Junior Eurovision: Irish Final Tonight will Complete Line-up

junior eurovision 2015 smallJunior Eurovision – The last representative for The Junior Eurovision Contest 2015 will be chosen tonight as Ireland makes its selection. 6 acts will compete… 4 previous qualifiers and 2 wildcards who will be announced tonight.

David Kennedy – ‘Fuar
Aimee Banks – ‘Réalta Na Mara
Muireann Vaughan – ‘An Miongháire
Zena Donnelly – ‘I d’Aonair
Wildcard 1
Wildcard 2

Niamh Kavanagh (Ireland 1993, 2010), Brian Kennedy  (Ireland 2006), and Stiofán Ó Fearail from Seo Linn will form the professional jury.

You can watch the Irish final  at 21:30 (CET) on TG4’s live stream here.

The winner will join the following JESC finalists:

Albania: Mishela Rapo
Armenia: Michael Varosyan
Australia: Bella Paige
Belarus: Ruslan Aslanov
Bulgaria: Gabriela Yordanova
FYR Macedonia: Ivana & Magdalena
Georgia: The Virus
Italy: Chiara & Martina
Malta: Destiny Chukunyere
Montenegro: Jana Mirković
Russia: Misha Smirnov
San Marino: Kamilla Ismailova
Serbia: Lena Stamenković
Slovenia: Lina Kuduzovič
The Netherlands: Shalisa
Ukraine: Anna Trincher

The running order will be drawn by contestants at the opening ceremony. Rehearsals start on 16th November and The Junior Eurovision Contest will take place in Bulgaria on 21st November 2015.

6 comments on “Junior Eurovision: Irish Final Tonight will Complete Line-up

  1. Amazing that in the main contest all songs need to be submitted 2 months in advance almost but for the junior edition was can somehow still be picking songs just 12 days away from the main event

  2. I will agree with Max that picking a song 12 days before the actual contest is strange and risky imo as well since there is virtually zero time to make any improvements or organize at all..!
    Anyway the first Irish entry at JESC is pleasant. She is a very good singer and hearing the irish language again in a eurovisiom event is a true joy for me..!
    The main problem with the entry is its length imo. Just 2 minutes may not be enough to create an impact. They could use these extra days an earlier selection would give in this case. Good luck anyway and I expect Ireland to make a Malta 14 in jesc – reach a top 5 placing with an operatic entry.

    Now on JESC as a whole this year I have to say it’s not the best edition imo in terms of quality..

    My thoughts on all entries :
    Albania : Very jesc – ish, world piece, simplistic lyrics etc but I like it. It sticks in your head and Mishela can sing imo. It will probably do better than the previous albanian entry – 7/10
    Armenia : Very livelt but that boy kinda gets on my nerves. It will be another good placing for Armenia but not totally my cup of tea for now – 6/10
    Australia : I was initially dissapointed but it grew on me. Bella has to be careful with the facial expressions when she hits those high notes – 7.5/10
    Belarus : It’s kind of creepy-weird but in a good way. Memorable – 7/10
    Bulgaria : Huge let down after last year. Lackluster melody, decent singer but nothing really stands out. Bulgaria will do very poorly as a host country – 5/10
    FYR Macedonia : Another one I did not get at first but grew on me. Cute, honest and playful, everything a jesc entry should have. Their live singing is what worries me – 7.5/10
    Georgia : Usual tasteless nonsense from Georgia. I do not blame them it works for them but even in jesc there should be aesthetical limits – 2/10
    Ireland : I need some more time with that one but my main worry is the length as I said – 7/10
    Italy : See Bulgaria. Enough to say Italy wont even be close to repeating last year’s victory. Some of the most dull singers in this year’s contest and a song that fits that dullness – 4/10
    Malta : Winner alert here. She is likable, she can sing very well and the song has the right mood and message. – 7.5+/10
    Montenegro : I expected much more here. Its one of those “trying to play adult esc in jesc” entries that fail miserably. Cannot remember a single thing about this song right now and I’ve heard it a few times – 4.5/10
    San Marino : Well they did have to import a russian girl to sing italian so that’s already a problem. Will she deliver on a linguistic level ? She makes a good effort in the clip but the non familiarity with the language shows. After I read the lyrics I got to say that by jesc standards this is the most sophisticated song but it may suffer on the live edition as I do no trust her vocally either – 7/10
    Serbia : My absolute favourite. Mature melody and delivery, while it is actually kept in the innocent limits of jesc. There is substance and hopefully they will be a good live rendition – 9/10
    Slovenia : Another very good entry from Slovenia. It wont do well either unfortunately imo since it may be too adult for jesc as well – 8/10
    Netherlands : Grew on me a lot but I still expect a bottom 3 here unfortunately since it may be lost among better ballads with more standard point sources – 7+/10
    Ukraine : It is chaotic and poorly performed and will probably do bad..But I just like this one for no obvious reason ! – 7-/10

  3. I really like Aimee’s song and her performance tonight was very good , she has a lovely voice at aged only 13.The song could be seen as being as quite typical of an Irish entry – Celtic vocals, Ballad by numbers this time ás Gaelige, However, I think
    the judges may have made a mistake tonight, Zena had the more polished performance this evening and was much more a contemporary song on offer imo, so in a way I am actually disappointed. The judges held too much power overall tbh but hey ho, this was a good selection process effort (but does need tweaking if we are to return) by TG4 and whatever the result, I wish our entrant all the best in Bulgaria in a few weeks time. Love the fact that we’re using our mother tongue. I’m actually interested in seeing how JESC pans out this year from an Irish prospective and regards the other countries entrants, I really like the entries from Slovenia and Malta!

  4. Suppose I might give JESC a browse this year.

    Armenia’s people of the sun is the best song to come out of jesc and that was only last year so i guess it makes sense. But so far out of the ones ive heard, Albania, Georgia, Ireland and Australia, the best one is Albania (never thought I’d be saying that about Albania!!! :p )

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