Switzerland: RSI Announces 3 Finalists

SwitzerlandSwitzerland – RSI, the Swiss-Italian broadcaster, has released the 3 finalists in its election process. They were chosen by 3 jury members, Paolo Meneguzzi (Switzerland 2008), Gabriel Broggini of SinPlus (Switzerland 2012) and Simone Tomassini.

The three acts are aa follows. Click on the sing title to hear it:

The 3 will take part in the live audition stage of the Swiss national selection alongside the 10 SRF/RTR acts and the 6 RTS acts on the 6 December. A panel will decide on 6 finalists who will compete on 13th February 2016.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emQ0IZymUHg]

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVpBf3B19YQ]

12 comments on “Switzerland: RSI Announces 3 Finalists

  1. meh…. as always…
    A rather boring esc country

  2. “Because of you” is just pleasant. The rest, below average.

  3. And btw, it’s really beyond me why they insist in this complicated format.

  4. “Because of You” and “Elephant” are pleasant yet a tad bland and “Share Love” is just another one that sounds like hundreds of cr*ppy songs we have to survive every season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Switzerland chose Nathalie because her song is “soooooo ESC” and then came last in the semi-final again. LOL
    Honestly, this is a country in dire need of rethinking their approach to ESC.

    Good luck and hopp Schwiiz. :)

  5. I don’t like the format and i don’t really like these songs.The first 2 are average while “Share Love” is the weakest of the 3.

  6. “Share Love” is insanely awful. Theo’s ok, with a great cute live, it would totally win the final, and then go to esc, qualify from semi and do bottom 5 in the final à la Finland 2011. “Elephant” is… decent? I mean I can listen to it ok but I feel it would be impossible to perform live… We shall see.

  7. Well we all agree “Share Love” is the weakest one!

  8. I’m surprised that I somewhat enjoyed all of these. Maybe I’m just in too good a mood right now to judge them objectively…

  9. 1. Theo – “Because of You”

    The title naturally leads the thoughts to the Swedish 2013 entry “You”, performed by Robin Stjernberg. Musically, however, the two songs have very little in common. We are clearly in the singer/songwriter genre here: acoustic guitars and some relaxed, deep vocals. The song has a pleasant folksy feeling, and it builds slowly with small steps. There are only a few chords, and the key is in major. A contrasting section oddly appears at the end of the song, and it is a bit hard for me to decide whether it contributes positively to the song or if it is unnecessary.

    The vocals sounds strangely mechanical, containing almost no variation, and all the syllables come precisely on the beats. Not necessarily an advance in this genre. Moreover the melody is rather anonymous, and it may well drown.
    Rating: 6/12

    2. Elias Bertini – “Elephant”

    The song contains an interesting beat with some quite quirky details f.e. in the snare drum. The beat is taken in and out adding some variation. There is something really fascinating about the music here, and it doesn’t resemble anything I have heard before. It does, however, seem a bit unfinished. The melody is not particularly strong, and I also think the track could improve production-wise. Should it win (I don’t think it will), there will be plenty of time for that.

    All in all an interesting, but not flawless song.
    Rating: 7/12

    PS: I had to look away from the video because the dancing made it hard for me to concentrate on the music.

    3. Nathalie – “Share Love”

    This one is a good example of a certain type of song that is very common in Eurovision nowadays and which I don’t really approve of. The lyrics are based on whole bunch of clichés about being together no matter who we are, what we look like etc. I would agree with these statements in real life, but looked upon as art there is absolutely nothing to get from it. It has been said before a thousand times (at least). Give it a twist of something, add some doubt to it. Composition-wise it is very thin, and especially the melody is weak. However, Nathalie performs it OK vocally, and the chilly synthesizers have some kind of charm (though not really my taste). But the production seems a bit demo’ish.

    It is clearly the most Eurovision-like of these three songs, and as such I think it is likely to be fighting for the Swiss spot in the contest. But I don’t really hope so.
    Rating 4/12

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