Greece: We will be in Stockholm!

greeceGreece – More good news as the Greek national broadcaster ERT has confirmed that it will be participating in Eurovision 2016. Greek media announced that the Board of ERT approved the commitment by the organisation for  Greek participation in the 61st contest of Eurovision. 

Rumours going around Greece are that ERT may no longer partner with the private channel MAD now that the national broadcaster is up and running itself after some bumpy times in recent years where it replaced NERIT.

Greece has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 36 times since its debut in 1974, missing six contests in that time (1975, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1999 and 2000). Greece won for the first time in 2005 with ‘My Number One’, sung by Elena Paparizou. Greece has always qualified for the final.


This brings the confirmed countries to 17: Greece, Czech Republic, Belarus, Ireland, Germany, France, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands.

50 comments on “Greece: We will be in Stockholm!

  1. More good news. :)

    If only the Greek ESC songs were as good as the Greek ETSC and FDLC songs …

  2. Excellent news again :-)

    I’m hoping for something like the Greek entries in ETSC 2 or FdlC 6 – or in ESC 1983 and 1997.

  3. Good.
    Now choose wisely. And please avoid the so called… “recipes” for a eurovision song.

    Best of luck!

    • Would those be the recipes that got them all those Top 10 placings? Yes much better to go with the dullard they sent this year. Where did she come again, 17th wasn’t it?

      While the Eurovision recipes came 1st, 9th and 10th respectively. .

      • Even though I don’t think the MadTV format works anymore (it’s just an excuse for record companies to promote novices and it has only had one success so far with Coza Mostra), I don’t think ERT is capable of producing a decent national final either…

        I think Greece should either go the classic uptempo ethnic-pop route (like Israel did this year) or they should opt for some real songwriting talent with a credible entry (like this year’s entries from Belgium, Estonia or Latvia). Of course that’s easier said than done and the music industry in Greece has as many problems right now as any other part of the economy…

        • I believe in sticking with what you are best at and in the interest of diversity I hope its uptempo ethnic pop.

          We need some fun for the 60th birthday/anniversary (the real one!!!) and Israel proved that there is still a lot of fans for this style. Also I think Israel would have done even better if it didn’t have the early starting position

          • Perhaps if we throw some same-sex kissing in there as well…I always wonder which greek entry will be the first to feature something like that :)

            Of course Koza Mostra and Agathon provided the perfect opportunity for that to happen but alas…:-P

          • Have edited the last sentence. Please take your attacks on people whose politics you don’t agree with off this forum. Some of the most left wing people I know loved Israel this year so your sweeping generalisations are unwelcome here.

            • I am very left wing … and support Israel beyond ESC 100 %. However, I did not vote for “Golden Boy” because of a very simple reason: I don’t think that it is a good song. The world is much more diverse and complicated than some people think …

            • At least I didn’t say old left wingers ;)

            • I consider myself relatively left wing, but I didn’t like “Golden Boy” at all – for the same reasons as Toggie.

              In fact, I think the Israeli entries have been of mixed quality for many years. In fact, since the middle of the 90’s, there is only a few of their songs that I really like: namely “Milim” (2010) and “Time” (2012) – plus “Push the Button” (2007) because of its black humor and weird musical structure (polka + punk + “Nintendo”).

      • I don’t like most of our entries that managed a top10 placing during the post 2001 esc era. Namely: 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.
        And what exactly makes you think that “One Last Breath’ wasn’t actually a… recipe?!

        • How is One Last Breath like anything Greece has sent post 2001? They clearly deviated from the recipe and got the result I expected. Ok maybe it’s kinda similar to 2006. I’ll grant you that.

      • Speaking of dislikes, I really dislike your new avatar pic ;)

        • I thought you might. Let me assure you, it’s more the fact that he is funny than me actually agreeing with him. He’s great tv, but I don’t want to see him lead the free world.

          Also wondering what you think of the upcoming election in Greece. How are you thinking of voting. If I recally correctly, and that’s a big IF you supported Syriza last time didn’t you? If so will you do so again, or do you think Tsipras has failed? I can’t see how the past 7 months have been different from when New Democracy was in power, apart from the banks shut for a bit and Nerit is now called ERT again.

  4. Lol hardly news.
    Germany could launch a nuclear attack on Greece and they’d still enter!

    Glad Greece has so much love and respect for Eurovision that it enters every year without fail and don’t use money as an excuse. Croatia, Bosnia, Bulgaria and Luxembourg please take note!

    Also its a special year next year, as it is the real 60th anniversary.

    Oh and ERT please go back to your old logo, it was brighter and looked more modern, the current dark and dull one that reads EPT just looks austere!

  5. Please something decent again. It’s been 2 years.
    Well I understand it’s been longer for certain other countries…but still…

  6. Lol!With fresh election for September 20 ERT managed to confirm our esc participation?Good news!May a really good song is chosen this time.

    As for Greece missing eurovision 1986,this is our would-be entry were we to participate that year:

    • Am really looking forward to the Greek election. Have pencilled it in my diary as soon as it was announced.

      Do you think Syriza will win again? Surely Alexis Tsipras has failed in both of his objectives? He didn’t block or even reverse any austerity. Then after the referendum he didn’t even restore any greek sovereignty or autonomy?

      Has Syriza really been that different from New Democracy? Do greek elections even matter now, or is Greek policy made in Brussels and Frankfurt?

      • I think it could be a tight race between Syriza and New Democracy(I won’t be voting for any of them).I fear the neonazis will come third with the breakaway radical leftist clowns easily securing a good mumber of seats due to their lies.

    • And they didn’t send it? Damn those fools. I would have loved to see Polina in the ESC!

  7. Has Morgan seen this? :P

  8. Off-topic: One of Denmark’s most prominent jazz musicians, the bass player Hugo Rasmussen, died today :-(

  9. More off-topic: The date and host city of the Danish final will be revealed tomorrow.

  10. Good news definately..I am just worried that given the greek elections, if the previous coalition comes in power whether they will close ERT again – sounds tedious but..you never know..


    Any song released from now can legally enter the contest. And SVT has opened submissions for Melfest 2016, and there’s even rumours Danny Saucedo will be competing (did someone just turn the thermostat up cos its getting hot in here) even if it is sadly as part of EMD and not on his gorgeous sexy own!

  12. The Danish final will be in Horsens on 13 February.

  13. Welcome back again, Greece!

    The Greek NF’s have improved for a couple of years, though they took a step back this time. There have been at least two Greek entries lately though that I’ve really enjoyed, and that is “Watch my dance” and “Alcohol is free”. 1976, 1991 and 1997 are still my absolute favs.

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