EurovisionSpain.com Currently ‘Selecting’ their Representative

spainSpain – Eurovision fans in Spain, like many others around the world, enjoy the calm before the storm of the national finals season by running their own competitions. Eurovision-Spain.com are no different and are currently in the middle of La Elección Interna 2016: #GanemosEurovisión. 

32 named acts are still left in their wish list for the ideal representative of Spain for Eurovision 2016, including none other than Ricky Martin, and tomorrow sees the start of the semifinals with a new dynamic contest based on a Melodifestivalen format. An international jury from 10 European and Latin American countries have been invited to join the vote

You can check out their website and those still in contention, here. Who would you like to represent Spain at Eurovision?

9 comments on “EurovisionSpain.com Currently ‘Selecting’ their Representative

  1. It’s Spain … brace yourself for the worst. ;)

  2. Is Ricky Martin Spanish? I have always thought he was Latin American. In any case, I don’t hope to see him in Eurovision.

    Don’t know the other names.

  3. Off-topic: 982 songs have been submitted to DMGP 2016. It’s a new record, even beating the former record for 2014 of 872 songs.

  4. The only decent name pops up at 44th. Sigh.

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