PKN Decides to Split Up

Pertti Kurikan NimipäivätFormer Participants – Finnish punk band PKN has announced it will split up. According to Finnish broadcaster YLE, PKN, whose four members met in 2009 at a Helsinki centre for people with developmental disabilities, say they will play their farewell shows next year. 

The band’s guitarist, Pertti Kurikka, announced earlier this summer that he plans to retire from the music business at 60 – and to focus instead on setting up a handicrafts club. Kurikka is also a published illustrator and poet.

Bassist Sami Helle says he has no plans to quit music, though.

“Sure, I’ll keep doing music, but we’ll do a farewell tour with this line-up next year,” he told Yle last week.

He also hopes to enter politics, with an eye on the 2017 elections for the Helsinki City Council. Helle aims to run on the Centre Party ticket.

“I’m a Juha Sipilä man,” Helle says of the current premier.

If elected, he pledges to fight for better pay for those with developmental disabilities who work at the city’s labour and activity centres.

“And people with developmental disabilities who start training should actually get a chance to work professionally,” he urges. “Nowadays a lot of us get trained but then we can’t get jobs. I’ve had training for two professions, but I haven’t been able to work in them.”

The band’s current national tour brings them to Helsinki’s top rock club, Tavastia, on September 9. Three more Helsinki shows are planned later in the year, including an AIDS benefit on December 1. The foursome also plays Jyväskylä on October 10, Tampere on October 24 among a string of other dates.

PKN failed to qualify for this year’s Grand Final with ‘Aina mun pitää‘ despite huge media interest.

Source: YLE


2 comments on “PKN Decides to Split Up

  1. Sad news! It’s good to hear about their ambitions after music, though. They all sounds like good guys.

  2. Good luck to them, whatever they are planning to do now. I’m ok with their entry, it’s also one of these “honest” entries that works well enough because of that. The live performance was rather bad though, I admit.

    If Finland want to qualify directly to the final next year, they can just return to their big brother Sweden again and become a part of us :P . After all, that’s what modern Scandinavian history is all about.


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