Finland: Krista Siegfrids to Host UMK 2016

FinlandFinland – Krista Siegfrids (Finland 2013) and Roope Salminen will be the presenters for this year’s Finnish national selection contest, UMK 2016. The 12 acts chosen to compete this year will be announced by national broadcaster, YLE, on January 12th 2016. 

The dates for UMK are as follows:

  • 06/02/15 Semi-final 1
  • 13/02/15 Semi-final 2
  • 20/02/15 Semi-final 3
  • 27/02/15 Grand final

17 comments on “Finland: Krista Siegfrids to Host UMK 2016

  1. The best part is that it’s for 4 straight weeks. 4 doses of greatness.

    But I’m on record saying that hosting is good, but a competition comeback would be better.

  2. And let’s watch the official video for the entry. A lot of people have forgotten how legendary that was too.

    This video played a huge role in my love for the entry increasing quickly. Eurovision in Concert was the final nail in the coffin. After that performance, there was no turning back.

  3. Also, I noticed the 2 articles that showed up under the “related” section after this was posted. They are from early 2013. Just clicked them in and read the comments.

    I’m in tears. Lol. Please click those articles and reread the comments.

  4. Krista Siegfrids to Host UMK 2016

    I know someone who will be very happy with this news. I may actually watch UMK but I think it clashes with Melodifestivalen sometimes :/

    • You know someone too? Listen carefully to that person because he/she has great taste in music and seems like a person with a high IQ. Also tell him/her I said Hi.

  5. Off topic: Helena Paparizou plays Sarraghina in Nine(the musical) and last night it was the premiere.Here are some photos of her.She looks stunning: http://www.yupiii.gr/gossip/c85023/Elena_Paparizoy-H_entypwsiakh_emfanish_s.html

  6. This brings back memories. I didn’t take this video but I certainly was there. I’m definitely one of the off key voices you hear in the background.lol

    And I’m definitely one of the “for you” people she is pointing at.

    I don’t think I ever shared this video here before.
    This was the day I found out for myself what a great person she is.

  7. Isn’t she have enough publicity, now she have to let host this? Can’t stand this blonde!

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