Netherlands: Douwe Bob Confirmed for 2016

Douwe BobThe Netherlands – Today AVROTROS have confirmed that they have internally selected Douwe Bob to represent the country in Stockholm at the 61st Eurovision Song Contest. The news was announced on the Dutch TV show “De Wereld Draait Door”. The song will be revealed in 2016

Douwe Bob first came into the spotlight in 2012 after taking part in TV Talent Competition “The Best Singer-Songwriter in The Netherlands”. His first album “Born In A Storm” was released in 2013 and in May this year, his second album “Pass it On” reached #1 in the Dutch Charts.

Douwe Bob is yet another Dutch Eurovision Act that has worked with 2013 representative Anouk, singing a duet with her. “Hold Me” appears on his newest album however, below you can listen to his recent hit “Sweet Sunshine”.

So we now have our first act of Eurovision 2016. Are we off to a good start? Are you happy with the choice?

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99 comments on “Netherlands: Douwe Bob Confirmed for 2016

  1. Reposting:
    I’m afraid i haven’t heard of Douwe Bob, but from what I read, he is a song writer and specializes in folk and country music which can only be a good think ;)
    Best of luck!

  2. He’s alright. I’ll wait for the song but I would have preferred Dotan

  3. Good luck!The live performance of his duet with Anouk:

    • Well in this live performance he seems to be a really good vocalist imo and I kinda like his voice to, so I have high hopes for this artist and The Netherlands next year. :)

  4. I am not exactly thrilled. It could go either way. What I don’t particularly enjoy is that Netherlands seem to have been trapped in this pop country/radiofriendly path…

  5. Meh

    Only dutch entry ive ever liked, and its not even an official entry!

  6. Judging the posted song, he sounds like an attempt to send a new Guy Sebastian. I don’t think he will reach the heights of Anouk and The Common Linnets for me, but good luck anyway!

  7. The song sounds like a mix between the 90’s britpop and the 70’s AOR, so genre-wise it is very me. I need to hear more of his songs to get an impression of him as an artist though, and it will come down to the actual song in the end – like always.

    In any case, it may well be a welcome counterweight to all the melodramatic power ballads performed by singers in big dresses…

  8. OffTopic:
    The EBU has announced today that the BIG 5 countries and the host country Sweden will perform during the semifinals of the forthcoming 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

    Yet they will remain as pre-qualified countries for the final😖

    This rule change is favoring Big5 again as if they don’t have an upper hand already!!!!EBU will never learn!!!

    • Agreed! I’ve often said before that auto-qualifying status is a double-edged sword, because those countries don’t get the extra exposure of the semis, but they do go straight through to the final. In a way, that at least provided some balance. Now the rough edge of the sword has been filed down and it’s even more unfairly privileged than before.

      I think it’s fair that the host country / previous year’s winner (usually the same, but not always) auto-qualifies, but not the ones who buy their place in the final.

    • Ridiculous. Here, I bookmarked this comment from escunited a while ago:

      • Sums up the situation pretty well…The saddest thing is that most countries seem to be OK with this…I guess money can buy anything!!!!

        • Because unlike most fans, most ESC countries understand they get a better deal through paying less because of the Big 5.

          • Wow…So you say they should be even thankful just because they can participate….LOL then why is Eurovision a contest? Where on earth contests give people upper hand just because they pay more?????

            • well yeah, if i couldnt afford something, and someone agreed to pay more so i could pay less, i would be thankful yes.

              And i dont see how we have an upper hand in the final, we just have a guaranteed spot in the final,

              Were in the game, but we dont have an advantage in the game. As the reference group points out were actually at a disadvantage

            • That can only happen in festivals…you can’t get privileges because you are paying in CONTESTS…do you even understand what I am trying to emphasize????????

            • I understand us not having an advantage in the contest. But I don’t think you can count being in the final somehow means we have an advantage in the final.

              Any country that would go on to win, would obviously qualify from their semis. Theres never been a scenario where a country nearly failed to qualify and then went onto win.

              So the Big 5 just being in the Saturday contest does not give us an advantage in that contest, we’ll still largely be in the Bottom 5.

              If they said ok, all the Big 5 start with an extra 60 points, obviously that would be unfair and id agree with you thats an unfair advantage.

              But I dont think guaranteeing us a place at the starting line, somehow means we have an advantage in the actual race.

            • You do have the advantage…you keep the places of 5 countries which may have better songs than yours…it is not fair…if every country struggles to be in the final,so Big5 should do the same…
              Even a name Big5 is ridiculous…The rest is Small20+????the contest is not only unfair but humiliating as well

            • I think its a greater unfairness and more humiliating to increase the price smaller/poorer countries have to pay, forcing them to withdraw! just to land some sort of punch on those evil big 5 countries.

              Are you really suggesting we sacrifice countries like Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, etc just so we can have a few more slots for the Bottom 5 in the final?

              OR are you saying the Big 5 have to pay extra, subsidise the poorer countries, and not expect anything in return??? While Russia which is bigger than Australia and Spain continues to pay the lower amount?

            • I strongly disagree with you because you think way too materialistic
              We will never understand each other so we’d better refrain having further talk

            • fair enough, lets not let it get between us :)

          • The Big 5 are the Big 5 because they pay most to EBU in general. They are not the Big 5 because they pay the most for the contest. In fact most of the contest is paid by the host broadcaster.

            • Actually they do pay a lot higher participation than the other members, and yes the host pays most, but the contribution of the Big 5 is large enough that it would effect the quality of the contest significantly if they were absent

            • If one of the Big 5 decides to withdraw from the Contest will they still have to pay the EBU?

            • @cyphermusic, yes. Italy paid their annual fee even though they didn’t compete from 1998 till 2010.

            • @stommie So basically they can be regulated to the semis just like everyone else and we can get rid of the Big 5.

            • @cyphermusic, of course.
              It all started after the failure of Germany to qualify in 1996. That year there was a non broadcasted pre qualification (won by Sweden by the way). Germany was one of the countries that failed to qualify for the final (which wasn’t called a final back then). That caused quite an upset and a few years later the Big rule was introduced.

            • This is Germany 1996 by the way:

            • Wow. To be honest I believe Germany missing the Grand Show was deserved. That song and performance would’ve gotten them last place in that strong year.

              I’m guessing Germany may be the top dog in the Big 5. It’s either there way or the other.

        • Just to clarify your point about Italy as Stommie was a bit misleading.

          RAI continued to pay for membership of the EBU, but they DID NOT pay the seperate fee to enter the contest.

          The reference group has determined that the Big 5 is necessary to keep the production of the contest up to the same level. While you can do without one, the EBU worked hard to get that 1 back, suggesting they can’t cope without 2 or 3 (as France and UK constantly rumoured to pull out)

          The biggest evidence is that as Mermaid points out, no other country seems to mind (apart from Turkey allegedly) which to me suggests the other countries know they are getting a good deal. After all the Big 5 does not control the reference group, so clearly the Big 5 idea has support from a majority of Non Big 5 members.

    • The more we get of these rule changes the more I begin to believe that Turkey was right.

  9. I genuinely liked “Sweet Sunshine” for 2mns then it bored me… In general, I didnt like his songs online much but they’re well crafted. So it comes down to the song for Stockholm. My main problem is that most of the times, when an artist is chosen internally and are asked to write a song for esc they eurovisionized their style ad it’s always dumb and offtopic (coz it’s a wrong idea of what eurovision is). Let’s see if they learn from Anouk and Common Linnets in “no compromising on the song, only on the live”.

    • “My main problem is that most of the times, when an artist is chosen internally and are asked to write a song for esc they eurovisionized their style ad it’s always dumb and offtopic (coz it’s a wrong idea of what eurovision is).”


  10. I love love love this song:

    Very Fleetwood Mac. And who can object to two men kissing each other.

  11. I believe that with the right song he can make a top 10 to they very least. He has the vocal potential and the genres he seems to follow can provide a credible entry for sure.

    Good luck !

  12. Sven decides to hold a house party on saturday. He’s fairly well off, but still he wants to throw a big event that will be like the biggest that year that everyone will remember it.

    So hes gonna provide the venue and host, but he asks his friends, Jack, Pascal, Angela, Jorge and Silvio if they can help with the decorations, the sound system, the party food, etc and they all agree too meaning all the other guests have to do is bring their own alcohol

    Sven realises he can fit about 25 guests in his house, but has 40 friends he wants to invite and he needs to decide which 25 the week before.

    Are people on here really suggesting that he says to Jack, Pascal, Angela, Jorge and Silvio, thanks for helping me out and contributing, but I really prefer these other 25 friends a bit more so you cant come to the party on Saturday?

  13. This is a CONTEST we are talking about here and in a CONTEST all, I repeat ALL, participants should be treated EQUALLY. Anything else is just talk talk talk talk.

    • Ok if all countries have to be treated equally, all countries should have to pay equally.

      let’s have UK and Moldova paying the same amount, see how long that idea lasts.

      • You have a pretty weird concept of…equality. Apart from the fact that you seem to put everything in terms of money.
        And btw, according to your way of thinking, athletes who come from rich countries should have special treatment in the Olympic games f.e. and be awarded gold medals by default maybe?
        Case closed.

        • No because as far as I’m aware in the olympics only the host country pays for it.

          And as for the medals point, the Big 5 arent awarded any points automatically, that I would disagree with, we’re just guaranteed a place in the event. We have no advantage in the event itself, if anything as the EBU points out we have a disadvantage in the main event.

          • Don’t you think the national sport associations pay an annual fee?

            • Your confusing 2 concepts.

              Every broadcaster pays a membership fee to the EBU, even those that don;t participate in Eurovision.

              Then all countries have to pay separate entrance fees for the contest. The Big 5 consistently pays more so it’s only right they get something in return.

              Clearly theres an optional element too it, as Russia is bigger and richer than both Spain and Australia, yet the latter 2 are in the Big group, whereas Russia isnt, likely because Russia knows it will qualify anyway and has no interest in helping smaller countries.

              If every country paid the same, then by all means, everyone should be in the Semis. But if you ask certain countries to pay more, its only right they get to be at the main event. They dont get an advantage in the final, they just get to be there, that is all.

            • No I am not confusing anything, because I already know that. I also know for example that my country also pays lots more then f.e. Moldova or Albania. But you won’t hear me demanding preferential treatment for my country.

            • Well with due respect Netherlands isnt exactly what you’d classify as Big, economically or otherwise.

              I think the justification is that if the Big 5 pulled out they’d have real trouble producing the same standard of show, whereas no offence, if Netherlands pulled out I think the contest could continue pretty much regardless.

            • Yeah right. Apart from the Big 5 countries and Russia, the Netherlands has the biggest economy in Europe.
              But that is not the point. Should the UK pull out the contest could also continue regardless.

            • Yes your 8th biggest, but its a distant 8th, your economy is only just over half of Spains who is in 7th. So yeah Netherlands, lovely country, lovely people, but not deserving of the title of Big

              And yes as weve seen with Italy the contest can continue without 1 of the Big 5, but the EBU were working very hard to get it back, which to me suggests while it can carry on the same without 1, it might not be able to carry on the same without 2 or 3, and theres’ constant rumours about UK and France considering a pull out, and Spain has gone through the ringer economically.

            • You know what, I really wished some nagging countries pulled out instead of all this whining and demanding and complaining. Send a good song for a chance and just maybe people will vote for you.

            • Well clearly the EBU disagree with you, and acknowledge the immense contribution the Big 5 bring to the contest.

              Bare in mind that if the Big 5 were to pull out, naturally others would have to pay more to meet the missing funding, meaning more countries than just the Big 5 would have to pull out.

            • But it is very hard to find any real figures about all of this. I wonder why EBU is so secretive about this. Why are we not allowed what every broadcaster pays.

            • True, I think its because countries that pay more would be angry how much more they pay, and also its kind of embrassing if your a poor country for everyone to know you get subsidised.

              To me, it seems like a good deal as evidenced by the fact that apart from allegedly Turkey no actual member/broadcaster seems to have a problem with it only the fans.

              Which to me says, they must think there getting a good deal. The Big 5 does not control the reference group.

  14. Good luck! :-)

    OT: I think it would be nice for ET to have articles on insightful topics, questions and discussions about the ESC. We can discuss how the voting shapes our views on each other, the image of the Contest, etc. I am not sure if you all do this already, but if not then it’s an idea to consider. :-)

    • there seems to be confusion here

      According to Wiwi they are just going to be showing a longer exerpt of the countries, and using the rehearsals not the video.

      But then esctoday suggests my idea of actually letting the Big countries perform in the semis (while obviously still being in the final)

      To me I’ve always said abolish the Semi intervals and instead let the countres perform voting in that semi.

      • Letting them perform the song in its entirety is a bad idea that will confuse the voting. So semi viewers will watch two or three songs that they can’t vote for? It’s terribly messy. Of course I have no problem with the broadcast of a snippet from the rehearsals.

        In the end I don’t think it makes that much of a difference when it comes to the results anyway. Germany won in 2010 and this year Italy won the televoting and Australia finished in the top5 without going through the semis. If anything, automatic qualification makes these countries more likely to send sub-par songs because they don’t risk non-qualification. So the big-5 performance problem has to do with complacency, not lack of exposure.

        But let’s not pretend that the big5 thing has anything to do with the size of financial contributions. These are the 5 biggest tv markets in Europe (income counts, not just population size) and it is obvious and understandable that this is the reason the EBU wants them all in the final. We know that in at least three of them (France, Italy, Spain) the contest’s ratings would go to non-existant from the pretty low that they are already if that was the case. And in Germany and the UK too, it would be a huge blow if they weren’t in the final.

        I am much more interested in another story that has been terribly under-reported in ESC sites. According to Hurriyet, turkish television’s real problem with the contest was “its moral standards” but now they have decided to come back because “these issues have been addressed”.


        What kind of objections? And what does it mean that their “demands were met”? Will the contest be censored so as not to violate the “moral standards” of turkish television? Do the organisers really need Turkey back so bad?

        I think that’s a much more important issue than the whole broohaha over the big5…

        • Probably no LGBT statements I’m guessing.

          I always remember in 2003, there was a big thing about whether Tatu, representing Russia (ironic) would kiss and the EBU threatening to punish them if they did, and were really worried they would.

          Then skip forward 10 years and the host broadcaster is performing a same sex wedding during the song, while Finland, Russias neighbour featurered a same sex kiss.

          I like Turkey in ESC, but i really dont want them interfering Politically

          • Exactly. To have this contest reflect the open-mindededness and diversity of its audience is a gift that nobody should be allowed to take away. If Turkey doesn’t like it and tries to impose its own standards, then it shouldn’t be back. Russia doesn’t like it either but they understand what a precious PR exercise the contest is to them so they grin and bear it.

        • I normally never reply accounts coming out of nowhere but now that you seem to know a lot about Turkey!!! let me have a word with you…

          As much as I hate TRT,they have never stated anything about “moral standards”you are taking rumors or hearsays as facts…Of course TRT is a state TV run by a government which is pretty conservative and I believe there are a lot of homophobes among them but they are not dumb to say such a thing as an excuse…They know that such a statement would lessen effect on their rightful objection about Big5 and make them look like idiots …
          This year we will see what will happen…we have elections in November and there is a big uncertanity regarding the future of the country and believe me Eurovision is our least concern!!!

  15. According to SVT,the big-5 and Sweden won’t be performing their songs live during their respective semi.Instead of the official video there will be a snippet video of their jury rehearsal.

  16. oh, this thread took an interesting turn. Imo it is better, but let the big 5 also qualify, and automatically make it to 21 countries in the final! Imo it gets extremely booring to watch the final now a days(cause of the amounts of songs in it). I also think that more nul points will be avoided as well and cmon Idk why the big 5 even wanna be in the final when 4 of them got 6 to last placings this year.. I mean its just embarrassing really :P I also think that the big 5 will work harder if they qualify like all the other countries, making their acts much better, so imo its a win win situation (Y)

  17. Best of luck the Netherlands! Hope they will chose great song for this guy as for the moment he failed to impress me both with his voice and his songs!

  18. After today’s events I actually feel a bit bad about boycotting Russia in the last ESC and in Copenhagen. Though I wasn’t alone (crowd reaction, eastern voting etc etc)

    if they really do go in and take down ISIS and Putin meets with Elton John I promise to give them a fair shot in 2016, unless they do something stupid like invade Ukraine again.
    I listened to the Russian entry for the first time the other day and actually it was quite good, I can see why it made Top 5, still thought 2nd was a bit too high though.

  19. He is definitely not afraid of his sexuality

  20. Cool guy!
    I like what Netherlands has been sending lately…I may include them into my all time favorite ESC countries if they keep up the good work😊

  21. […] The Dutch have also selected their 2016 representative… Douwe Bob Link […]

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