Loïc Nottet Performs with Orchestra

Loic NottetFormer Participants – Belgium’s Loïc Nottet recently performed ‘Rhythm Inside‘, accompanied by a symphony orchestra, in a concert in Amsterdam. The event was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. 

Check out the performance here:

Until 1998, the contestants performed with a live orchestra during the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1999, it was decided to make the orchestra an optional feature for the Host Broadcaster. Ever since, the organisers decided not to provide an orchestra, and to rely on an instrumental track, to be provided by the participants themselves.

ESC argues the reason for removing the orchestra was as follows.

  • With an orchestra, the already increased production costs would be significantly higher;
  • An orchestra has its limitations when it comes to certain music styles. In the nineties, an increasing part of the music already came from a backing track on request of the participants themselves, supporting the orchestra wherever it wasn´t capable of producing certain sounds or effects;
  • Using an instrumental backing track, the contestants have the absolute freedom to decide what their song should sound like on television, and keep the musical aspect of their entry under full control. This makes the contest more diverse, and the songs more original.

It’s a debate that never seems to go away. Would you still like to see the orchestra back?

4 comments on “Loïc Nottet Performs with Orchestra

  1. Sexy as hell here and very sensual. I don’t think the song works that well with an orchestra though.

  2. Loïc Nottet kind of annoyed me: There were too many people hyping it here, so I wanted to dislike the song just for the sake of being contrary. Unfortunately the song was too good – that was the most annoying thing about it.

  3. ESC’s reasons make sense, but I do like having live instrumentation; it makes the performance more visually engaging. It doesn’t have to be an orchestra, although it was a thrill to hear the live orchestra opening Vienna 2015, and the live percussion act in the interval was amazing.

    Am I right in thinking that participants are currently forbidden from including any live instrumentation?

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