Sweden Songs Enter Compositions for 2016

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – Yet again this year we could see several songs appearing at Eurovision written or published by the Swedes. Sweden Songs, a songwriting and music publishing company , founded by Keith Almgren, has 11 songs in national competitions 2015. 

Sweden Songs has submitted a song for the recent deadline in Malta with Miss Gillian Attard.

Sweden Songs last year published the song ‘Beautiful to me‘ with L-Ahwa (Gianluca Bezzina with his siblings) in the Maltese nation competition. Sweden Songs was also the publisher of Azerbaijan’s song for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013, ‘Hold me‘ by Farid Mammadov. Last year they had 11 songs in national competitions to ESC around Europe. Moldova (4 songs), Malta, Cyprus (4 songs), and Lithuania (2 songs (one came #2) and hope to equal that record this year.

Sweden Songs has admitted that it submitted a song for Ryan Dolan (Ireland 2013) for the current Irish selection competition but has just failed to make it to the last 5 finalists.

Keith Almgren published Swedish winner Charlotte Nilsson (nowadays Perrelli) ‘Take me to your heaven‘ (winner 1999) and Sweden Songs currently also has 2 songs on Eurovision Winner Conchita Wurst’s album.

Sweden Songs on Facebook and Twitter: @swedensongs

24 comments on “Sweden Songs Enter Compositions for 2016

  1. The neverending Swedish export. Of course they can be both great (like Azerbaijan 2014) or awful (like Greece 2012), but I would still prefer that countries tried their own artists and songwriters instead.

    As for Keith Almgren, he also co-wrote one of the most annoying MF entries of all time and a fine example of the less admirable side of 80’s music, that was 100% about catchiness and 0% about the rest.

  2. Local media in Cyprus report that the group Minus One which took part in the national final last year has been internally selected to represent the island in Stockholm: http://www.eurovisionary.com/minus-one-likely-represent-cyprus-stockholm/

  3. Can anyone buy songs from Sweden Songs?

    I’d love to buy one and then enter an NF with it, probably wouldn’t win, but still would be fun.

  4. now and again wanted to add stuff that got on euro grapevine, for good or bad, well known eurovision fans French/Saunders might consider sending a song to UK euro 16, as they are so well known around Europe due to Absolutely Fabulous etc, otherwise leave you with their parodies of famous UK/Irish songs and 1 original to compare

  5. What has happened to eurovisiontimes?
    This is one of the ok songs of the Swiss esc platform.I don’t really like her vocals though: http://esc.srf.ch/de/rykka?sorting=created

    • And it comes one day after the election.

    • That was to be expected. :(

    • I love Turkey in Eurovision, its in my holy trinity, but im kinda glad

      “TRT stated that no action has been taken with respect to the changes TRT requested regarding the contest.”

      GOOD! I can’t remember who but someone posted an article on here saying, they werent concerned about semis or Big 5, it was “moral standards” (read pro gay friendly statements) that Turkey had the problem with, and if thats true and they wanna be like that, good we dont need you in our open and inclusive contest.

      Hopefully Croatia and Australia will be joining us they are the only 2 countries we’ve yet to hear from.

  6. It is official. Cyprus is sending ”Minus One”. Thomas G:Son (!) will be collaborating with them.

  7. Glad Thomas G Son will be involved, only Cypriot entry I’ve really liked was 2012 (and 2008 but only with the English subtitles “because I am a godess ” :p ;) LMAO

  8. Not as good as the original but still a pretty decent cover. Love how all the fans sing along almost instantly.

  9. Good luck to the cypriot representatives ! G:Son tends to be hit (Euphoria) or miss (Waterfall) but I hope he has something good for Minus One.

    As for Turkey it was to be expected…Erdogan is free to continue his isolationist policies now..

  10. While we are still off-season, let’s have a little trivia quiz:

    What do theses Eurovisions have in common:
    1966, 1969, 1974, 1976, 1987, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009

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