Switzerland: Update on Entrants

SwitzerlandSwitzerland – The Swiss platform continues to thrive as more artists upload their songs in a  bid to represent Switzerland in Stockholm next May. Potential winners have until 26th October 2015 at 8:00 to enter, and voting is expected to start November 2nd. 

Spain’s Ektor Pan seems to be raising  few eyebrows with his entry ‘Love in Return‘ already. Second favourite at the moment is Switzerland’s own Mark singing ‘My own song‘ which could be a contender. The classy Patrick von Castelberg & Valentin Akçag with ‘Dark Star‘ are third favourite and again home grown Swiss talent.

Another recognisable name is Vasilije Ojdanić who had previously taken part in the Montenegrin selection.

Swiss platform

The Swiss system never ceases to be entertaining, often for all the wrong reasons. The UK are in on the act with Liverpool’s Il-Bidu showing that you too can enter Eurovision even if you sing as flat as a pancake. UK entry Lewis Sheridan from Wigan gives him a run for his money for worst UK entry. We’re not sure how Lewis is showing as 6th most popular!

Last week saw Nico Honey enter Eric Saade‘s ‘Manboy‘ and it took SRF a few days to notice!

Check out all the latest entries on the online platform here.


2 comments on “Switzerland: Update on Entrants

  1. One of Europe’s worst preselections….

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