Montenegro: Take the Highway to Stockholm!

Highway Band Montenegro smallMontenegro – In a hugely surprising announcement only 2 days after confirming participation, Montenegro’s broadcaster RTCG  has revealed their internally selected act will be three-piece boyband Highway! Highway are Peter Tosic, Marko Pesic and Luke Vojvodic and are known in Montenegro as past entrants on the 2015 series of The X Factor Adria.

You can find out more about them on Facebook here. They also took part in Suncane Skale with the song Bar Na Kratko this year and finished in third place.

It is unknown as yet what song Highway will sing. Welcome to Eurovision guys, and good luck!

33 comments on “Montenegro: Take the Highway to Stockholm!

  1. Vocally they sound good.It will all depend on the song.Good luck!

  2. Well!! Just phisically they are able to reoead Il Volo’s success :P But they need to find a good song!! Somehow i’m sad as I can’t see them singing my beloved balkan ballads …

  3. Well that’s a surprise. I expected them to continue going down the balkan ballad way that proved quite succesful for them. They are likable and lively but it will come down to the song, especially with such a band.

    P.S. The main singer is hot ! So glad we already have eye candy at least ;-)

  4. Kinda cute. I’m not hugely for or against, and will wait for the song.

    • When you say cute you refer to something specific :-P ;-) ?

      • not really, none of them are my type and I dont really find them cute but I do think they all 3 have that lil bit of stage charisma that works for them… the weak point is definitely the singer’s vocals (in esc that could be a small disaster)

        • Yeah all for me then lol ^_^
          I liked the singer’s vocals personally but I will agree that stage charisma is their strong point and I can see an initial dissapointment with this till the rehearsals come around in May.

  5. Off topic: Guys this is Essami formerly known as Gaitana.She changed A LOT since then in so many aspects:

  6. I wonder, should some day all these “talent” shows cease to exist, would esc run out of entrants?

    Anyway, good luck to them.

  7. Bring back Who See

    I think these will be dreadful – this performance screams the kind of terrible I like

  8. Well, they sound nice enough. Laid-back soft rock that perhaps needs a bit more edge to work on the ESC stage. Let’s see how it will evolve. Good luck!

  9. Nothing to get me excited…

  10. Good luck Montenegro, liked all your entries 2009 onwards (apart from Euro neuro that was a mess) and not even a hot mess.

  11. Not the highway to hell though?

    It would probably have been more fun.

  12. I’m not enthusiastic about boybands though.

  13. I just arrived home from a nice trip to Vienna btw :-)

    The best thing was the collection of old music instruments at Hofburg. Very interesting for nerds like me, so I spent several hours there.

  14. Going Off-Topic: Regarding the Portuguese election, the results could be quite interesting. If the three left-wing parties went together, they could rule the country. The question is how well such a coalition would work…

  15. It’s good to start the week with a new hot video from sexy Vaidas Baumila ;) :

  16. Loreen’s controversial new video for “I’m in it with you” :

  17. They sound cool…I hope they get a proper song :)

  18. […] Not only are they returning but they have already announce their act. Three piece boyband Highway Link […]

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