Latvia: Supernova Final Set for February 28th

LatviaLatvia – LVT, the Latvian broadcaster, has announced it will again choose its representative for Eurovision through Supernova. The national final will be held on February 28th 2016. If you want to enter you have until 1st of November to put in your song. You can be of any nationality to enter. The rules can be found here.

LTV will internally select twenty songs in December for 2 shows in January which will introduce the acts. Then there’ll be heats, a semi-final and the grand final on February 28th.

Latvia has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 16 times since making its debut at the contest in 2000 when it had a great start finishing third. It went to to win in 2002 with Marie N. Between 2009 and 2014 they failed to reach the Final. Last year saw better fortunes with Aminata finishing in 6th place.

21 comments on “Latvia: Supernova Final Set for February 28th

  1. It would be suicidal to change last year’s successful formula.Good luck!
    Also,the Eesti Laul hopefuls will be announced on December 11.Semi finals and the final between Febuary 13 and March 5.

  2. I loved Supernova this year, and when all was said and done, the Supernova winner was my ESC winner too. Good luck Latvia! :)

  3. I hope they’ll get rid of that rule that allows foreigners to vote. The rest of Supernova was great last year. A real rebirth to the better.

  4. Latvia was a hopeless case for many years (“Here We Go” is still one of the most annoying things I have seen and heard), but suddenly they are taking it seriously, sending real music to ESC. It is really great.

  5. Love Injected was one of my very favourite songs of 2015, not just ESC.

  6. People were surprised i voted azerbain and germanty when they dramatic, and said mac must like dramtic songs

    hello i was spains only supposrter on this site thus year

    just watcher the russian entry, dear polina because putin finally doing ood, and actually not a bad song, still ovehyped

  7. people of the sun wwe always having fun, this song really sjhould have won

  8. Off-topic: The mushroom season is on in Denmark :-)

  9. Know I’m at risk of incurring the wrath of Hulluna’s Politburo here, but others have posted about their electoral successes in the past so I’m continuing that.

    Yesterday was a massive day for Conservatives in UK, the Labour party has basically voted itself out of power until at least 2025 (hopefully longer) Labour now has a leader similar in economic terms to Greece’s Syriza (and we all see they are about to be removed after only 8 months) but his foreign policy is even scarier.

    Also passed my resit with 75% so I’m back for anotehr year at Uni, so all in all today was a fantastic day for me, really need this pep boost.

    Can’t wait for national final season to start. Will there be a timetable like previously? Which country has a national final first (i mean actual final, not semis/qualifiers etc)

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