Netherlands: Dotan to Stockholm?

netherlandsThe Netherlands – The Dutch always get an early start on their Eurovision Plans and are usually the first to announce their selection for the contest. With an announcement due soon, Dutch media are saying that broadcaster Avrotros have selected male singer Dotan.

Born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1986, Dotan is a big star in The Netherlands. His most recent album “7 Layers” released in 2014 reached #1 in the Dutch Charts and has also found chart success in Belgium.

Dotan has been rumoured a lot for Eurovision in the past so this may just be making the rounds again however, the Dutch media has been right in their leaks in the past such as their prediction of both Ilse DeLange in 2013 and Trijntje Oosterhuis in 2015.

Do you think we will be seeing Dotan in Stockholm in 2016 and would you be happy with this choice? Dotan has featured in our very own Eurovision Times Song Contest. He came 17th in the first ever edition with his song “7 Layers”.

You can hear his #3 charted song “Home” in the music video below

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38 comments on “Netherlands: Dotan to Stockholm?

  1. “would you be happy with this choice?

    “Well if ET readers placed him 17th, I guess you have your answer there!

  2. If he does ESC, I expect him to deliver quality. :)

  3. I’ve seen him live in Breda. He’s good. It would be a great choice.

  4. Since 2011s I kind a liked or loved Dutch entries I just hope the line-up will go on…

    I have posted in FDLC but I will repost it here aswell: Iveta Mukuchyan from ETSC most probably will represent Armenia in ESC this year :) The source is quite reliable ! According it Iveta and AMPTV have already finished the negociations!
    Also she has published the teaser of her new video :

  5. Yes Dotan. Who finished 19th in ETSC1. I still love 7 layers. The best song I have sent to any of the online contests. Don’t know what went wrong. I guess ET regulars have no taste at all. :-(

  6. I am pretty sure Dotan would have gotten the ticket to Vienna last year, hadn’t Trijntje come up with a song penned by Anouk. I guess the selection committee went wild when they heard the name Anouk. Combined with art direction by mr. Pannecoucke they probably thought they had everything in the bag. But I am pretty sure they knew perfectly well what went wrong and I guess they even knew weeks before the actual contest that it was a disaster in the making, but then it was too late to make any changes.

  7. That would be very good news!I really liked the FDLC entry “Home II”.

  8. I don’t know him. I will listen to the song as soon as I’ve got the time. Hopefully it’ll be better than Trijntje and “Walk Along”.

  9. Very well-written and professional songs from this guy, even if they’re not what I usually consume. Hup Holland hup!

  10. If they did sent Dotan, I’d be very pleased!

  11. My Dutch friend flipped out when he heard the rumors, and I can’t say I find fault in that reaction. Dolan would be a very likely candidate for a strong finish in Stockholm for the Netherlands. Fingers crossed he brings a good song if he indeed gets the ticket.

  12. Dutch media now saying it’s Douwe Bob instead. Known via a Dutch talent show ‘The best singer-songwriter’ 5 singles released, only 1 top 10 ( a duet with Anouk).

  13. Then it would be another FDLC-ETSC entrant going to esc yeah :) !
    I’d be glad to see him, he is an artist that would fit the trend AVROTROS has tried to create since Anouk (even if it did not work out this year).

  14. Yes it is confirmed. Very happy with this choice. It seems the selection committee has learned from last year.

  15. Yes they have learned! Very good to hear that!

  16. Congrats and good luck to Douwe Bob ! He is a great artist and can bring The Netherlands back to esc glory after a misstep :)

  17. Good luck to the first participant of esc 2016!

  18. I guess there will be a respective article on NED 16 :)

  19. I’m afraid i haven’t heard of Douwe Bob, but from what I read, he is a song writer and specializes in folk and country music which can only be a good think ;)
    Best of luck!

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