Swedish Press Suggests Måns Zelmerlöw will Host ESC 2016

Måns Zelmerlöw 150Eurovision 2016 – According to the Swedish newspaper AftonbladetMåns Zelmerlöw, last year’s Eurovision winner, is being lined up to host next year’s event in Stockholm. The paper claims it is merely a formality now that he will sign the deal. 

The paper also claims that is condition was that he would be the main presenter, and not sidelined to the greenroom as Conchita was last year in Vienna. He also wants the opportunity to showcase some of his other music. It s unknown as yet if anyone will present alongside him. Favourites in the running include Petra Mede and Sanna Nielsen. Måns has some presenting experience, as he hosted Melodifestivalen previously.

Do you think he would be a good choice?

In the meantime here’s some oldskool Måns…



20 comments on “Swedish Press Suggests Måns Zelmerlöw will Host ESC 2016

  1. What an awful idea! Petra should be main host and not him. It’s not meant to be chance for him to show off!

  2. Måns was a good host of MF and in general, I don’t mind some eye candy as host. I don’t listen to the hosts’ lame lines anyway …

  3. As long as Dolph Lundgren ain’t joining him, I’m not interested. :P

  4. He was good, but not spectacular, as MF host. Hopefully a good team of scriptwriters will ensure it’s not going to be “Mans feat. the Rest of Europe” come Saturday night.

  5. I was and still am hoping for a Gina Dirawi/Bjorn Gustafsson ticket. I’ve never been a fan of former winners being the hosts (I can live with them being the green room host though).

  6. At least he can’t be more awkward than that guy from Azerbaijan who hosted, right?

  7. I think Mans was an excellent host in MF. Though I would have preferred Danny Saucedo.

  8. I’m perfectly fine with Måns Zelmerlöw, but I think I would prefer Sanna Nielsen instead of Petra Mede. Sanna Nielsen is more down to earth, whereas Petra Mede was a bit too much in 2013, and she tended to steal the picture.

  9. Hmm idk, I mean he hosted both melodifestivalen and allsång på skansen and he did a good job, but there is something about him that makes him not genuine imo… The only time he really showed any ”realness” was when he figured out that he won it :P But all the other times in the press and in normal interviews hes just so damn political correct all the freaking time.. I liked Petra Mede as host, but this will just be plain average imo Why dont they take Gina Dirawi!!?? She seems so f:ing perfect for the job!

    • Måns was fine as a host back in 2010 and is in my opinion the 3rd best MF artist who has hosted MF, after Björn Skifs (2000) and Sarah Dawn Finer (2012). But I’m generally against the idea of letting old artists do the job, and especially former ESC winners. That just screams “Hey, do you still remember me from last year? Buy my new CD which I’m gonna marketing by singing a few songs NOW”.

      I agree about Gina. She would be great.

  10. I let a poll decide which nul points songs the next two articles should be about. Here is the first one, pre-1975: https://escsongreviews.wordpress.com/2015/09/10/poll-which-nul-points-song-should-the-next-article-be-about-pre-1975/

  11. […] Swedish Press Suggests Måns Zelmerlöw will Host ESC 2016 […]

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