Junior Eurovision: San Marino Joins in!

junior eurovision 2015 smallJunior Eurovision – It’s only a few weeks until Junior Eurovision takes place in Sofia, but we’ve just had a late announcement that San Marino will be joining the party, bringing the number of participants up to 16 this year. Its representative will be chosen via Vocine Nuove Castrocaro

Vladislav Yakovlev, Executive Supervisor of the contest tweeted confirmation saying “Super San Marino make it Sensational Sixteen for #JESC2015 !!”

The 16 countries taking part this year, ad their representatives if selected, are:

  • Albania  – Mishela Rapo
  • Armenia – Michael Varosyan
  • Belarus – Ruslan Aslanov
  • Bulgaria – Gabriela Yordanova
  • Georgia – Liza, Elen, Tako & Data (Virus)
  • Ireland – tbc Nov 8th
  • Italy – Chiara & Martina
  • FYR Macedonia – Ivana & Magdelena
  • Malta – Destiny Chukunyere
  • Montenegro – Jana Mirković
  • The Netherlands – tbc Oct 3rd
  • Russia – Misha Smirnov
  • San Marino
  • Serbia – Lena Stamenković
  • Slovenia – tbc Oct 4th
  • Ukraine – Anna Trincher

Check out Russia’s entry which was the latest to be selected…

The Netherlands will choose its participant next weekend on October 3rd. The final consists of Shalisa – Million Lights, Guusje – Talk About Love, 4LIFE – You Will Know My Name, Nohr – Ik ben Mezelf and Myrthe – Kinderen Van de Zom

Slovenia will conclude its selection next weekend too with the final of its mini-EMA on October 4th.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place on November 21st.

3 comments on “Junior Eurovision: San Marino Joins in!

  1. I appreciate how the deadlines to submit participation documents etc for JESC seem to be more flexible than esc probably due to the difficulty to attract participants most of the years. 16 is a decent number though especially if we remember that sometimes the contest struggled to gather 12 participants.

    Good luck San Marino and the rest !

  2. I’m not the biggest fan of JESC and to be honest I just watch the show of the Armenian conestants. But there is something I could never understand. There is a star in Armenia whose name is Lidushik. Many adult stars here would just dream to have her popularity and numbers of clicks in the youtube. Her songs are the most rotated during birthday parties of children. I just can’t understand why AMPTV didn’t dend her to JEDC. This song of her is just the anthem of all childish parties here

  3. Amazing that in JESC you can still sign up literally just 2 months before the main event.

    Why can’t they do this in the main contest, isnt there a deadline of December? So 5 months?

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