Moldova: National Final 27th February 2016

moldovaMoldova – TRM, the Moldovan national broadcaster, has announced that the Moldovan national selection will once again be O Melodie Pentru Europa. TRM has this year decided the act must be performed by Moldovans, but lyricists and composers can still be international. 

A TRM jury will shortlist 50 acts who will take part in live and broadcasted auditions on 19th December 2015. 24 acts will go through to the semi-finals.

The dates will then be as follows:

  • 23/02: Semi-final 1 (12 acts, 8 qualify)
  • 25/02: Semi-final 2 (12 acts, 8 qualify)
  • 27/02: Grand Final (16 finalists)

In the semi-finals, 7 acts will be decided by a 50/50 televote-jury vote and 1 act by 100% televise, resulting with 16 artists competing in the Grand Final on the 27th February 2016. The final will be decided via a 50/50 televote-jury vote.

The closing date to enter is 7th December 2015 at 17:00 local time. You can find the rules and details here.

26 comments on “Moldova: National Final 27th February 2016

  1. Trash ‘n drama. You gotta love Moldovan NFs. :)

  2. I have learned to keep my expectations low when it comes to the moldovan nfs..On all levels, musical and in terms of transparency..Good luck anyway !

    P.S. Off topic but I just wanted to share my joy with the community : I have just been accepted to my master’s program and I will be moving to Sweden in January most probably :) – till I get settled there (and afterwards) you may not see a lot of me around here for the most part of the nf period unfortunately…But I will try to book a ticket for the MF semi final in Malmo ! :D

    • Congrats! Lund, right?

      • Yeap, Lund :) ! I am kind of excited and kind of scared of the process of moving in the middle of the winter in Sweden at the same time..!

        • Well, the climate in Scania in January is more or less the same as in Belgium, so you will feel like home. It’s just as flat too. ;)

          As for MF, I personally recommend the dress rehearsals. They’re much more fun, especially since you will then be among the first persons to see the full performances. And you’ll then be able to see the show twice, in the arena on Friday and in front of the TV on Saturday.

          • Yeap I read the climate is quite mild compared to the rest of the country so that’s a relief :)
            I may consider the dress rehearsals indeed for MF especially since I expect that tickets will be cheaper (I guess ?)
            Anyway it will depend on my financial situation once I get there (I am currently looking for accomodation and gosh it ain’t cheap there is it ? )

            *fingers crossed Mans is chosen as a host so I can see him in person*

    • Congratulations and good luck!

    • Glad you got what you wanted: good news to a member of the community is good news to us all!

    • That sounds very exciting!Good luck in your Scandinavian endeavors.

    • Congrats. :)

  3. The FiK line up is out :


    Two esc participants : Adrian Lulgjuraj (2013) and Luiz Ejlli (2006). I recognize some other names as well from previous FiK editions..

  4. I’ve been very absent of the ESC universe due to professional reasons, but ‘O Melodie pentru Europa’ deserves a nod. I will try to follow every bit, because there’s usually a hidden gem in there (it never wins, but that is beside the point ;) ). Good luck, Moldova!

  5. Poland and most likely Cyprus opt for internal selections: http://www.eurovision.tv/page/news?id=poland_decides_on_internal_selection

  6. Aftonbladet reports that Ace Wilder,Oscar Zia and Lisa Ajax(the latest winner of the Swedish Idol)are among the 28 chosen artists.

    • Ace Wilder yesss :-D ! Fingers crossed rumours are true..!

      • I’m always afraid for runner-ups when they return to MF they’re often a one-song shot with a style that wont do as good a second time: Shirley Clamp (2004), Caroline af Ugglas (2009), Salem al Fakir (2010), Yohio (2013), Ace (2014) and Jon (2015)…

        Of course one can point some exceptions: BWO got 2nd in 2006 and 3rd in 2008, Andreas Johnson got 3rd in 2006 and 2nd in 2007, Danny twice second in 2011 and 2012, but none of them did end up winning and only did worse returning after these two top 3 placings… Sanna did after being second in 2008 and fourth in 2011, but she had done top 5 as early as 2001 so she’s not just a one or two time things, but, like, an 6-time thing :p

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