Armenia: Clue Released about its Representative

armeniaArmenia – The Armenian state broadcaster has today issued a press release formally announcing its participation in Eurovision 2016 and confirming its entry will be revealed on October 13 at 17:15 (CET)

The reveal will come during the ‘’Profession of a journalist’’ TV show. You can watch the announcement live on the day of premiere, by following the live stream at http://www.1tv.am/en/live/.

A promo video has been released and apparently if you watch right to the end there is a clue who may be representing Armenia this year. Has anyone any ideas? It appears to be a solo female singer.




33 comments on “Armenia: Clue Released about its Representative

  1. I saw this earlier.I wonder why they opted for such an early release.In 18 days we’ll know the first song of esc 2016.Who could be this mystery girl?

  2. The lady in this video is sloop Lilith… But still she may be Iveta! There is no smoke without fire….

    P.S. Just like last year AMPTV made nice promo video ! Hope song and artist are chosen wise!

    P.S. Why so soon? Just because soon there will be referendum of the New constitution and opposition is planning protests and campaign against it! I think this can be next tool to manipulate the attention of the citizens – Lilith has huge army of haters and fans and her choice will be main theme of debates for couple of days…

  3. i just watched the video. I had the impression Lilith had more delicate features (fe hands) So it doesn’t look like Lilith right now for me!

  4. So they are moving from weeping to shaking LOL That’s life!!😎
    And they must have learned this kind of American promo from their neighbours :D
    Good luck!
    Bring that girl on stage!

  5. What’s Lilith’s surname?

  6. Forgot to mention about my least favorite version: Athena Manoukian. 1 month before she was in Armenia and answered about ESC this way: “It would be an honor for me to represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest. I’d love to reconnect with my Armenian roots.”

  7. The video says that the name will be revealed on October 13.So,are we really sure that the song will be revealed as well?

  8. Right on my birthday! <3

  9. She seems an impressive lady but I have no clue who she is..Could be Lillit though..What we know for sure is that its a female solo act from Armenia – something they havent tried since Emmy’s failure in 2011. Lets wait and see !

  10. Wait is it confirmed to be Lillith? Or is that just Avat guessing???

    I’m hoping for a return of Sirusho <3 <3

    Aram Mp3 was able to equal her record of 4th place, so now she needs to go do 1 better, she couldnt last year because of the anniversary, but now in 2016, shes ready!!!

    Yerevan 2017 (if they pick Sirusho… or someone like Sirusho)

    #Armenia #Sirusho

  11. If you want a vote from me,
    You want support from me
    Send qele, send qele.
    Instead of boring me
    You should be entertaining me,
    Send qele, send qele.

  12. Esc today is speculating it’s Athena Manoukian

  13. Lol just been called a socialist… yes you read that right… me… a socialist apparently :P

    • ! Who was it by, Class War?!

      • Lmao

        It was a very repugnant young woman who would make the American Republicans shudder, basically she believed in the complete removal of the welfare state and that it should be left to “natural selection”, said anyone homeless in the gutter deserved to be there, and that because I support the NHS (both my mother and I wouldn’t be alive if not for them) I was a socialist, and had no place at a Conservative event, and that I should be disgusted with myself.

        Thankfully only 1 person agreed with her, out of a group of about 20, but still it took my breath away to see someone like this.

        She also made a really racist remark about Romanians, and when I asked if she considered herself a young katie hopkins, she replied that katie hopkins was a “wet” (a dismissive term Thatcher used for people who are still considered Conservative but a bit too left leaning,) Basically Ken Clarke

        • Urgh, terrifying, isn’t it? What on earth makes someone like that in life I wonder. Utterly devoid of any compassion. So full of hate for people they don’t even know. Probably very high on the psychopathic spectrum too. Maybe she should go an join UKIP, the Tories I know are nowhere near like that. I bet she’ll be happy to use the NHS in an emergency tho, wouldn’t she? I see Hopkins has gone to the Mail from the Sun.

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