FYR Macedonia: Skopje Fest Plans Announced

macedoniaFYR Macedonia – MRT, the public broadcaster of FYR Macedonia, has announced plans for its next edition of Skopje Fest and will again choose its representative for Eurovision through that contest.  The event will take place at some date in November 2015.

Singers and composers can now submit their songs until September 15. A song must be in Macedonia, and no longer than 4 minutes. The winner gets 9.800 euros as well a a place at Eurovision.

FYR Macedonia officially debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998.The country’s best result was in 2006, when Elena Risteska sang ‘Ninanajna‘ (Нинанајна) in Athens, Greece and came 12th.

17 comments on “FYR Macedonia: Skopje Fest Plans Announced

  1. They acheived their best result with probably one of their most abysmal entries :o

    I want Foltin or Duke Bojadziev to Stockholm (Tamara or Zdravka would be nice too) :P

    Best of luck!

  2. If Macedonia had sent Tamara last year, I am pretty sure that they would have been in the final. I never understood why some people thought that Daniel’s song was a good idea, and then they made the lame thing worse and worse with every change introduced between Skopje Fest and ESC. End of story: a very well deserved second to last place in the semi-final. Nevertheless, “Autumn Leaves” is much better than “Ninanajna”, which is an awful song and a paradigmatic example for everything that went wrong in the noughties.

    My favourite Macedonian ESC entries: 1998, 2002, 2008 and 2012.

    I am very happy that Macedonia has decided to participate next year, despite the awful results they keep collecting. Good luck!

  3. “Ninanajna” is awful. And it’s even more awful that it’s the highest scored Macedonian entry in ESC. On the other hand, I should admit that I’m not a big fan of FYR Macedonia overall. 2012 is definitely the best. And I like 1998 too, but that’s probably it. I liked Tose Proeski’s “Life” a lot when I was a kid too but it doesn’t sound as good anymore.

    Good luck!

    • I geuinely like 98 as a song, but not much the live version of 98. I’m ok with FYROM 2002, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2012. All 5 are on the good side of average for me, but only 2002 has been in my top 5, all others even fail to be Top 10…

  4. I’m not so negative about “Ninanajna” actually. It’s very much a pros and cons entry.

    The things that speak against it for me is the sexualised lyrics as well as Elena’s inability of hitting the right notes. But if you just listen to the music – keeping in mind that we are speaking of “producer music” where production often means as much as composition, if not more – it is not that bad. I especially think the beat works well together with the instrumental riffs. Another fine detail is the additional “snare drum” sound that occurs in the verse (not the one in the beat).

    In any case, it is not something I ever considered voting for.

  5. I don’t find Ninanajna embarrassingly bad either… I have it at 7/10

  6. I talked about how “Life” was a song I liked a lot as a kid. I also remember “Make my day” very well. I’ve always had a little soft spot for the melody itself, which I find quite catchy. On the other hand, Martin Vucic’s performance is sooo ridiculous. So stupid that I even learned all the dance moves back then and did them myself in front of the mirror.

  7. Off topic: Maria Elena Kyriakou released a new song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyTHkfI7wOc

  8. Macedonia in ESC:

    1998 – “Ne zori, zoro”: A fine song with a somewhat dark flavour. Not so much more to add. It probably drowned out in a generally strong year. 8/12

    2000 – “100& te ljubam”: This is eurotrash at its very worst: The song itself is very uninteresting, but what really ruins it is the vocal performances that get more and more off-key – in fact, at the end of the song they are approximately one half not above the backing track. It was simply embarrassing that something so unmusical was to be shown in front of millions of TV viewers. They manage to take it all the way down to 0/12. One of only a few songs to get that score from me. If anything, there is an element of unintended comedy to it.

    2002 – “Od nas zavisi”. The song has grown on me recently. It is very melancholic, but unfortunately the vocals are not entirely convincing. 7/12, but closer to 8 than to 6.

    2004 – “Life”: A song that I have found it a bit difficult to decide on, drifting between 6/12 and 8/12! In any case, they should have credits for bringing a song in a 7/8 time signature, and going beyond the standard forms is always welcome. At the moment it is at 6/12

    2005 – “Make My Day”. Eurotrash once again, but the melody is ok. I think it could have benefited from a different singer and a different musical arrangement (or “orchestration” if you like). 4/12

    2006 – “Ninanajna”. 5/12. See above.

    2007 – “Mojot svet”: Slightly better than her 2002 song. I especially like the instrumental riff in the beginning of the song (it is in the Dorian mode by the way). The verse continues the mood from the intro in a successful way, but the chorus is less strong. Again, credits for using the 7/8 time signature. 7/12

    2008 – “Let Me Love You”. First of all it is rather anonymous, and it very much sounds like a re-make of a handful of other ESC entries from 2003-2007 (such as Albania 2005). 5/12

    2009 – “Nešto što kje ostane”. It is nice to have some Bon Jovi-like guitar rock, but the melody is not particularly good. It would, however, have balanced the final well, I think. 6/12
    2010 – “Jas ja imam silata”. The melody is very messy, and the rap part doesn’t do any good either. Moreover the stage performance has misogynic undertones. 3/12

    2011 – “Rusinka”. Messy melody and rather annoying vocals. The instrumental break is a breath of fresh air though it is not enough to save it. 3/12

    2012 – “Crno i belo”. First of all it’s a very strong vocal performance by Kaliopi. I don’t think the composition is particularly interesting though. 7/12

    2013 – “Pred da se razdeni”. This is one big mess. Or to put it more precisely, it sounds like an attempt to put two different things together (Esma and Lozano) just for the sake of putting them together. Had it just been based on the part sung by Lozano, it could have evolved into an ok song, but when Esma enters the game, it falls apart completely. It is like trying to mix oil and water. 2/12

    2014 – “To the Sky”. Formally ok, but very, very bland. The cold, synthetic music does not communicate anything – it’s like a machine without a hint of anything human. 3/12

    2015 – “Autumn Leaves”. Musically a step in the right direction, but it lost some of its charm after being revamped into an English version. Quite interesting production though. 6/12, but could to towards 7…

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