France: Submissions Open

FranceFrance – TV station, France 2, has opened a submission period in its bid to choose a representative for Stockholm. Although an internal selection will take place, the jury will choose from one of the entered songs.  You have until 31st October to enter your song and the rules are as follows: 

  • Singers to be between 16 and 50 years old
  • Must be able to sing in French and undertake press in French and English
  • The song  must not have ever been heard before anywhere including online, not even a snippet.
  • Songs must be performed in at least 80% French.

France 2 will not be holding a televised selection process but will be selecting their song for next years competition in Stockholm from the submissions.

Send entries up until 31 October 2015 to: eurovision.delegation@francetv.fr

Bon chance!

23 comments on “France: Submissions Open

  1. Nice that you keep on trying, France. “At least 80% in French”.

    Poor Lisa Angell deserved better. And so did Amandine in 2013. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that this language thing works against them. Which is a pity, since the contest gets so boring with 95% songs in English. More diversity!

    Bonne chance!

    • which represents the very hateful patriotic sentiment here in France, where the extreme right has never been so high since the 30s…

      • Trying to use their language in an international song contest is not the source of recent french failure nor is promoting some much needed linguistic diversity in a contest this is fast becoming monolingual a reflection of “hateful patrotic attitude”. Where do you get these things?

        Cosmopolitan urbanite arrogance about the need of european peoples to preserve their identity is a a very big part of the explanation of why the extreme right is strong in many european countries, not just in France.

        • I’m French, I live here, you have no idea: when “Divine” was sent, there was a debate in the National Assembly discussing on the “relevance” of sending a song in English to such a contest… when no one questions Daft Punk for their 5 grannies with songs always in English… the climate here in France is insanely hard on “intolerance” and it’s no wonders the latest Palme d’or is a movie about imigration here in France… So I don’t mind France is using French, and as an esc fan I do think part of the contest’s richness comes from all those cultures coming together including linguistically. But if you make it a “rule” then you’re forcing something down that doesn’t reflect reality, and that is a very multicultural France (remember our entries in 90, 91, 92, 93, 96?), the fact that we have many talented and successful music internationally (Daft Punk, Air, Phoenix, Woodkid and many more) who all sing in English and we’re closing doors to them and we’re in a way censoring our artists to a Franco-French stereotype that doesn’t HAVE to exist for a song to be French. One of the biggest hits here in France this year was Kendji Girac’s “Gitano” and then many of his following hits and all feature Spanish. Would it be wrong for such songs to represent us, even if Spanish is not a language used on our “land”? If Eurovision is about coming together, it’s even better if our own entries reflect mixing origins already. I do hate that the contest is so “americanized” but entries like Bosnia 99 or Cyprus 07 proved French could be in the contest from countries with no French roots whatsoever. Why can’t France do the same back? Trust me, with the level of xenophobia in France, if we were to send a song in, say, Arabic, we’d soon have more “Charlie” effects in the country, in one way (extreme right) and the other (extreme islam)… The atmosphere in my country is disgusting and I’m tired of French TV going with % on the level of Frenchness our song can have…

          • Well theres a difference between private individuals who go off and make their own careers, and a contest/entry where you are supposed to be representing France.

            Not former french colonies, not the Anglosphere, but the formerly beautiful country of France. That gave the world so much, and had such a rich culture, but now sees it slowly fading away.

            We may disagree but personally I don’t think its xenophobic or racist for a french person wanting to be represented by something french? Qatar will probably buy its way in soon, (hello Fifa) leave the Arabic to them.

      • Remember the flames of the far right are fanned by the Left. If you (as in the government generally not you directly) force things on people they don’t want and dismiss their concerns, maybe throw in a label or too, and leave them with no avenue of legitimate protest then you force people to the extremes!

        • Racists and bigots throwing a tantrum because they don’t get their way. That you’re trying to present that as anything remotely resembling reason given your age, your nationality and the political system of your country makes me very sad and worried for the world.

          • But its true, no one in France has ever voted for Islamification, mass migration or Anglophonisation.

            According to the EU’s own figures, Sweden will be 40% Muslim before I turn 35. That’s not multi culturalism, that’s mono culturalism but replacing the monoculture in question.

            In my opinion, it is not unreasonable for a French person to want to live in a French country with French culture.

            By trying to stigmatise legitimate opinion, with labels such as racist, xenophobic, you just force people to say “fine you know what, I don’t care I’ll take the label, even if it doesn’t really fit. If not wanting to live in an Islamic state makes me racist, i guess I am”

            Since April opinion polls have shown Marie Le Pen, the leader of a far right party on between 41% to 43% in a second round run off consistently.

            Now are you really suggesting nearly half of France is actually far right racist extremists??? Seriously stop and think about it, is that what you are telling me now? Or is it that neither of the main 2 parties care about their concerns, dismissing them as racist.

            The fastest growing demographic among the FN, is JEWISH voters, the group of people who suffered most under the far right, are being forced to back the far right. Because they see Far right Front national as better than the anti semetic physical attacks they increasingly face

            Even in Sweden, the Swedish Democrats are on about 25% and in Netherlands I think Geert Wilders party is on about 30 – 34.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if Germany got a far right party soon, there a little bit more reluctant because of history, but 1 million new arrivals, and local councils actually evicting German citizens to make way for migrants, is obviously going to fan far right flames.

            Now look at the UK, where actually our government has said you know what, its not racist to be concerned about mass migration, its not racist to want to protect your culture, we’ve seen 1 far right party completely collapse (BNP) and the other (UKIP) limited to about 12% not even half of what far right parties are getting across Europe, where leaders stigmatise people. Because our government is actually listening to people and acting, not brushing them off with a Mama knows best attitude.

            Or do you have an alternative suggestion about why the far right is rising across Europe but the UK seems so far immune? Genuinely I’d love to hear it.

            Take me for example, I despise the far right and UKIP, I’m a member of the LGBT community, and I’m only half English, the other half of me is from European migrants, I’m also atheist so I think I’m pretty much everything UKIP hate in one. BUT if we got to the stage Sweden was at, and even the Conservative party refused to do anything about it, then I would be FORCED to vote for UKIP or a similar party. Because the alternative for me, under Shariah law, I think is getting thrown off a building, maybe beheaded I’m not sure, either way being unfairly labelled a racist is definitely the lesser of two evils, so if that’s all the mainstream parties gave me to choose from, obviously I’d choose the label.

            Thankfully, the UK gov isn’t forcing people into that narrow Sophie’s choice where either option is bad but you have to go for the least worse option.

            Sadly in many countries in Europe they are and it scares me, to see politicians think that you put out fires by pouring petrol.

            • Sharia law? Stop with the “scare the soccer mom” rhetoric. There’s nothing wrong with people keeping pieces of their culture as long as they abide to the laws of their new homes (France itself banned the burqa at schools so I don’t see them rushing off to name an Ayatollah supreme leader of the nation). I’ve met second generation Swedes whose parents are from Islamic nations that are way more into Avicii than Allah because guess what, it works both ways. The far right knows how to manipulate the fear of the unknown, the ignorance, the prejudices to create a doom and gloom narrative with a bigoted subtext, because it’s not what I call them, it’s what it is (They’re different!!! They’re automatically bad!!). But you know that since you seem to be heavily drinking their kool-aid. And as a member of a minority that knows what it’s like to be dismissed regardless of everything else you are or might ever achieve because some people think you were born “wrong” you should know better.

            • I live in one of the most multi-cultural cities in the UK, British Whites now in the minority. But guess what, the majority are still British, the town in no way has lost its ‘Britishness’. We have 19% Muslims and guess what, I’ve never been thrown off a building or beheaded. Oh wait, that’ll be because those terrorists of Daesh/ISIL have absolutely NOTHING to do with Islam. They wouldn’t know a Qur’an if it hit them in their evil murdering faces. To jump from that to implying Muslims here will impose Sharia law would be laughable if not so dangerous.

            • I live in Paris and it’s definitely a multi-cultural city: we have foreigners all the time, are they tourists? are they working here? are they living here? for how long? I have no idea, I dont care, as long as everyone is respectful in my metro and in the streets, respect basics laws of politeness and the laws voted by my country’s assembly, I’m good.

  2. Last French entry on Swedish soil was disgustingly underrated.

  3. “Singers to be between 16 and 50 years old”

    AGEIST!!! Did Buranovskie Babushki not get shown in France???

    “Songs must be performed in at least 80% French.”

    How do they measure this? Literally count word for word, or is it time spent? Also 80% seems like such a weird number.

  4. The official video for the Greek version of “Golden Boy” has just been released:

  5. Tbh I admire the persistance of the french broadcaster. I would have given up after Lisa’s totally undeserved result.

    Good luck !

  6. French is too beautiful language for not using it. Even the motto of UK of the Monarch of the United Kingdom is French :P :P And I totally support that approach. I know that Morgan will ban me now, but I’ve to say that extreme right ideas could be very useful for France for this short term period :P

    Goodluck France ! I love the last attempt of France and shame on Armenia for not awarding it 12 points!

  7. In Italy the esc final will be broadcasted on RAI 1 for the first time since 1991 as a result of the success and rising popularity of the contest :-) !
    Again the winner of the senior section of SR will be invited as the representative in esc.

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