Belarus: National Selection will be 100% Televote

BelarusBelarus – National broadcaster, BRTC, has agreed with the
Belarussian Minister of Culture, Boris Svetlov, that this year’s representative will be chosen by 100% televote / SMS. People will be able to submit songs from the 23rd of October and a jury will choose the finalists.

38 comments on “Belarus: National Selection will be 100% Televote

  1. Hopefully we will get a more convincing song from Belarus this time. Until now they have only sent one I actually like: “Work Your Magic” (the song, not so much the performance of it).

  2. 100% televoting… Боже мой!

    Send us a new “Cheesecake”. I want to be entertained. Good luck!

    • Sad day for Trollhättan :(

      • Yes, it’s a very sad and dark day here. Thoughts and prayers be with all the victims and their families, and one can just hope that there will be no “vengeance attempts” and that they’ll just stop here.

        “In the night, there’s a candle burning
        Little light full of ache and yearning
        For the child who won’t be returning
        And all the loved ones left behind

        Morning breaks with the news of violence
        Nothing moves in the haze of silence
        Deep inside it feels like a riot
        Oh, where can I find peace of mind?”

  3. Still waiting for the first Belarussian song to enter my pantheon. Good luck!

  4. Good decision. Now don’t screw it up.
    What’s Lanskaya up to these days?

  5. The fight back has begun!!! Even Europe’s last dictatorship can see the inherent unfairness and undemocratic nature of these juries.

    When will the EBU catch on???

    No one’s musical opinion is worth more than any one else’s. Period!

  6. In other news,Thomas G:son, Peter Boström and Måns Zelmerlöw have submitted a mid-tempo pop song they’ve written together to Melodifestivalen 2016.

    Mihai Traistariu said his intends to submit a song to the Romanian N.F.

  7. Why am I not convinced that transparency will remain an elusive concept for belarussian nfs ?
    We’ll see how it works out though…Good luck !

  8. I get the joke, or the legitimacy of the questions, but let’s not forget the last two ediions saw the winner actually be sent to eurovision, so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt once more

  9. Off-topic: Congratulations to the Danish “national troubadour” Kim Larsen who turns 70 today :-)

    Here is his entry in the Danish final in 1979, “Ud i det blå” (which lost to Tommy Seebach’s “Disco Tango”, sadly):

    And one of the jewels from his band in the 70’s Gasolin’:

    • Congratulations to Kim! A lot of cigarettes for him today. ;)

      It is more or less a tie for me between “Ud i det blå” and “Disco tango”, as I really like both. “Gör mig lycklig / Gør mig lykkelig”, Kim Larsen’s duet with Mats Ronander, was also one of the first songs in Danish I heard in my life.

  10. The UMK finalists have been selected and will be revealed next month.
    In the meantime,this is Sakis Rouvas’ new song and video:

  11. Well this should be interesting. Let’s see if Belarus can maintain their streak of non-Lukashenko picked entries.

    Meanwhie, the Finnish Instagram teasers have started again.

  12. Off-Topic: Woke up today with this song in my head. Strange, since I have not heard it for at least two years. So now I’ve been humming “Faaar away” all day long. :P

  13. Offtopic, Gerli Padar and her new jazz band The Moon (reference to her brother Tanel’s rock band The Sun) have reprised two James Bond tunes on ERR:

    Goldeneye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yTUFlFhuU4
    Tomorrow Never Dies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zS5KVa7XFLU

  14. Greta Salome just released a new song:

  15. Off topic : I don’t know if it has been posted but currently Viktor Király is competing in The Voice USA :

    As good as I remember him at least !

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