Armenia: Confirms Attendance in 2016

armeniaArmenia – Armenian news sites have confirmed that Armenia has submitted forms to be present in Stockholm. The head of the JESC delegation, Gohar Gasparyan, confirmed that Armenia will be at the main event but said no official announcement has been made as yet as they are currently busy preparing for Junior Eurovision. 

The Armenia entry for JESC is to be premiered 6th October and is a song called ‘Love‘ sung by MIKA.

After Wiwibloggs suggested that Iveta Mukuchyan may be in the running to represent Armenia, Mukuchyan spoke to the Armenia press confirming  Gohar Gasparyan’s assertion that no approach had been made, but if asked she was mentally and physically prepared to do it.

Armenia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006. The highest place Armenia has reached is 4th place, twice, with Aram Mp3 with the song ‘Not Alone’ in 2014 and Sirusho with the song ‘Qélé, Qélé’ in 2008.


24 comments on “Armenia: Confirms Attendance in 2016

  1. I approve this choice! After last year’s boring presence we needed some fresh air! Iveta has taste, stage presence and fine vocals /not amazing, but fine/! I hope that her ESC approach will be as wise As Arams was! Her best song remains Yar Ari!

  2. My fav Armenian entries are from 2008, 2009 and 2014.
    Avat provided some great stuff in ETSC/FdlC too :) (namely ETSC1 and FdlC4)

  3. 2009 the best! Then 2007 and 2014. Don’t really care about the rest. Good luck!

    When it comes to Armenian music, this one has been going on repeat on Spotify for me (even if I think it would maybe have been even more powerful without instruments).

  4. “Without Your Love” – 7/12
    “Anytime You Need” – 6/12
    “Qele Qele” – 6/12
    “Jan Jan” – 12/12
    “Apricot Stone” – 7/12
    “Boom Boom” – 2/12
    “Lonely Planet” – 5/12
    “Not Alone” – 10/12
    “Face the Shadow” – probably 6 or 7. Haven’t made a post-contest ranking of 2015

    • More or less like me except -2 to almost all songs, except 2014 which I would keep at 10/12 (my winner) ad 2015 which I would have at 3 (awful)

      • Like me too, though I would have +2 for “Anytime you need” and -4 for “Qele qele” and “Face the shadow”. :p

      • I wonder if you have to be a musicologist to really enjoy “Face the Shadow”. My mum, who has the same education as me, and who worked as a music teacher at a high school until 15 years ago, was very impressed by the song due to the composition.

        • Probably, but then it STILL fails at what it attemps, being a song that can appeal to most in an European broadcasted live song contest. Musically, however “interesting” it can be, it was “annoying” to me. And everything else in the live and the Armenian approach to the contest that year was horrible.

        • “I wonder if you have to be a musicologist to really enjoy “Face the Shadow”

          Nope I love Face The Shadow and im not a musicologist, not as much as past Armenian entries like Qele Qele, or Without Your Love, but in 2015 which in my opinion was a very bad year, Face the Shadow was high in the pack!

  5. It’s good to see another confirmation. Favorite Armenian entry by quite a wide margin is 2009. Never got the hype for their other efforts, if I’m honest, especially 2014. Good luck!

  6. I am not quite content with Armenia in esc..2010 was their best year in terms of music imo but a tacky live performance ruined it..2015 was a mess that should have not qualified after all was said and done and 2014 was extremely overrated imo for what it was..

  7. Αrmenia in a nutshell
    2006 : 5/10
    2007 : 7,5/10
    2008 : 8/10
    2009 : 6/10
    2010 : 6,5/10
    2011 : 1/10
    2013 : 2/10
    2014 : 7/10
    2015 : 5/10
    Good luck!

  8. Maraaya have just released their first song after esc:

  9. I think 2016, as it is the real 60th anniversary (2016-1956) will have the largest number of competitors ever.

  10. Meh! I shouldnt have trusted that “reliable” source! Now I found out that Iveta is just among shortlisted candidates with ballad diva Christine Pepelyan. Christine would be catastrophe for me….
    https://youtu.be/CC2j9Y5KXmw https://youtu.be/cGFMflrMeik

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