Estonia: Eesti Laul 2016 Acts Announced

EstoniaEstonia – The 20 acts for the Eesti Laul 2016 final have been announced today. The songs will need to be published by 11th December.  The Grand Final will take place on 3rd March 2016.The panel which chose the acts consisted of Anne Veski, Olavi Paide, Erik Morna, Toomas Puna, Ingrid Kohtla, Eeva Talsi, Owe Petersell, Eisi Mäeots, Siim Nestor, Valner Valme and Kira Evve.

The 20 acts are, (with composers in brackets) are:

  • Põhja-Tallinn – ‘Ei ole mul olla’ (Jaanus Saks, Kristjan Soomre, Mark Eric Kammiste, Hannes Agur Vellend, Herlend-Kaspar Raudkivi)
  • Indrek Ventmann – ‘Hispaania tüdruk’ (Allan Kasuk)
  • Zebra Island – ‘How many times’ (Rasmus Lill, Helina Risti)
  • Würffel – ‘I’m facing north’ (Kaspar Kalluste, Rosanna Lints)
  • Cartoon & Kristel Aaslaid – ‘Immortality’ (Ago Teppand, Hugo Martin Maasikas, Joosep Järvesaar, Kerli Kõiv, Iiris Vesik, Kristel Aaslaid)
  • Kati Laev – ‘Kaugel sinust’ (Urmas Kõiv, Anneli Kõiv)
  • Kéa – ‘Lonely boy’ (Egert Milder, Robert Stanley Montes, Ian Karell)
  • The Jingles – ‘Love a little bit’ (Jonathan Flack, Hain Hoppe, Rauno Vaher, Tanel Liiberg)
  • Púr Múdd – ‘Meet halfway’ (Oliver Rõõmus, Joonas Alvre)
  • Gertu Pabbo – ‘Miljon korda’ (Priit Pajusaar, Maian-Anna Kärmas)
  • Meisterjaan – ‘Parmupillihullus’ (Jaan Tätte Juunior)
  • I Wear* Experiment – ‘Patience’ (Hando Jaksi, Mikk Simson, Johanna Eenmaa)
  • Jüri Pootsmann – ‘Play’ (Fred Krieger, Stig Rästa)
  • Go Away Bird – ‘Sally’ (Stanislav Bulganin)
  • Windy Beach – ‘Salty wounds’ (Priit Uustulnd, Tuuli Rand, Mari Tamm)
  • Mick Pedaja – ‘Seis’ (Mick Pedaja)
  • Grete Paia – ‘Stories untold’ (Sven Lõhmus)
  • Anett Kulbin – ‘Strong’ (Anett Kulbin)
  • Laura – ‘Supersonic’ (Sven Lõhmus)
  • La La Ladies – ‘Unikaalne’ (Tatjana Mihhailova, Mihkel Mattisen, Timo Vendt, Inga Tislar)

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81 comments on “Estonia: Eesti Laul 2016 Acts Announced

  1. Estonian radio channel plays 2 other songs as well:
    Põhja-Tallinn song starts at 33:00 (click ‘tund 2’ under that video) http://r2.err.ee/v/erikmorna/saated/87413b7d-f9a9-46e6-9794-b446a340df05/erik-morna
    Indrek Ventmann song starts at 30:20 (click ‘tund 2’ under the video again) http://r2.err.ee/v/draiv/saated/fbc35853-ce15-4a08-85da-dbf8a7b934ba/draiv

    Indrek Ventmann’s song is pretty good. :)

  2. So, having listened to the first five songs, I gotta say that I’m not hyped yet, unfortunately. I think Zebra Island is my favourite regarding my personal taste (the 80’s vibes in it did it for me). All in all, I can say that most songs are competent but lack something special to make them soar. There is also a question about how far you can pull some things. F.e., The Jingles’ song is of course supposed to be a laid-back summery trifle. But the chorus is a bit too much trifle and it ends up being a bit annoying imo. So for now:

    Zebra Island – “How many times” (6/12)
    I Wear* Experiment – “Patience” (6/12)
    The Jingles – “Love a little bit” (6/12)
    Indrek Ventmann – “Hispaania tüdruk” (5/12)
    Põhja-Tallinn – “Ei ole mul olla” (4/12)

  3. Púr Múdd has a tiny 15 second long teaser on their Facebook page. Pretty interesting music :)

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