UK: Names in the Hat Already… including Jedward!

united kingdom UKUK – It’s only been a few days since the BBC made the exciting announcement that the public would be involved in this year’s UK selection, but already people have thrown their hat into the ring… including Jedward! Speaking to the Irish Sun, Edward Grimes of the Irish 2011 and 2012 representatives said,

“We’re definitely up for it. We see this as the most fantastic opportunity. But this time, we are in it to win it.”

His twin John added,

“We know we are already popular in Eurovision and will have support across Britain to represent the UK because of the fan base we got in X Factor.”

Also quick out of the traps was  Leigh Luscious who has started her campaign to be the UK’s representative.

Leigh Luscious

Also spotted was an interesting tweet by Team Midas:

Team Midas

According to his website Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard established Team Midas to PR & Promote some of the country’s most talented singers, bands and performers. Many have enjoyed exposure on shows such as The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice. Having built up vital industry networks, his reputation for integrity and hard work is why performers continue to put their faith and trust in him. He is currently promoting Louisa Johnson, Kiera Weathers, Josh Daniel , Alien & Hannah Marie Kilminster in this year’s UK Factor.

Meanwhile OGE UK members were invited to enter a ballot to win a place on part of the shortlisting process. The deadline to enter the ballot was 29th September. The BBC want a diverse panel from around the country and people of different ages. Good luck everyone who entered!



9 comments on “UK: Names in the Hat Already… including Jedward!

  1. Please no!

  2. Even don’t think about it!!

  3. Jedward for the UK would be a vindication for them I like the idea ;) !

  4. Thing is Jedward don’t really do the fun upbeat pop anymore.

    They trying to be serious and grown up and it just fails, they just do soul less ballads about girls that broke their heart etc now.

    Also it’d be weird seeing them under the UK banner after representing Ireland twice.

    Also this PR group promoting all these singers, never heard of one of them lol.

  5. Jedward? No thank you.

  6. I can easily do without Jedward. Too much jumping around resulting in quite a lot of off-key singing.

    • Lol

      Ironically Jedward probably cater more to your style now than they do mine, they are trying to be all boring and serious. All the fun has gone!

      • My style is not always as “boring” as you may think. I often like crazy stuff like Winny Puhh, and if the music gets a bit weird, then there are often plus-points from me.

        I like (but not necessarily love) some shake-it songs too, “Wild Dances” f.e., some of them are better crafted, produced and performed than others.

  7. Jedward, if you enter the UK selection you are no longer Irish to me!

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