Turkey: Will They Return?

turkeyTurkey – Despite huge rumours and press reports in Turkey earlier in the year stating Turkey would return this year, there has still been no confirmation by TRT. Turkey withdrew after the 2012 contest, citing  disagreements about the Big 5 situation. 

The EBU Twitter has today confirmed that the EBU is still awaiting a formal decision…

EBU Turkey













EBU Twitter 2










Do you think Turkey will return?

10 comments on “Turkey: Will They Return?

  1. While Turkey is deciding let me bit out of topic and share here new video of our main candidate and former ETSC participant’s video.

  2. It doesn’t look very good atm but all hope isn’t lost yet.

  3. I hope they do, to me it’s not the same Eurovision without them!

  4. No, I bet my hat they won’t.

  5. Well I hope they do return, they are one of my Top 3 Eurovision countries (Ukraine, Greece and Turkey) and their continued absence is raising the likelihood of Sweden stealing their spot.

    Although, someone reported they were after guarantees about “moral standards” which obviously translates to no LGBT stuff. If that’s the case, I’m sorry Turkey as much as I’d love you back, I don’t think we should sacrifice the Contests LGBT pride.

  6. Word on the street is that although TRT announced publicly in March that they are indeed returning, they haven’t actually submitted the paperwork to the EBU yet (must be done by October 10th)

    So I think they are likely to return as they said they were, but it’s just not “EBU Official yet”

  7. We have elections in November so there is a big uncertainty regarding everything…I think it is not very likely that we will participate this year but let’s keep our fingers crossed😊🇹🇷

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