Albania: 30 Participants Revealed

albaniaAlbania – RTSH, the Albania broadcaster, has announced the line-up for Festivali i Këngës 54. The national selection process will take place on December 25th, 26th and 27th 2015 in Tirana, and 30 artists will battle it out to become the Albanian representative in Stockholm in May 2016. 

Here’s the entrants

  1. Egert Pano – Mos ik
  2. Eneda Tarifa – Përrallë
  3. Revolt Klan – Dashurinë s’e gjejmë dot
  4. Kozma Dushi – Një kafe
  5. Enxhi Nasufi – Infinit
  6. Florent Abrashi – Të ndjek çdo hap
  7. Dilan Reka – Buzëqesh
  8. Evans Rama – Flakë
  9. Sigi Bastri – Engjëll i lirë
  10. Simbol – Artiste
  11. Lind Islami – Për një mrekulli
  12. Egzon Pireci – Triumf
  13. Aslaidon Zaimaj – Merrmë që sot
  14. Nilsa Hysi – Asaj
  15. Jozefina Simoni – Një det me ty
  16. Genc Tukiçi – Sa të dashuroj
  17. Erga Halilaj – Monolog
  18. Teuta Kurti – Në sytë e mi
  19. Klodian Kaçani & Rezarta Smaja – Dashuri në përjetësi
  20. Luiz Ejlli – Pa mbarim
  21. Renis Gjoka – Ato që s’ti them dot
  22. Besa Krasniqi – Liroje zemrën
  23. Flaka Krelani – S’je për mua
  24. Andi Tanko – Dielli vazhdon të më ngrohë
  25. Edea Demaliaj – Era
  26. Adrian Lulgjuraj – Jeto dhe ëndërro
  27. Kristi Popa – Ajo çfarë ndjej
  28. Voltan Prodani – Dëgjoje këngën o atë
  29. Klajdi Musabelli – Ndodh edhe kështu
  30. Niku & Entela Zhula – Muza

FiK has now taken place every year since 1962.

There are a few well known names. Adrian Lulgjuraj and Luiz Ejlli have represented Albania previously in Eurovision Song Contests. Adrian Lulgjuraj in 2013 alongside Bledar Sejko where they failed to qualify for the final. Luiz Ejlli also failed to qualify foe the final in 2006. Klajdi Musabelliu and Erga Halilaj have also been on the Eurovision stage before, as backing artists.  Klodian Kaçani returns to try again after just missing out in 2014, this time to perform what looks like a potentially strong duet with & Rezarta Smaja, who also entered last year.

34 comments on “Albania: 30 Participants Revealed

  1. Some familiar names among the semifinalists.Fow now,it looks that Albania will be opening the NF season.

  2. I usually enjoy Fik.
    It’s an early San Remo.
    Last year it delivered no less than 3 gems imo:
    1.Në rrugën tonë
    2.Të vranë bukuri

  3. “Të vranë bukuri”, performed by The Penguin from Batman, was my only (12/12) from the last NF season.

    The winning song and the eventual Eurovision entry though were both dull and flat as a hedgehog on the highway.

    Good luck!

  4. FiK is always a treat, irrespective the song quality. It’s so old world nostalgic and very different from the superficial and glitzy/trashy NFs most other countries come up with. This excepts Estonia, Latvia last year and 1 or 2 other countries every season of course.

  5. know I’m out of here these days, for various reasons, but being in contact as a journalist with TVE, wanted to add that TVE is thinking seriously about sending proposition from “mojinos eszocios”, lead singer, el sevilla, asked TVE about it, he’s a famous guy in Spain, and a big fan of Eurovision, besides he sings in current popular show “Tu cara me suena”, here as Jeanette, here in Spain her song is so famous it is the top 5 of most Spanish songs of all time, thus bye for now;

  6. you go euro guys among you! till next time..:-)

  7. igual lloraré como un niño! porque te vas, me voy happy dropping in here, but you may not see me again very soon !

  8. Like Elhadiva sang, I’m alive. I’m not sick. Or dead. Maybe a few people will be disappointed to hear this. Lol

    Life got in the way the last few months. It’s not an excuse of course. And it won’t be repeated. I will make time from here on in. Unless I’m told not to come back. Lol

    Hope everyone is well. So what have I missed?

  9. FiK is always a pleasure to listen to and to look at. Good luck, Albania!

  10. San Remo final on February 13th.

  11. The most exciting thing about that lineup is Teuta Kurti.

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