce their decision on their participation imminently. (Just like the EBU) Why do that if you were going to say no? You only build suspense like that if you are competing. No one builds suspense to then just turn around and say, sorry no we cant afford it.

    Also my Croatian friend pointed out they would have had to submit a preliminary application already to still be in this stage of will they won’t they. (Deadline to withdraw is in December, but to apply is much before that)

    Zagreb 2017! Or Split 2017, even better!

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