UK: Public to Decide in National Final?!

united kingdom UKUK – It’s been revealed today that a new “X Factor-style talent hunt encouraging the public to have the final say on who will represent the United Kingdom next spring” is to be launched by the BBC to choose its Eurovision representative in 2016. 

According to a British newspaper, Hugh Goldmsith, a record label exec who helped take Atomic Kitten, Billie Piper and Blue to the top of the charts, is taking the lead for the project.

He was quoted as saying,

“I think it really shows that they take the competition seriously and the fact that the public will get the final say on who is sent to represent the UK in Stockholm next year is the icing on the cake!”

The BBC’s Guy Freeman added: “This year really will be the biggest song search for Eurovision the BBC has ever undertaken.

“With input from key industry figures and fan associations (ooh will OGAE UK get a say? – Editor), plus with the public having the final say we are looking forward to seeing a true People’s Eurovision entry representing the UK at next year’s competition in Sweden.”

The UK used to use the public to decide on its representative. Eurovision: Your Country Needs You was a BBC TV show broadcast annually to select the United Kingdom’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest. The show had previously gone under several other names, including Festival of British Popular SongsEurovision Song Contest British FinalThe Great British Song Contest, Eurovision: Making Your Mind Up and Eurovision: Your Decision but was known, for most of its history, as A Song for Europe. The most recent name and format was adopted in 2009, but since 2011, the UK representation has been selected internally, resulting in Your Country Needs You being suspended.

The last UK entry selected by the public was Josh Dubovie who finished 25th. The year before Jade Ewan finished a respectable 5th.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBykhFyy-ZE]

UK fans… are you pleased that it looks like you’ll get to vote for the act again?!

40 comments on “UK: Public to Decide in National Final?!

  1. This is fantastic news I am so happy.

    Even if the UK picks someone I don’t like again like Andy Abraham ,at least its finally the UK getting to pick what represents them again!

    Today is a celebration!

    • Max, finally, we agree on something lol

      I’m quite excited. I mean it could probably be a BBC disaster and we’ll still finish 25th in Stockholm, but at least it will be our rubbish that we picked!

      Or it could be the right time for the UK to finally say let’s take this seriously and everyone will get all horribly patriotic and try and send something amazing. We shall see.

  2. Well the UK really does need to catch up with the likes of Sweden, Estonia ect. Hopefully this can spur them on to a top 20 finish again.

  3. Some countries (and that includes the one I am from) can not be trusted when it comes to choosing a eurovision entry.

  4. Hmmm that could go either way but I have to say given the stereotypes most brits have in mind when it comes to esc they’d better have a strong and credible line up that leaves no leeway for joke entries to stand out.

  5. It’s down to the actual NF lineup anyway. As Stommie said, some countries are awful NF pickers (France, Spain, Netherlands, Uk…)

    I would point out that considering esc is 50% juries/televote, shouldnt the NF rules be as well?

    • Come on your a man of morals, just because everyone else was doing something wrong why would you want to follow?

      In Britain we think the public vote is king, we believe that everyone is equal, and millions of people shouldn’t be over ruled by a small group.

      I can only think of one show in the whole of the UK (there could be more maybe but i cant think of them) that has a jury component, and that is Strictly Come Dancing. Literally that is it.

      In all other cases I think most brits (not all admittedly) treat the idea that some peoples taste/opinions are better than others with the disdain that idea deserves.

      Today is about Britain finally being able to pick what it wants, and you know what maybe they will choose a camp cheese act like Scooch, maybe they will choose another landslide winner like Katrina and the waves, but importantly, it will be the UK public that chooses.

      And let’s be honest, the UK public arent exactly any worse/better at picking entries in terms of the scoreboard. Let’s take the 5 years of BBC picking and compare to the most recent 5 years of public picking (2009 and 2010 will be ignored as the public picked the singer but the BBC picked the song so not sure how to divide that up)

      2004 – 16th
      2005 – 22nd
      2006 – 19th
      2007 – 22nd
      2008 – 25th

      Average 20.8 so 21st

      2011 – 11th
      2012 – 25th
      2013 – 19th
      2014 – 17th
      2015 – 24th

      Average 19.2 so 19th

      So yes, a slight improvement at the expense of our democracy, we have moved up on the leader board 2 places on average, is that really worth it, in my opinion no.

      • but I meant on a pragmatic level: if you compare on “how UK did” and if you want “UK to do well” (you can of course not want that and just want to have fun and participate and that’s ok too), then you need to take into account HOW the Uk was indeed ranked: you compare the NF era and the BBC era but you forgot to point out that the difference between them is ALSO the fact that from 2009 onwards juries took part for 50% of the final vote as well, when BBC was indeed only internally picking (so 100%) and the problem may be that too!

  6. It’s the country that could win eurovision anytime hands down we’re talking here…

    Best of luck!

  7. Brilliant news! At last.

  8. It could go both ways. It could be great but it could also be Ireland… The main task is of course to have good songs to choose from. But the most positive thing is probably that it can serve as a way for new artists to break through and not just being the ESC preselection – like it was in Germany back in 2010 with Lena.

    Good luck!

    • It could be worse than Late Late. It could be Scooch 2.0

    • ” the BBC will be inviting the UK branch of the OGAE to assist in the shortlisting of these open entries.” ooh good, I’ll vote for key changes, Jade will vote for Scooch2 and everyone will shout at us lol

      • are you guys actually in OGAE???

        I’ve always wondered what do you do, like are there events throughout the year, or a forum where you talk? All I know about OGAE is the contest before the final, and this 2nd chance thing they run.

        Is there anything else, does it cost money to join?

        • Yeah me, Jade and Jane are all on OGAE UK. We only ever really joined to get the fan package tickets originally. It’s a better way to guarantee a ticket for the final (as long as you’re high in the ballot) and often you can get all 6 shows just for the price of the final.

          It’s £20 a year, and you get a pretty cool magazine 4 times a year. We get to vote in the OGAE vote. We got to be at the filming of Molly’s video and reveal the other year.

          You sometimes get events and discounts or priority tickets for events at Eurovision.

          They do organise events in the UK too, there’s the annual ‘Eurobash’ in Birmingham this weekend I think. They have a get together night at ESC itself every year too.

          http://www.ogae.uk and we have a closed Facebook group

      • I don’t mind key changes. “One step out of time” is one of my UK favs.

        I do mind Scooch though. :P

  9. Think the 61st edition aka the 60th anniversary (1956-2016) will have the highest number of competitors ever.

    The current record is 43 right

    Well we’ve got 38 confirmed so far,

    Portugal, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova and Russia are all likely to be added to that list, which makes it 43.

    Then we just need either Australia or Croatia to make 44 a new record, heck I even think getting both is possible so 45!!!

    Sadly Slovakia has already ruled itself out.

  10. Hahahaha. Awesome. This will be a disaster. I can’t wait.

  11. Amazing, the 2016 season isn’t even a month old yet, and we’ve already gotten two lol-worthy moments (Switzerland’s portal *finally* opening being the other). If the selection jury does a good job and cuts out the horrible entries (although I have my doubts knowing that OGAE will play a part. Many doubts…), then hopefully the public will be forced to pick something good. Here’s a handy guide on how to vote.

  12. Good luck, United Kingdom! :-)

  13. Since there’s an article on eurovision.tv then it’s confirmed.Let’s see how this will work for them.Involving the OGAE community is a risk,imo. :P http://www.eurovision.tv/page/news?id=bbc_unveils_biggest_song_search_ever_for_2016_uk_entry

  14. And Boggie has just released her new single and video which is in French:

  15. Montenegro has now confirmed raising the number to 40 (along with Russia)

    Portugal, Serbia and Moldova all likely to confirm too (Serbia came 10th, Moldova only narrowly missed qualification and Portugal already talking about selection formats and possible artists.

    Those guys will make 43, aka the joint record.

    Then we just need either Croatia or Australia to return (maybe we get both) and we will set a new record at 44! :)

  16. Wish Brits a wise choice and something good to choose :)

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