Sweden: Who Wins Place at Melodifestivalen?

swedenSweden – Michael Fannon has been chosen as the winner of this year’s Svensktoppen Nästa contest today in Gothenburg. He may not take a place in Sweden’s national final Melodifestivalen next year, singing a song that still has to be announced. It appears the jury want to send Smajling Swedes instead!

Michael made his debut on national television, in his home country Sweden, at the tender age of 12. He performed with his own song ”Gimme Some Time” and became an over night success among his native peers. He toured extensively to follow up on the TV show.

Michael Fannon sweden

International record company Sony Music signed young Michael Fannon originally as a member of group project PopKidz. An album was released, leading to more touring and performances on radio and television. But Michael longed to perform with his own music, and soon went on to pursue a solo career.

Michael triumphed against Jawone and Swedes Smajling in the Grand Final today. Here’s his winning song.

Reports coming through however state that Smajling Swedes will actually go through to Melodifestivalen! The jury have decided that the 3-piece band will get the invite to the competition instead. You can hear their song here.

source: http://www.michaelfannon.se & P4

10 comments on “Sweden: Who Wins Place at Melodifestivalen?

  1. Good luck!

  2. Hmm, one of the finalists in Svensktoppen Nästa had already been in Melodifestivalen; Laila Adele…

    The winner is a kinda ok amateur singer/songwriter song (the singer looks really smug in the video btw :p). It will of course fail to reach Svensktoppen, just like all the entries before it. Also interesting that we have some audience / jury disagreements. I haven’t heard Swedes Smajling yet but I’ll try to do it later.

  3. Ok, I listened to Smajling Swedes too now. They surely have potential. The song itself had a quite interesting arrangement but was also a bit dull too imo. But nothing that can’t be fixed. I hope they can create something better for MF, even if they of course will end up in bottom 2 in their semi.

    Good luck!

  4. SVT has offered Mans Zelmerlow to host esc in Stockholm.

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