Loïc Nottet Shining on ‘Danse avec les Stars’!

Loic NottetFormer Participants – Last year’s Belgian entrant, Loïc Nottet has been wowing audiences in the dance TV show ‘Danse avec les stars‘ in the last few weeks with his amazing footwork. He was the winner of episode 3 and was awarded his second 10 of the season, putting him as one of the favourite to win the series.

You can see a little of this week’s jive here:

Here’s his previous paso doble to ‘Thriller‘:

and his foxtrot:

22 comments on “Loïc Nottet Shining on ‘Danse avec les Stars’!

  1. There was never going to be any doubt he would be great. I love watching him dance.

  2. Poor Morgan’s phone bill must be reaching numbers similar to Albania’s entire GDP! ;)

  3. Isn’t Loïc a dancer? I thought the point of DwtS is that celebrities, who aren’t dancers, team up with professional dancers.

    • He’s a singer. Even if he had some dance experience, its not ballroom dancing so doesnt count

    • the irony is, Loïc is a “star” who is mostly a dancer and wants to be recognized in France as a singer (after our 12pts in esc); in France, every single idol show is won by young male hotties (down to them being the entire top 3 of our last “the voice” shows on TF1), so it’s a great bet for Loïc, now he’s being discussed every week and in some shows I heard “yes I like him since esc” and it helps Loïc BECOMING a star (or a small one at least)

  4. The Danish version of Dancing With the Stars turned into a joke some years ago. It featured former footballer Allan Simonsen who definitely can’t dance. But he stayed in the programme for months because all the football fans voted for him.

  5. Changes in FiK!The songs will be released a month earlier meaning we will know all FiK entries by the end of the month: http://www.eurovisionary.com/54-festivali-i-kenges-songs-presented-month-earlier/

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