Junior Eurovision: Latest Updates & Theme Song Revealed

junior eurovision 2015 smallJunior Eurovision – The theme song to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, #discover, has been revealed live on BNT1 this morning. Krisia Todorova gave the first live presentation of the song.  Exhibitions will be held across 13 towns in Bulgaria, one for each year of Junior Eurovision. 2014 winner Vincenzo Cantiello and this year’s Bulgarian representative, Gabriela, will be performing in Veliko Tarnovo and Ruse.

Bulgarian artists and children have been asked to paint the most beautiful places where they live as part of the ‘#Discover Bulgaria’ campaign. Each city will choose its favourite painting, which will be put on display in a special art exhibition during Junior Eurovision.

Here’s the theme tune…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd__52V0fj4]

Selections for representatives have continued over the last week or so…

Russia has chosen 12-year-old Mikhail Smirnov to represent it in Bulgaria in November. He will sing ‘Mechta‘ (Dream).

russia junior

Georgia meanwhile has selected a group of children called Virus. Here’s a snippet of the song…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAD20PfA2jw]

Serbia, has internally chosen 11-year old Lena Stamenković.

Two 13-year-old girl,  Ivana Petkovska and Magdalena Aleksovska, will represent FYR Macedonia at Junior Eurovision 2015 in Sofia.

The Netherlands continue its selection this evening as it holds the 2nd semi-final.

This year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest is to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event will take place on 21 November 2015.

2 comments on “Junior Eurovision: Latest Updates & Theme Song Revealed

  1. Best eurovision theme ever.. for both ESC and Junior actually

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