Spain: Celtic Rock Band Mägo de Oz Wants to Represent Spain

Mägo de Oz smallSpain – The Spanish folk rock band Mägo de Oz (Wizard of Oz) have told the Spanish media that they would love to represent Spain at Eurovision, even though they know rock music doesn’t always do too well at the contest. The band are well established since 1988 and their celtic sounds use violins and flutes fused with heavy rock.

Mägo de Oz

Founder of the band, Txus di Fellatio, has acknowledged in an interview with Eurovision-Spain that representing their country ” would be a pleasure”. He say “We have three or four years telling our label, Warner, to do everything possible to bring us to Eurovision because we believe that Spain in the Festival needs something new and fresh”. di Fellatio goes on to say that it would give a flavour of “21st century Spain where the rock is a style as valid as any other.” He has already composed several songs with a pagan feel that could be submitted.

Whilst praising the likes of Pastora Soler and Edurne, he went on to say that the problem is not the singers Spain chooses for Eurovision itself, but the image it wants to project, that Spanish music is much more modern than that, with many styles, and not just the genre that it has taken in recent years.

Do you think Mägo de Oz could represent Spain?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvVLWSsKjkI]

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NAwML3VcIQ]

6 comments on “Spain: Celtic Rock Band Mägo de Oz Wants to Represent Spain

  1. omg yes pls, anything would be an improvement on the screamfest they sent to Vienna. <3

  2. They would get a few points from Ireland I imagine, but otherwise I don’t think they will reach far. Do people who are listening to that kind of music watch Eurovision at all?

    Personally it is not really my cup of tea. I tend to find that type of rock a bit comical tbh. It is not without charm though.

  3. For some reason I’m not very enthusiastic over this, despite being a rock fan myself.

  4. Mago de Oz is the tits

  5. Rock doesn’t do well in the contest? Rock can go either way in this contest; it depends if the song is well liked by the masses.

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