Portugal: Call on Parliament to Re-think!

portugalPortugal – RTP, the Portuguese broadcaster, has been bombarded with criticism after its decision for Portugal to not take part in Eurovision 2016. The Portugese Eurovision fans are not taking it long down, creating crowd funding campaigns, and even trying to raising the matter in Parliament via petitions… 

Firstly a crowdfunding campaign was established to try and raise the €250,000 needed according to RTP. This can be found here and to date has only raised €68.

Not demoralised by this, next came an official petition on Petição Pública here. A grand total of 165 people have signed that. It’s not looking like that Portugal’s Parliament will have to discuss the issue.

We’re not sensing a huge appetite from the Portugese people on this so far and sadly therefore  it looks highly unlikely that Portugal will make any U-turn and be in Stockholm in May.



3 comments on “Portugal: Call on Parliament to Re-think!

  1. It is sad Portugal will be missing next year’s edition

  2. I hope that they’ll reconsider and make a real effort … It’s been a while … :( 2009 … perhaps 2010 … then a NF with fantastic songs in 2011. Alas, they decided to send a likeable group with a very weak song. Since then everything has been bland and average. :(

  3. On one hand, they should have pulled out the years after Suzy was ripped off.

    On the other, parliament wants to see Catarina in the ESC next year. Can’t blame them for that.

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