Junior Eurovision: Niamh Kavanagh Speaks of her Role

junior eurovision 2015 smallJunior Eurovision – With only weeks left to go, one of the few countries left to select its representative for Junior Eurovision 2015 is Ireland. Former 1993 Eurovision winner, Niamh Kavanagh, has spoken about her involvement in the selection process. Ireland has joined Junior Eurovision for the first time and is taking it seriously. One of the exciting things about this is that people will get to hear a song in the Irish language for a change.

Five televised shows will be broadcast on Irish TV station, TG4…4 Semi Finals and a Grand Final. The shows start on 11th October and will run each week with the final on November 8th.

Our good friends at Eurovision Ireland will be updating Eurovision fans over the coming weeks and say there will be plenty of surprises. They’ve also conducted an interview with Niamh about her involvement. Niamh talks about how taking part in Junior Eurovision could set Ireland up for success in the main competition in future…and how rubbish her Irish is!


10 comments on “Junior Eurovision: Niamh Kavanagh Speaks of her Role

  1. Wow I did not know Ireland is taking jesc that seriously ! Niamh’s involvment is definatelt positive and this whole selection process wow..!

    Also considering I belong to the people who really like the only irish entry that has ever participated in esc, I am really waiting for the song :-) !

  2. The Australian entry in jesc:

    • It’s meh imo..And it’s not even memorable enough for jesc standards…I smell a last place here..

      • Nahh!It’s anthemic enough and if she can pull it off live i’m sure they won’t come last though i secretly hope they will in order to be discouraged and don’t come back.lol

        • Yeah if she gives a good performance I can see her pulling some of those jury votes. Tbh I have heard very few of the jesc songs so far (and more remain to be released – Ireland decides 13 days before the actual event !) so I can’t have the whole picture here..
          I don’t think they will be discouraged either way and I am ok with that but they have to bring better songs forward than those in ESC & JESC 2015..

      • There’ll be no swapping 12 points with Sweden that’s for sure ;)

  3. Have been away on hols this past month so not been online much. TG4 the broadcaster hasn’t done a bad job and am enjoying the selection process. The variety of songs on offer have actually been quite good with a lot of variety and very good performances. I like the first two finalists thus far and it has the makings of a great final to see who gets the ticket to Sofia. I’m hoping for Aimee Banks to win (she won tonight’s second show). I also love all the songs being in Irish, it’s great! RTE really should take note. This format works.

  4. Aimee for the record is 13 years old!
    Here’s week one winner David Kennedy.

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