Eurovision 2016 Scorecard: Portugal Out, Ukraine In and What About Turkey?

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – So the news of who is competing and who is not is coming in thick and fast but what is the update so far? Here I have compiled a list of who is in and who is out. Who may return and who may not. You can also see the Calendar showing dates for National Finals here

Confirmed = Green
Likely to Return = Blue
Can go either way = Yellow
Unlikely to return = Purple
Not coming back = Red

Albania RTSH The broadcaster have invited composers and artists to compete at Festival i Kenges 54 where the Eurovision entry is selected Link
Andorra RTVA RTVA boss Xavier Mujal has confirmed they will not be coming back due to finance reasons 
Armenia AMPTV Armenia have revealed they will be sending a female to Stockholm so they’re in
Australia SBS Not a member of the EBU however it has not been confirmed that Australia have definitely not been invited back Update: It has been confirmed that they are doing Junior Eurovision 2015 so could Oz be a permanent fixture on the Eurovision Circuit?
Austria ORF Despite the dreaded Nil Points in 2015, ORF have confirmed 2016 participation Link
Azerbaijan iTV Azerbaijan will be in Stockholm in 2016 however how the song will be selected is yet to be confirmed Link
Belarus BTRC Belarus will return to Eurovision 2016 with the plans to be revealed in due course Link
Belgium VRT VRT have confirmed participation and said they will hold a National Selection
Bosnia & Herz BHRT Bosnia & Herzegovina have revealed that they will not be returning to Eurovision in 2016
Bulgaria BNT JESC 2015 hosts Bulgaria have announced they would like to return to the main contest next year but still have the option to pull out by October 10th. Last year they pulled out last minute so could do the same again?
Croatia HRT HRT have told ESC Today that it is unlikely they will return in 2016
Cyprus CyBC Cyprus will be doing Eurovision in 2016 and it has been rumoured that they will be going back to an Internal Selection Link
Czech Republic CT Despite failing to qualify in their 2015 return, the Czech Republic have confirmed they are returning in 2016 Link
Denmark DK DK have confirmed Denmark will return and they are looking into a change of format for their National Selection
Estonia ERR ERR have confirmed 2016 participation and will be using Eesti Laul again in March. Submission period is open
Finland YLE YLE have confirmed participation and they will use UMK as the means to pick their entry
France France2 France2 have confirmed they will return despite a poor result in 2015 and will be again, selecting internally
FYR Macedonia MKRTV It is very likely that FYROM will come back on 2016 and they have confirmed preliminary participation. Skopje Fest has been announced but the winner may not necessarily be their Eurovision Act
Georgia GPB After their 2015 success Georgia have confirmed they will be returning however it is not known how their rep will be selected
Germany ARD ARD have confirmed they will return in 2016 but how they will be the song is unknown. After the mess that was 2015, I’m sure ARD will be making some changes
Greece ERT ERT are back in business have set budget aside to take part in 2016. The way they will select is to be announce but it will likely be a National Selection
Hungary MTV Hungary also likely to return and A-Dal is most likely how they will pick but we’re still waiting confirmation
Iceland RUV Iceland will be definitely returning in 2016 and RUV have already opened the submission period for the National Selection Show Söngvakeppni 
Ireland RTE RTE are in and are yet to confirm their selection period but we’d be foolish to think the Late Late Show won’t be involved
Israel IBA Israel have alos declared intent of returning and it has been said that they will again use Next Star to find their act
Italy RAI Italy will be coming back also and  San Remo will select their song Link
Kosovo RTK RTK are not yet EBU members but a tweet from politician Petrit Selimi claims Kosovo WILL be coming to Eurovision next year. Have RTK somehow gained EBU membership? Update: This has supposedly been debunked
Latvia LTV LTV have confirmed and after 2015’s success they will be using Supernova to select their song
Lithuania LRT Lithuania are in and will be having their usual process of having the public pick the singer and song separately 
Luxembourg RTL They’re out
Malta PBS Malta have confirmed 2016 participation and may be making a change to their selection process
Moldova TRM Moldova are very likely to return in 2016 and will most likely use a National Selection to pick
Monaco TMC Not this year folks
Montenegro RTCG Not only are they returning but they have already announce their act. Three piece boyband Highway Link
Morocco SNRT Nope
Netherlands TROS The Dutch have also selected their 2016 representative… Douwe Bob Link
Norway NRK Norway will be taking part in 201 and their selection process will most certainly be Norsk Melodi Grand Prix
Poland TVP Poland have confirmed they will be coming back and the selection will be internal
Portugal RTP Sadly RTP have confirmed they will not be returning in 2016
Romania TVR Money is always a worry for Romania when taking part but it is likely they will return. They haven’t withdrawn yet
Russia RTR So close to winning the contest this year, Russia will be returning to Eurovision in 2016
San Marino SMTV I can’t see why San Marino would not return as they’re used to not qualifying. Likely an internal selection
Serbia RTSH Another country where Money is a factor but after making Top 10 in 2015 it is likely Serbia will be back
Slovakia RTVS Slovakia have confirmed they will not be returning in 2016
Slovenia RTVSLO They have confirmed preliminary participation but still have until the end of the month to fully confirm. They will most likely be in Stockholm though
Spain RTVE Yep! They’re in and will most likely pick internally though this has not been confirmed
Sweden SVT Well they’re hosting so they will have to take part and obviously they will again use Melodifestivalen
Switzerland   Switzerland have confirmed they will be in Stockholm and the submission period has opened for their National Selection which is due in February
Turkey TRT Now this is the one to watch… All rumours point to TRT making a return in Stockholm. Though it’s not necessarily likely they will come back it has moved up from unlikely to return. Watch this space
Ukraine NTU NTU have confirmed that they will return in 2016 after a 2015 hiatus 
United Kingdom BBC The BBC have confirmed they will be returning and for the first time in five years, they will be using a National Selection to pick their Stockholm entry 

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58 comments on “Eurovision 2016 Scorecard: Portugal Out, Ukraine In and What About Turkey?

  1. I really have no idea why some table boxes are grey and some aren’t. It looks messy and I apologise

  2. Sad that Portugal is out! Glad for Ukraine but I think I know what to wait from them!

    P.S. In couple of days we will learn the name of the Armenian entrant so logicly Armenia has confirmed its participation ;)

  3. Portugal <3

  4. Portugal. :(

  5. Very sad about Portugal. But their entries after 2009 have not been convincing, so I hope they will rethink their selection.

  6. Sad news but their comeback was so underwhelming.The new format was a bit of a disaster.I hope they’ll come back soon.

  7. Why Cyprus are in blue ?

  8. So glad this has finally updated to say that Australia is a maybe.

    It was a real pet peeve of mine that it said Australia was definitely not in, in the last edition.

    There in JESC now, and there is no special anniversary for that, as far as I’m aware they don’t broadcast the Junior version any year up until now.

    I actually think it’s quite likely that a deal was made, as Australia wants to be in the main event and the EBU wants more countries in JESC, they probably agreed that if they let Aus back in the main event, they had to do the junior version for a bit as well.

  9. My dream of reaching 44 countries is still alive, but barely.

    According to Wiki we are on 39 confirmed.
    I’m certain that Turkey will return, as TRT said they were returning, I think they’ve just not filled in the paperwork yet, hence its not EBU official, hence the EBU tweet.

    So that brings us to 40, I think today’s news about Australia being in JESC means Australia is almost certain for 2016. There is no reason why they would be allowed in JESC 2015 but not ESC 2016, and we know they love it so if invited will be turning up.

    So that makes 41. I’m pretty sure Serbia and Moldova will return, Serbia just came back this year and reached Top 10, no reason why they would withdraw. Moldova has had 2 NQ in a row now, but they only narrowly missed out in 2015 and have never withdrawn before so I think they are like too, so that brings us to 43.

    Then, we get to the coin toss. CROATIA!
    They weren’t in it last year, but surely they must take note of Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro all doing well in recent years. There’s even plenty of talk they could be sending their winner from the voice (personally i hate the voice so not good news for me)

    So yeah I really think it all comes down to Croatia whether we break the record or not.

    • Also could the fact Croatia aren’t participating in JESC be a sign they are saving up money for ESC.

      I think this year, they realised they couldnt afford the main event, but there was enough to do the junior version, now things are a bit better so they might be thinking they can afford the main version, but not the junior one as well.

  10. Gosh Portugal is out ? When did that happen ? It’s definately quite unfortunate..

  11. So Portugal have started a tradition of withdrawing when Sweden hosts the contest? :/

  12. Genuinely sad about Portugal. True, I don’t like many of their entries in general (besides a few great era, like 67-72 and the 80s) and definitely not the 2010-2015 ones, but I wont allow that as an excuse to say “hey it’s ok it’s a country I dont like”: I hate when a country withdraws, every country has potentials, for a good NF or even a good entry and it’s sad when you “feel” like a country is just not really keen in being in anymore :/

  13. In the meantime in Estonia the first 5 Eestil Laul entries have been selected.15 more to go.

    • I’d love Robin to try again… Actually next year when I go because I’m skipping Stockholm

      • Can I have your place instead :D :D :D You’ve always been my fave contributor on here and the quality of your articles put Lynn’s and Morgan’s to shame, and you look so pretty in your avatar pic :D :D :D

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0CmpaSV0tc :D

        • Aw thanks Max. This has made my Friday

          Portugal has always been a fave of mine. I love their finals because the jury and public always disagree – my #1 Portuguese song proves that

          I have poor memory though so I’ll show my placing a from their past five entries…

          #5 2010 A poor year for all. Serbia, UK, France and Germany is all I can remember from this year….

          #4 2012 Ballad yuk but more interesting than 2010 but not as interesting as the next one

          #3 2015 Grew on me come rehearsals and think it should have Qualified

          #2 2014 I loved Suzy. A song to dance to and also should have qualified

          #1 2011 No one can be surprised by this. I loved Homens Da Luta. They were just brilliant

  14. I will update this later but Bosnia has officially withdrawn and Croatia have also cast doubt. With only tomorrow as final deadline, I doubt they are coming back

    • Can’t say I will personally miss Bosnia, but I know a lot of others do like them and I feel sorry for those guys. Kinda in a same situation with Turkey. I don’t get why Bosnia constantly raisies its fans hopes up by entering then withdrawing, they do it every year. Isnt this the 3rd one in a row?

      Also where is the info about Croatia casting doubt? I can’t find any sources on the wiki or wiwi

  15. So sad for B&H but i was prepared this would happen anyway. :cry:
    And Croatia is most likely out too.

  16. Pablo Lopez won the online fans and experts poll of the ideal artist to represent Spain in esc 2016:

  17. After recent events decided to go back and re do my ranking including Russia this time
    They scored 11th, so while I do think its a good song, still can’t quite believe how it came 2nd, think it was quite over rated. Biggest fall is probably either Sweden or Belgium, haven’t really listened to those 2 as much as I did during the contest and in the short period after

    1  Israel
    2  Serbia
    3  Moldova
    4  Georgia
    5  Sweden
    6  Spain
    7  Lithuania
    8  Montenegro
    9  Greece
    10  Australia
    11  Russia
    12  United Kingdom
    13  Armenia
    14  Germany
    15  Belgium
    16  Belarus
    17  Switzerland
    18  Netherlands
    19  Iceland
    20  Albania
    21  Czech Republic
    22  Estonia
    23  Denmark
    24  San Marino
    25  Slovenia
    26  Poland
    27  Italy
    28  FYR Macedonia
    29  Azerbaijan
    30  Ireland
    31  France
    32  Malta
    33  Romania
    34  Cyprus
    35  Austria
    36  Norway
    37  Latvia
    38  Portugal
    39  Hungary
    40  Finland

  18. Speaking of little mistakes in the article, it’s still called 2015 :o ;)

  19. We will know the armenian representative in an hour and 45 min :) !

  20. Its Iveta :))) Good choice!

  21. The new video for “Rythm inside”.It is believed to be the first part of a bigger project:

  22. Moldova decides on February 27 and they will continue with the same format.http://esctoday.com/106157/moldova-national-selection-dates-and-rules-released/

    By the way,will there be an article on the Armenian representative?

  23. I did not see that coming! Some Portuguese fans are trying to gather enough signatures to take the matter to Parliament. I have no idea if this decision is related to Sweden hosting the contest. Glad to see Ukraine coming back (less froth and more substance please). I hope that Turkey makes the right choice and returns to ESC (and gets rid of the current government next November).

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