UK: Rumours of a New Selection Process?

united kingdom UKUK – A single tweet has got fans in the UK excited today as the Eurovsion reporter for The Gay Times magazine reported that the BBC may use some sort of audience participation in choosing their representative this time. Robin Holley tweeted the following… 

Robin Holley tweet

What do you think the BBC should do?

30 comments on “UK: Rumours of a New Selection Process?

  1. Things can only get better, I guess. Please, don’t make a mess again, BBC.

    Good luck. :)

  2. I’m sure the same audience that chose Scooch will find a way to make the BBC’s lackluster selections seem like France 1969 by comparison. Best of luck tho.

  3. I don’t have any high expectations of a British national final, and frankly I prefer an internal selection from BBC – especially considering the stuff we have been treated to the last times the public decided in UK.

    Regardless of the selection method, however, the key to success in Eurovision should be: a good song that has something to say, performed by a good singer who has something to say.

    The BBC should learn from the way AvroTros have done it in 2013 and 2014 in the Netherlands.

    • Isnt it more important that brits get a say in what represents them than just having the BBC picking. You may not like what we pick, but does that mean we somehow lose our right to have a say or make a pick? If you dont like it we get it picked for us? That doesn’t seem very fair.

      And honestly, while people on here may prefer the BBC’s recent picks, have the positions really been any better than what we got before? Ok Blue came 11th, that was it,

      • Nope. While democracy is a good thing in politics it is a an awful mistake in culture because most people are badly educated and have bad taste. (And before you get all worked up again … this is not a leftist but a conservative point of view.)

      • Calm down. He’s allowed to say what he prefers musically without you trying to shame him for having “anti-democratic” views. It’s about a song for a tv show. Not your inalienable rights. Get a grip.

        • excuse me, it was he who called an entire nation badly educated!

          It wasn’t his opinion I had the problem with, he doesnt like the stuff the UK public picks, ok fair enough, thats a legitimate view.

          But to say the UK public shouldnt have a say because they are somehow beneath him, there just unedcuated peasants, while he is some supreme being is not on.

          It’s not only arrogance, its this scary belief that if you think you are better than someone you can impose your will on them that is scary to me!

          We’ve seen it before!

          • I meant Anders.

            • oh i didnt really think my response to anders was that fierce.
              I didnt have a major problem with what he said, I disagreed sure, but I dont think I came across particularly “uncalm” in my response to anders.

              It was only Togravus who made me lose my cool with his rather scary and insulting comments.

            • You were not raving, true. Just a little melodramatic and it felt like an attempt at shaming.

              Now, on Toggie, you guys are just looking at the contest and what it should be from two completely different angles. He’s right that art tends to be a thing of the few because it should push boundaries, experiment and it takes certain knowledge, time and sophistication to grasp that. You argue that it should be inclusive and representative of the whole of the population, most of who just likes listening to something pleasing and doesn’t overthink its entertainment (which is perfectly valid).

            • You’re right, to me Eurovision is about inclusivity and acceptance, its meant for everyone, all Europeans, all the world even, not just an elite few.A big party/celebration to unite us all, and bring some joy to an otherwise troubled world.

              Whether you get your joy from 4 grown adults parading around as flight attendants singing a cheesy pop number, or you prefer the classically trained vocal tones of Il Volo, I want Eurovision to have something for everyone :) and not just be some high brow exclusive event only for a select view who’ve studied the finer complexities of musical arrangement.

            • I dislike both songs :p

              I don’t see it as and this or that thing. High art when done right reaches everyone and while sometimes during the season we tend to underestimate the audiences they have shown they also favor quality stuff over and over (belgium 15, netherlands 14, norway 13, etc). You can have it both ways.

            • Exactly that’s what I’m saying.

              That’s why I always prefer the public vote to the jury vote. The fact you “studied” music does not mean your opinion is worth more than 1 individual person, let alone millions of people.

              The public are just as capable of voting for the “classy” Italy 15 as they are capable of voting for the fun Finland 2006. or the (Insert last time a song you liked won here…)

            • I’ve only had the winner as first like 5 times, tbh. And the last time was 1994. But my faves are usually top 10 and it’s very rare that I hate a winner (2008, grrr).

            • Don’t worry. I don’t feel attacked by his comment :-)

              I don’t agree with him though.

          • I did not mean that all Brits were badly educated and had bad taste. I was referring to people everywhere. The Germans chose Gracia, No Angels and Cascada f. e.
            I think that ESC songs should be chosen by experts, which excludes my humble self too because I don’t have a formal education in music either. I had music as a major subject in high school but that is not enough to meet the standards I wish for.

            • But music is not fact based. There is no definition of a “good” song and a “bad” song.

              It’s not quantifiable like Maths, in Maths 2 + 2 will always be 4.

              But in music while you may think Song A is trash, and Song B is a masterpiece, someone else might have the exact opposite view. It’s a preference based judgement, so there is no qualification that makes 1 better than the other.

              People who study music, study things like how to play instruments, and the effects of songs, ie this piece makes me feel these emotions, but none of that gives them some sort of enhanced ability to say this is good this is bad.

              Eurovision is supposed to be about uniting Europe, and each country being represented on a global stage and having a big party.

              If the brits want to send something completly tacky, it’s their choice let them, if Italy wants to send something that will personally bore me to tears, let them it’s their choice and I need the guaranteed toilet break in the final!

            • There is a difference between personal taste and quality. Not everything I like is good just because I like it. Sometimes I love trash too. Of course, there are good and bad songs, and the same goes for books, paintings etc. Writing, composing and paintings are all crafts. I like the chair I am sitting on atm very much f. e. because I like the design. Unfortunately, as a chair it is a total failure. I had the same chair before, and it fell apart after only 5 years, and I am not a heavy man. Being a literary historian, I can assure you that I have read many bad books that fell apart pretty soon. That’s bad literature for sure. LOL That is the reason too why you can study the arts at university.
              It is very easy:
              People with a formal education in the respective field tell you whether sth is good or bad.
              Everyone has his/her personal taste which is totally legitimate.

            • “une nation est vieille quand elle a du goût” (Diderot, Salon 1767)

  4. “People with a formal education in the respective field tell you whether sth is good or bad.”

    It should be pointed out here, that even for people with a formal education, their judgements will still be coloured by their set of values, preferences, cultural background etc.

    The relations between taste and quality are very complex.

    • True, but a formal education at least gives you the vocabulary, the context and the methodology to properly describe the things you are talking about … as we can all see in your ESC song reviews. Of course, no opinion will ever be 100 % objective but if you study literature f. e. (that’s what I know most about), you learn to objectify your argument. If you only say “I don’t like this but I like that” in your final exam, you will fail miserably …

  5. I don’t think it would be a wise decision to return to those NF’s with just four-five entries. It would most probably be just a sad copy of the Late Late Night Show in Ireland, with the same results. The best thing would probably be to do the same thing as Germany did in 2010; just try and create a real pop singer who then could get a fresh song (I say this even if I also liked Jade Ewen, lol).

    Good luck!

  6. Best of luck UK :) better pick internally Florence and the Machine or… someone like them :))))

  7. Oh joy, a Toggie/Max argument. 😒

    Anyway, if this is to be the case for the UK in 2016, I’ve already made a statement on the matter.

    Personally, I think most NFs tend to end up being bland because of selection committees trying to find that “perfect” Eurovision entry that doesn’t exist. So they get 5-15 songs that are close and go from there, and there’s not a huge amount of diversity. The NFs that go out of their way to find interesting stuff (i.e. Eesti Laul, UMK pre-2015) are much more worthwhile. Sadly, a British effort would almost certainly fall into the former camp. At least the predictably insane acts would be entertaining in their hopelessness.

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