Eurovision 2016 Rules Announced

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – The annual rules for the Eurovision Song Contest have today been released by the EBU, and there are only cosmetic changes to last year. A maximum of 46 Active EBU Members shall be allowed to participate, and there will only be 26 in the final. There shall be only six guaranteed places in the final: the Host Broadcaster, five EBU Members from France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

So if Australia return to the competition they’ll have to go through the semi-finals like most countries. Or will they?

There’s a get out clause for  the EBU. The rules also state:

Subject to a decision by the EBU in consultation with the Reference Group, the number of guaranteed places in the Final may be modified depending on circumstances.”

So the EBU could add any country to the final if they so wish!




5 comments on “Eurovision 2016 Rules Announced

  1. I think this 41 country list won’t include Australia. (my money is on Croatia) but every single official source has made meticulously sure they mention 41 so far…

    The only country in Europe we’ve not heard a definitive answer from is Croatia. They initially said unlikely then a few days later rushed out another statement saying actually they hadn’t made a decision at all. And we’ve not heard from them since. Everyone else had either givnr a clear yes or no.

    So I think hrt decided yes and either didn’t bother announcing or EBU specifically asked then not to to build this hype.

    Then at some later stage either after jesc or in the new year they can announce Australia as the the 41+1 as they announced Australia late both in esc and jesc 2015

  2. When you think of it, it really is sickening how these organizations think they can get away with all this crap.

  3. Another circumstance is a big 5 country winning thus the number of places in the final falls to 5 and the number of finalists falls to 25 possibly as in 2015. Just saying.

    • We both know how unlikely that is lol, in the 15 years of Big 5 rule we;ve only had one winner and that was after that country bailed out half of Europe. Needless to say that country isn’t too popular right now, so can’t see a repeat performance.

      Maybe Italy could win it? Though I think it’d be a disaster if it did (would rather Azerbaijan)

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