Cyprus: Minus One to Stockholm

cyprusCyprus – Rumours came in this week that Cypriot Broadcaster CyBC had internally selected Rock group Minus One to go to Eurovision in Stockholm. Today, they have confirmed that this is indeed the case and they will be singing a song written by themselves with the help of Thomas G: Son

The band are not a stranger to the Eurovision Process as they were in the National Final of the the 2015 Selection eventually being beaten by John Karagiannis. You can hear that song “Shine” below:

Minus One consist of members Francois Micheletto (vocals), Harrys Pari (guitar), Constantinos Amerikanos (guitar & vocals), Antonis Loizides (bass) and Chris J (drums).

In 2015 Cyprus were back in the Grand Final of Eurovision where John finished 22nd out of 27 with his song “One Thing I Should Have Done”.

As always, you can leave your comments on the Cypriot Selection below

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24 comments on “Cyprus: Minus One to Stockholm

  1. Well good luck to them :)

  2. These were my fave in last years selection. Out of all countries to send Rock Cyprus us not the one I would have thought. Good Luck to them

  3. As I remember their song, it was nothing to write home about, but maybe we will get a more interesting one this time, so good luck :-)

  4. It’s not a very exciting choice on paper but let’s see wait for the song first.Good luck!

  5. Tbh, I don’t get all this negative feed back. Do you guys see sth wrong that I myself cannot?

  6. Really dont understand all the hate towards G Son, the mans a genius, he gave us Euphoria!

  7. Good luck, Cyprus. Don’t dissapoint me. After all, I am one of your biggest fans in the ESC universe. :)

  8. Good luck to them. I won’t go back to answer this question, but was this the act the judges in Cyprus were gushing over last year? The ones that were told deserved Europe wide success? Or was that someone else?

    Also, did the female singers cease to exist in Cyprus? That’s 2 years in a row without one. Way too long obviously.

  9. I am not against but it feels strange they are returning after their song ended last in televoting almost a year ago…
    Will they compromise genre-wise?

  10. Goodluck with the choice of song!

  11. Is there still time to do a plus one and add a female lead vocalist?
    One of the worst things that can happen in Eurovision is a country sending make acts in consecutive years.

    This is the land of Ivi for goodness sakes. It’s not that hard to get a talented female singer with a killer song like La La Love.

    • Ivi did not have a great live voice though. She sounded dreadful

      • The answer is probably this: the feed that comes into the USA travels over the Atlantic Ocean and is therefore free of interference. The feed into Europe is probably static filled. That’s what you probably got. A bad feed that made her voice sound bad.

        If you were in the Arena, the acoustics were probably bad where you were sitting. Lol

  12. I just had a new listen to the song, and it was better than I remembered it. However, it does sound a bit like Nickelback and things like that – that is, a somewhat trivialized version of the 90’s grunge wave, so I don’t have too high expectations of their entry.

    In general: Being a big rock fan, I am often disappointed by the (relatively few) rock entries in Eurovision. They are unfortunately often trivializing the genre, and that is a big shame. There are exceptions of course: Zdob si Zdub and The Ark f.e. But most of the rock that I grew up with is on a very different artistic level.

  13. Their song was pretty trivial last year, but live they were definitely the best out of the whole line-up. On the other hand, Cyprus is buying from Sweden again to book a place in the final, like they did this year with Bjorkmann. It’s sad.

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