Eurovision 2016: No Turkey in 2016

turkeyTurkey – The past couple of months has seen the rumour mill in overdrive that TRT was going to be returning to Eurovision in 2016. This week however, TRT has revealed that it will not be returning at all due to lack of changes in the Voting System

TRT has on many occasion expressed concern over the jury voting system, a system which has shown many flaws in the past. It has also expressed its dislike of the Big Five and the automatic qualification into the final that these countries get. Although it has not been commented on in any way, the constant rumours of Australia making a permanent fixture (and possibly making it the Big Six) will not be helping matters.

Turkey are now in the red zone within our scorecard, the most updated you can see below:

Confirmed = Green
Likely to Return = Blue
Can go either way = Yellow
Unlikely to return = Purple
Not coming back = Red

Albania RTSH The broadcaster have invited composers and artists to compete at Festival i Kenges 54 where the Eurovision entry is selected Link
Andorra RTVA RTVA boss Xavier Mujal has confirmed they will not be coming back due to finance reasons 
Armenia AMPTV Armenia have already revealed they will be sending Iveta Mukuchyan to Stockholm
Australia SBS Not a member of the EBU however it has not been confirmed that Australia have definitely not been invited back Update: It has been confirmed that they are doing Junior Eurovision 2015 so could Oz be a permanent fixture on the Eurovision Circuit?
Austria ORF Despite the dreaded Nil Points in 2015, ORF have confirmed 2016 participation Link
Azerbaijan iTV Azerbaijan will be in Stockholm in 2016 however how the song will be selected is yet to be confirmed Link
Belarus BTRC Belarus will return to Eurovision 2016 with the a jury free National Selection
Belgium VRT VRT have confirmed participation and said they will hold a National Selection
Bosnia & Herz BHRT Bosnia & Herzegovina have revealed that they will not be returning to Eurovision in 2016
Bulgaria BNT JESC 2015 hosts Bulgaria have announced they would like to return to the main contest next year but still have the option to pull out by October 10th. Last year they pulled out last minute so could do the same again?
Croatia HRT HRT have told ESC Today that it is unlikely they will return in 2016
Cyprus CyBC Cyprus have recently announced that band Minus One will be flying the flag in Stockholm
Czech Republic CT Despite failing to qualify in their 2015 return, the Czech Republic have confirmed they are returning in 2016 Link
Denmark DK DK have confirmed Denmark will return and they are looking into a change of format for their National Selection
Estonia ERR ERR have confirmed 2016 participation and will be using Eesti Laul again in March. Submission period is open
Finland YLE YLE have confirmed participation and they will use UMK as the means to pick their entry
France France2 France2 have confirmed they will return despite a poor result in 2015 and will be again, selecting internally
FYR Macedonia MKRTV It is very likely that FYROM will come back on 2016 and they have confirmed preliminary participation. Skopje Fest has been announced but the winner may not necessarily be their Eurovision Act
Georgia GPB After their 2015 success Georgia have confirmed they will be returning however it is not known how their rep will be selected
Germany ARD ARD have confirmed they will return in 2016 but how they will be the song is unknown. After the mess that was 2015, I’m sure ARD will be making some changes
Greece ERT ERT are back in business have set budget aside to take part in 2016. The way they will select is to be announce but it will likely be a National Selection
Hungary MTV Hungary coming back and will be using A-Dal again as their selection method
Iceland RUV Iceland will be definitely returning in 2016 and RUV have already opened the submission period for the National Selection Show Söngvakeppni 
Ireland RTE RTE are in and are yet to confirm their selection process however rumours are now floating they will be picking internally
Israel IBA Israel have alos declared intent of returning and it has been said that they will again use Next Star to find their act
Italy RAI Italy will be coming back also and  San Remo will select their song Link
Kosovo RTK RTK are not yet EBU members but a tweet from politician Petrit Selimi claims Kosovo WILL be coming to Eurovision next year. Have RTK somehow gained EBU membership? Update: This has supposedly been debunked
Latvia LTV LTV have confirmed and after 2015’s success they will be using Supernova to select their song
Lithuania LRT Lithuania are in and will be having their usual process of having the public pick the singer and song separately 
Luxembourg RTL They’re out
Malta PBS Malta have confirmed 2016 participation and may be making a change to their selection process
Moldova TRM Moldova are returning in 2016 and have confirmed they will be using a National Selection to pick
Monaco TMC Not this year folks
Montenegro RTCG Not only are they returning but they have already announce their act. Three piece boyband Highway Link
Morocco SNRT Nope
Netherlands TROS The Dutch have also selected their 2016 representative… Douwe Bob Link
Norway NRK Norway will be taking part in 201 and their selection process will most certainly be Norsk Melodi Grand Prix
Poland TVP Poland have confirmed they will be coming back and the selection will be internal
Portugal RTP Sadly RTP have confirmed they will not be returning in 2016
Romania TVR Money is always a worry for Romania when taking part but it is likely they will return. They haven’t withdrawn yet
Russia RTR So close to winning the contest this year, Russia will be returning to Eurovision in 2016
San Marino SMTV I can’t see why San Marino would not return as they’re used to not qualifying. Likely an internal selection
Serbia RTSH Another country where Money is a factor but after making Top 10 in 2015 it is likely Serbia will be back
Slovakia RTVS Slovakia have confirmed they will not be returning in 2016
Slovenia RTVSLO They have confirmed preliminary participation but still have until the end of the month to fully confirm. They will most likely be in Stockholm though
Spain RTVE Yep! They’re in and will most likely pick internally though this has not been confirmed
Sweden SVT Well they’re hosting so they will have to take part and obviously they will again use Melodifestivalen
Switzerland   Switzerland have confirmed they will be in Stockholm and the submission period has opened for their National Selection which is due in February
Turkey TRT Turkey will not be coming back to Eurovision in 2016 citing the lack of Voting Changes as the reason
Ukraine NTU NTU have confirmed that they will return in 2016 after a 2015 hiatus 
United Kingdom BBC The BBC have confirmed they will be returning and for the first time in five years, they will be using a National Selection to pick their Stockholm entry 

The EBU deadline for countries to confirm to their participation has officially passed but the EBU are still to announce these to the public.

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68 comments on “Eurovision 2016: No Turkey in 2016

  1. I miss them.

  2. Only Croatia and Australia yet to hear from. I obviously hope for both as I love both these countries, but personally I think Croatia might sit another year out. I’m almost certain Australia will be back.

  3. Also the whole thing about jury voting is clearly a mask for Turkey, they came 4th 2nd and 7th under the jury system, and in their own little Turkvizyon they made its 100% jury voting.

    I think their absence is much more likely to be to do with the openly pro lgbt statements made in ESC lately.

    Amazing to think when I started watching in 2003 the EBU were worried about T.a.t.u sharing a kiss and threatening to sanction them if they did, and now 12 years later its the complete opposite, shows just how far we have come :)

    • It really has to do with the islamist governement of Turkey turning its back to Europe an towards the Middle East. This year for the first time the police beat up people during the Istanbul Pride celebration which is the oldest in the Balkans because it coincided with the Ramadan. I am sure they will not abide with drag-queens and same-sex couples kissing on stage. So yes, the whole voting thing is just an excuse.

      «There were problems with not just the voting system, but also with moral standards. We had voiced criticism at the absence of these things,” TRT chief Şenol Gökaas quoted as saying by daily Milliyet. …EU Minister Volkan Bozkır caused a furor last year when he lauded his country’s withdrawal from the competition after seeing Austria’s bearded transvestite Conchita Wurst win the 2014 contest.

      “Each time I look at the Austrian who won the Eurovision Song Contest, I say ‘Thankfully, we’re not participating in this contest anymore” he said. »


      I’d like to see Turkey back, but definitely not on these terms.

      • Yeah it’s sad to see Turkey going down this path towards Islamism, for so long Turkey was a beacon of hope, that you can be both Muslim, but also modern and secular. Sadly Erdogan is undoing all of Ataturks modernising reforms and taking Turkey back to the dark ages and the Turks (not all obviously, don’t include Mermaid in this group) seem to be cheering him on. Even in the June election he was still the largest party by quite a bit.

        You know its bad, when even I am forced to cheer on the socialist party.

  4. On one hand it’s sad, but it on the other hand we still have Turkey in Turkvisyon, the show that already this year produced a winner that was better (as in a trillion times better) than the Eurovision winner.

    Thumbs up for Turkvisyon!

    • Are you thinking to make a come back to FdlC?

      • I won’t be able to this time but maybe next time.

      • Yeah I’m sorry about that. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. It just angered me that the Muslims are always being targeted and Israel just gets away with it. Although it can be vice-versa. I’m sorry that I caused offence to Toggie as I certainly didn’t mean to attack Jewish people, I’m not an anti-Semite at all. I just get annoyed at Israel sometimes.

        • Others should apologise, not you.

        • I am sure that you are not an anti-semite. However, I think that we all should be more respectful and restrained when posting comments. Sometimes it even helps to pause before posting a comment, thinking “How would that comment make me feel if I was Hulluna, Morgan, Nick or Patrick and came home after a long a stressful day?” After all, we know all the hosts pretty well by now. I agree that we get a lot of anti-muslim propaganda too, but only from one user who we know we can’t stop unless he gets banned. Therefore I have decided to ignore this particular user’s political comments.
          Perhaps I should just have ignored the comments that made me angry in order to wait for everyone to run out of steam. But that particular night, I felt that this was developing into a social environment I did not want to be part of anymore.

          (Sorry for posting this here … but FdlC is still in hibernation …)

          • Yeah I think I was speaking without thinking about other peoples feelings, again I’m really sorry that I offended you and I hope that FDLC can carry on without any other issues :)

            • Just to make things clear: Myx got the impression that I asked for him to be banned. That is not what I was trying to say. In fact, I don’t think that any of the regulars should be banned. I wanted to say that I try to ignore Max’ political comments …

  5. While I know the reasons they give for not participating, like “the big bad juries who do not allow us to be always in the top 10” are a sham and the real reasons have to do with the general geo political strategy and orientation the regime has, I cannot help but find them frustrating.

    Anyway, too bad they are not coming back even if I am not a huge fan of their entries. Better luck next year !

  6. The Eesti Laul 2016 acts have been revealed:

    Põhja-Tallinn – Ei ole mul olla (Jaanus Saks, Kristjan Soomre, Mark Eric Kammiste, Hannes Agur Vellend, Herlend-Kaspar Raudkivi)
    Indrek Ventmann – Hispaania tüdruk (Allan Kasuk)
    Zebra Island – How many times (Rasmus Lill, Helina Risti)
    Würffel – I’m facing north (Kaspar Kalluste, Rosanna Lints)
    Cartoon & Kristel Aaslaid – Immortality (Ago Teppand, Hugo Martin Maasikas, Joosep Järvesaar, Kerli Kõiv, Iiris Vesik, Kristel Aaslaid)
    Kati Laev – Kaugel sinust (Urmas Kõiv, Anneli Kõiv)
    Kéa – Lonely boy (Egert Milder, Robert Stanley Montes, Ian Karell)
    The Jingles – Love a little bit (Jonathan Flack, Hain Hoppe, Rauno Vaher, Tanel Liiberg)
    Púr Múdd – Meet halfway (Oliver Rõõmus, Joonas Alvre)
    Gertu Pabbo – Miljon korda (Priit Pajusaar, Maian-Anna Kärmas)
    Meisterjaan – Parmupillihullus (Jaan Tätte Juunior)
    I Wear* Experiment – Patience (Hando Jaksi, Mikk Simson, Johanna Eenmaa)
    Jüri Pootsmann – Play (Fred Krieger, Stig Rästa)
    Go Away Bird – Sally (Stanislav Bulganin)
    Windy Beach – Salty wounds (Priit Uustulnd, Tuuli Rand, Mari Tamm)
    Mick Pedaja – Seis (Mick Pedaja)
    Grete Paia – Stories untold (Sven Lõhmus)
    Anett Kulbin – Strong (Anett Kulbin)
    Laura – Supersonic (Sven Lõhmus)
    La La Ladies – Unikaalne (Tatjana Mihhailova, Mihkel Mattisen, Timo Vendt, Inga Tislar)

  7. Turkey and BiH BOTH out still hurts the same even if it is the 4th time in a row :(

  8. Out of topic :
    It is very sad for the people who enjoy FdlC that current edition is on hiatus.
    I hope Nick gives HoDs another chance and we get to know the songs submitted, this Saturday !

  9. Such impression that they were waiting for the resultd of elections :( Sad for Turkish ESC fans!!

  10. EBU’S responese to Turkey’s announcement:
    We regret TRT’s decision not to participate in 2016, and we very much hope they will consider returning in 2017. We don’t think it’s appropriate to go in to details about discussions between the EBU and its Member Broadcasters. Suffice to say it is up to the ESC Reference Group and the TV Committee, as representatives of all EBU Members, to decide about the way the Eurovision Song Contest is organised.

    • Let me translate the EBU’s response.

      “Please come back and stop organizing an event whose top 10 is better than our top 10, and whose winner is better and more impressive than our laser light show gimmick

      P.S. Long live The Queen.

      The EBU”

      • Mehh..I doubt they have ever watched it.So the next edition is on December 19 and the entry from Kazakhstan will be announced tomorrow.

        • If they don’t watch it how come they wrote TRT the message above. These are the discussions the EBU was talking about obviously. My translation is spot on of course. I’m not known to bend the truth or lie, as you know.

  11. Slightly unreleated but the GODDESS has become only the 2nd ESC artist to get a video over 100 million views on youtube.


  12. Wheres Rybaks 100 million + video, thought not :P

  13. O****u çocukları ☺️

    • I have no idea what that means but it looks pretty bad nevertheless …

      • Better not know…I am not a person who swears but this is what they do deserve after ignoring the wish of Turkish esc fans 4th year in a row.
        We pay “TRT tax” yet we dont have a say on the matter!!
        I am so frustrated that I didnt want to comment but wanted to express my best wishes because enough is enough!

  14. Serbia has also confirmed participation now.

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