Eurovision Gala Night Confirms Several Popular Acts

gala night 150Eurovision Gala Night – Several former Eurovision acts have now been announced for this year’s Eurovision Gala Night. This will take place at the prestigious Casino 2000 in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg on 31st October 2015. 

The night will be a traditional song contest where people, not only from Luxembourg but also from other countries, take part by singing a song from the Eurovision repertoire. They will be scrutinised by a panel of 12 international judges, each representing a nation and will be scored in the usual Eurovision fashion from 1 to 8, 10 and 12.

eurovision gala night

Several well-known Eurovision artists will grace the Eurogala stage. Confirmed to date are:

Ruslana (Ukraine 2004)
András Kállay-Saunders (Hungary 2014)
Sinplus (Switzerland 2012)
Sestre (Slovenia 2002)
Nadine Beiler (Austria 2011)
Baccara ft María Mendiola (Luxembourg 1978)
Gigliola Cinquetti (Italy 1964)

Tickets can be bought from this link.

More details on Facebook HERE or follow their Twitter: @EurovisionGala. The official website is www.galanight.net

gala night

41 comments on “Eurovision Gala Night Confirms Several Popular Acts

  1. Hmm, not a very strong line-up so far I’m afraid. Out of those I would probably bother only for Gigliola.

  2. I see that Ruslana is becoming the Johnny Logan of the new millennium.

  3. Nadine will be the highlight of the event imo but sinplus, Gigliola and Andras are also good :-) !

  4. The 12 most annoying types of esc fans according to escxtra.I recognised some regulars among them.It’s fun to read: http://escxtra.com/2015/09/26/the-12-most-annoying-types-of-eurovision-fan/

    • I think I recognize myself in #7 :)

    • I guess I’m a mixture of 1 and 7. “Ah, just imagine if we could return back to the good old days when we had a live orchestra, 100% jury, everything in mother tongue and Finland always in the bottom”. :)

    • I guess I am 11 and a bit of a 9 :-P
      Also when it comes to the voting system I am 7 for sure !

    • Morgan is definitely number 1, always giving me stick for not knowing the exact placing of each country and who awarded points to who in the 1963 contest :P

      I guess some people would see me as number 2, although I genuinely think it is true, people don’t like the UK, but then maybe that is just the paranoia?

      My best friend from Croatia is number 3, Croatia have never sent a bad entry in their life apparently, and 1989 (Croatia’s win don’t dare say Yugoslavia) is the best winner of the 20th century.

      I used to be a number 4, but people made fun of me for it.

      I think my mum is number 6, every year she tells me she’s not watching it again because of X Y or Z, she’s not watching 2016 because Il Volo did not win, (imagine if I told her they won the televote!)

      I think either Toggie or Stommie is number 7, maybe even Morgan (always banging on about frances past success). I think another thing would be that Number 7’s probs dont even want it on tv lol, they want it back on the radio, its a SONG contest after all :P

      Number 8 is Dino, remember how Czech Republic were “guaranteed” to qualify in 2015, not likely, not hopefully, it was certain, it was fact oh and Israel had no chance whatsoever ;)

      And literally half my friends are Number 12s

      All of them, claiming they only watched the contest for like 5 minutes, when the other show they were watching was on an ad break, or they were forced to watch it with their family, but can suddenly list every single song, where it came, which ones they liked and disliked, comparing this years bunch to previous years, etc etc complete with suggestions for next year.

    • I wouldn’t know where to put myself here, except there’s a part of me belonging to #7.

    • Anyone see me in any of these? I see a little of myself in 9, but other than that, I think I avoid these pretty well.

    • I’m a 12 but I live in a place where most people don’t care about it anyway.

  5. I wouldn’t think an organization without Ruslana LOL

    Andras Kallay Saunders❤️

  6. Ruslana.

    Let’s get drunk!

  7. It’s definitely interesting since Andras and Ruslana are attending.For different reasons of course.

  8. A small typo: András Kállay-Saunders was in 2014, not 2013.

  9. Guess what!The Swiss eurovision platform is now open and the first songs have been submitted.It definitely feels like the new esc seacon kicks off.lol : http://esc.srf.ch/de?srg_shorturl_source=esc

  10. Did you guys know this Israeli movie which is an ode to eurovision?It’s the true story of the Israeli 2000 entry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ta4KhyMwmE

  11. How is this not front page news !! http://wiwibloggs.com/2015/09/29/uk-bbc-plans-national-selection-eurovision-2016/103488/


    Guy Freeman said “This year really will be the biggest song search for Eurovision the BBC has ever undertaken,” Freeman said in a statement.”

  12. Even though Sestre was a pretty fun joke entry, i feel like we could have sent a better participant to gala night…

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