Sweden: 2450 Entries for Melodifestivalen

swedenSweden – SVT announced today that it has received a total of 2450 entries for its national selection, Melodifestivalen… 1982 from the established artists and 468 from public entries. Executive Producer Christer Björkman has high hopes that Sweden can win it again.

34 comments on “Sweden: 2450 Entries for Melodifestivalen

  1. In Greece we say “οὐκ ἐν τῷ πολλῷ τὸ εὖ” (= “many doesn’t necessarily mean good”, more or less) :)
    Anyway, best of luck to the host country.

    Oh and more… “Där och då med dig”s in MF2016, please :)

  2. We definitely DON’T NEED another Swedish win Mr Björkman, especially the 2015 way!
    Italy is the moral winner this year in my eyes, not because they won televoting but because it is alreay suspicious how all 40 juries had “Heroes” top 7…

  3. Rumours say that Jan Johansen is gonna make a comeback. Even if I like most of his songs, I’m not really sure if I welcome it. Been there, done that, I feel. But sure, if it’s in the same class as his previous entries, so why not.

    Good luck to us!

  4. There are probably some gems there … that will come last or second to last in the heats. :(

    Good luck!

  5. From SVT:

    “Two clear trends: one-word-title drama pop with Sia’s “Chandelier” as the crown jewel dominate the pop ideal and you can easily notice that it shows that The Weekends’ album is available on the streaming services. Two great inspirations.”

    So, what to make out out of this?

  6. come on guys we all know sweden is the best and goinna win agaim, just not piltically, i wouldnt want tlo ive there

  7. Obviously I have quite high expectations since they are hosting again especially. Mans set the bar high already last year and what we know thus far when it comes to the music trends shaping sounds very promising !

    • “You” was the most underwhelming MF winner in the last 15 years or so, and I’m afraid of Sweden making another dumb choice at home! Yohio would have been a more interesting and true to Swedes representative (Robin never won a single round of televoting, in semi, second chance or final…)

      • I liked “You” a lot after all was said and done. It had a certain intimacy and honesty I appreciated and Robin is charismatic imo.
        But that’s the voting system plus having a winner from AC showed that this round does matter after all on more than a “filling the final with more entries” level.
        He may not have won it but the progression showed that he could be there in another week or so (coming 2nd in the televoting in the final) – and that validates the point of AC as well – giving songs with growth potential a chance to shine, not an one-night chance.
        We’ll see I guess but increased interest is always only a good indication that something good may come up.

        • I dont mind “You” but it never striked me as something to love. It’s something I like ok and enjoy while it’s there and that’s it. It’s still a very repetitive and annoying chorus. And I dont like Robin at all as an “artist”, which imo he isnt.

  8. Please excuse my slight off-topicness, but is anyone going to see Måns Zelmerlöw at Heaven in London tomorrow night?

    • Not unless you have a spare ticket and want to bring your best friend Max along?

      Did you know I’ve always considered you my favourite contributor on ET, your posts have a depth and quality to them that all others, including my own lack.

      • Wow, that’s very flattering and somewhat surprising! Thank you. I didn’t think I had much of a profile here as I contribute far less than many and my ESC knowledge and devotion is beginner level compared to most, including your good self. I’m also aware that we often disagree! I’m usually up for a debate, though, especially about music, as long as it remains civil, which it usually does in this fine community.

        It looks like there are still tickets available for tonight at regular prices.

  9. Among these 2450 songs,I bet they will pick the one I will not like :)

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