Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan to Stockholm

armeniaArmenia – Today the Armenia broadcaster announced that its representative for Eurovision 2016 would be Iveta Mukuchyan. AMPTV also announced a contest for songwriters for Iveta’s entry song for ESC 2016. 


Here’s the reveal video:

“I’m very happy, thankful and honoured to be chosen by the Public TV Company of Armenia to represent Armenia in Eurovision 2016. I love Eurovision and it’s amazing to get a chance to represent my country on the big stage. Your support is very important to me, so I hope you will be next to me on this responsible and important journey.” said Iveta.

Iveta Mukuchyan was born in 1986 in Armenia. When she was 5 years old her family moved to Germany, but after living there for 20 years Iveta decided to come back to her motherland, Armenia.

Iveta Mukuchyan Armenia

Iveta studied at the State Conservatory after Komitas in Yerevan. In 2012 she participated in the “Voice of Germany” reaching all the way to the live shows.

If you want to write Iveta’s song you can submit your work to selection@armtv.com no later than November 13th. For detailed information please visit www.1tv.am or www.eurovision.am.

22 comments on “Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan to Stockholm

  1. The taste we got from her on ETSC makes me cautiously optimistic. I simply cannot connect with armenian entries at any level…Last year was a trainwreck, the year before totally underwhelming.

    Good luck !

  2. Just like Aram MP3 she is an ESC fan and has been following the contest for many years and was spamming in social medias that she wants to take part in this contest. Aram proved that fan’s approach to the contest may be smarter than the approach of some “stars” who make ESC just to be spoken about and who have very stereotypical ideas/opinions about ESC even after participation! BTW even her song chosen for the blind auditions in the Voice of Germany was Euphoria:

    Iveta has charizma, stage presence and fine vocals so now all she needs is a good song! What I dislike in this choice was one sentence in her old interview where she said “I’ve got good contacts in Sweden with local composers”. I don’t who are those composers and I really hope that she meant Lazzaro a Swedish-Armenian composer who colaborated with Iveta couple of times:

    Goodluck !!

  3. I like “Simple like a flower” but i don’t like the fact they’re accepting songs from anyone willing to submit one.Good luck Iveta!

  4. p.s. I hope her ESC dress will be as short as it is in this video :)

  5. Good luck Armenia. :)

    I hope for another entry I like. So far, I love 2009 and 2014 and like 2007 and 2013. :)

  6. I will wait for the song, but if we get some unusual chord changes and unexpected changes in mood and tempo once again, I will be more than happy :-)

    • It didn’t really turn out that way, but at least there was the rising “siren” in the song. Unfortunately the ESC isn’t really for those of us who adore elaborate compositions (with a few exceptions).

  7. Changes in the German NF format.The club concert round is cancelled!Great!Both Elaiza and Ann Sophie were underwhelming. http://esctoday.com/106189/germany-changes-in-the-national-final-format/

    Eesti Laul hopefuls will be revealed on November 5th.Remember,remember the 5th of November. :P

  8. She looks great and sounds great. Armenia is shooting high this year. Let’s hope they can put behind them the disasters of the previous two years.

  9. I really wish to see her competing with something similar to her last single!
    Good luck Armenia!

  10. Curious to see how this will develop. From what I’ve heard so far, I’m not that impressed. It’s really nothing I’d usually would listen to, but I hope to be surprised in a positive way.

    Good luck!

  11. Bookmark the dates for the Icelandic selection shows:
    06/02: Semi-final 1 (6 competitors, 3 qualifiers)
    13/02: Semi-final 2 (6 competitors, 3 qualifiers)
    20/02: Grand Final (7 finalists (6 semi-final qualifiers and 1 wildcard act))

  12. Btw, first Hayko and now Mukuchyan. The second Armenian artist that sounds Japanese in my ears. :P

    • :)) Actually Hayko’s real name is Hayk ! The “o” is not official suffix like in case of Sofia: Sofi-“ko” :) And Armenians call Armenia Hayastan after the “Father founder” of the nation “Hayk” who settled in Armenia after the fail of the construction of Tower of Babel. According to legend he killed Bebelonian King Bel who is considered as the first Tyran in the world and founded Armenian nation:)

  13. Good luck, Armenia!

  14. 10 thumbs up on the artist choice. Now let’s follow it up with a 10 thumbs up song and 10 thumbs up staging. Let’s see if it’s in the running for second best Armenian entry ever when all is said and done.

    I watched the announcement show. Great trip down memory lane.m

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