OGAE Song Contest Reveals 30 Contestants

OGAE song contestOGAE Song Contest – The OGAE Song Contest is an auditory contest run by Eurofans – OGAE France that gives a chance to songs that have not taken part in any national ESC pre-selection songs to participate in a contest. 

The songs must originate in countries with a national OGAE club.  The main purpose of OGAE SC is to promote national music and national singers. The songs must be original and sung in one of the official language of the countries they represent.

Eurofans – OGAE France won the contest last year with the song ‘Dernière Danse‘ by Indila.

This year 30 clubs are competing and you can find their entries here.

50 comments on “OGAE Song Contest Reveals 30 Contestants

  1. “#15. France: Kendji Girac-Andalouse”

    Boy, I haven’t disliked an international hit so much since like… “Ai Se Eu Te Pego”.

    • Why? To me it is just another lame, predictable and superfluous thing, like almost all international hits. Yes, it is awful but not worse than all the others … What makes it so special to you?

      • I genuinely hate it too, but then it was all over the place here so it really got to a point where it was beyond annoying, on the other hand “Gitano” was catchy enough to not bother me that much, it’s “Andalouse” that I truly hate

        • I had never heard it before. LOL I never listen to the radio (except for classical or culture) because they play cr*p like this one all the time … In fact, I only listen to pop radio when I am at the hairdresser’s … and since I go to a Turkish place, it is always Turkish radio … shake shake … LOL

      • There’s no particular reason. It just sounds too irritating to my ears :)

    • Everything is better than the worst eurodance hits from the 90’s and early 00’s: “Who Let the Dogs Out”, “Dub i Dub”, “Scatman”, “Barbie Girl” etc.

  2. Andorra is very cute. :)

  3. But of course Tamara rules supreme … as always. <3

  4. I like Turkey too. *blush*

  5. And WOW Corazon. :) I hope that she will be in the Maltese NF with a similar song.

  6. I am listening to the songs while cleaning the house … and a few more comments won’t do any harmm, I guess. :)

    Kate Ryan: LOL!!! This is so lame and dated …

  7. Slovakia … shake shake … cleaning is fun. :)

  8. The Sweden hater likes Sweden too. :)

  9. OMG … that insufferable woman from Belarus next …

  10. Ireland gets my support too. :)

  11. Greece is a bit mess but pleasant nevertheless. Most of the others I have just listened too were awful/bad …

  12. I bought the Serbian song 2 weeks ago. :)

  13. Good to hear some rock from Ukraine. Nice change of pace. The Dutch song is godawful imo …

  14. Armenia is good and Italy has entered with the song I have been singing all the time ever since ETSC 4. LOL

  15. I most certainly prefer “Sinä ansaitset kultaa” to “Takes 2 to Tango”.
    Spain is awful, just like in ESC. :(

  16. Russia is OK …. and much better than what they have sent to ESC since 2011.

  17. I advise to listen to Corazon’s album, which is probably the best album ever produced by a Maltese artist. I love it. :)

  18. Don’t you guys watch basketball?

  19. I wish I could say that there’s a level of diversity that exceeds Eurovision to be found here, but alas…
    Taylor Swift for RoW is hilarious to me, though. xD

  20. Pas pour moi.

    But it’s nice to see Jari Sillanpää. I’ve always liked him very much as a singer and I found his Eurovision entry to be a bit underrated (ok, it had awful microphones so that even the backings were heard better).

  21. Could be more original choice from Armenia regardless “Aprelu April” is one of my favorite songs of the year /Btw the translation of the lyrics bit is not correct/….

  22. Do the people at OGAE know that there is a real music industry in some of those countries. Kate Ryan for Belgium was already a bad idea in 2006. And that for a country that produces great music like, for example, this:

  23. Speaking about nothing, I just gotta say that Indila is a very cute girl too. :$

  24. Judging from the pictures, most pop artists today look the same…

  25. Running through the first half songs now, it is not exactly a fora of cutting edge, I’d say. But there are some good songs now and then:

    Malta has a fine song. The Latvian one is not without qualities, but it doesn’t reach the level of some of the Latvian entries in ETSC.

    A charming touch of Motown from F.Y.R. Macedonia. I like it a lot.

    A good song and singing voice from Ireland. He has been listening a lot to Stevie Wonder, I think.

    Turkey: A very charming mix of Turkish sounds and ska. You’ll probably see me on the dance floor if it is played (and I can’t dance).

    Fine, melancholic song from Greece. I don’t go wow about it though. Ok song from Serbia too, but it is not an “Oro”.

    So: some good songs, bu I think I’ll need a dose of Bob Dylan or Iggy Pop afterwards ;-)

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