ETSC 4: Discover the Winner!

ETSC August 2015ETSC – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the highly anticipated the Eurovision Times Song Contest! 45 of you entered for the August 2015 edition and the voting went on for two weeks! And the results are in and we have a winner!

Each summer, a good number of regular readers stay around for different reasons (they don’t get breaks from work or don’t go on holidays…) but there aren’t much news to keep us going. So the last few years we introduced all sort of games. The Eurovision Times Awards (Fridas) and the Douze Points Trivia Quiz kept us going in 2013 and Fridas have made come-backs the past two years. Last year, a lot of you asked for a fake Eurovision where each one of us would send songs and get to vote. And that was it: the Eurovision Times Song Contest, from then on known as ETSC.

After a first round open for people to sign up with a country and send a song, we got 45 people in, most everyone returned (a special nod to you Mario) with some newbies again, like Daniel, Razvan, Martin or Jasmin! Hopefully, they’ll stick around. But also some people who returned from last summer (Sedapsi, William, Mylor). And a few of our new regulars joined (Bay, Cyphermusic, Ren…). Results will come in tonight at 22:00 CET. You can rewatch the songs by clicking the picture below:


It was two weeks ago that we discovered each song individually in a dramatic Friday night reveal-show. And after that, each of the 45 players cast a vote. All votes are now in and we have a winner (also a full ranking, obviously). So gather around, for “ETSC 4, August 2015″ is about to come to an end!

Here are the full results (click to see in big):

So the winner is Austria! The song is “Leya” by Icelandic-born Thorsteinn Einarson (his debuting single, since then he only released a second one, “Aurora“). It was chosen for this contest by Daniel, and it was his first entry ever in ETSC. The winner got points from 17 people out of 43 possible! It got 151pts total and represents 29.3% of possible points. Thorsteinn is the second male etsc winner after The Prick but the first male vocalist to win! Here’s a live performance:

France, after two victories and a second place had to settle for another Silver medal. It’s another insane result for me that humbles me a lot. France got points from 21 people, the record in this edition, but only one 12pts, for a total of 117pts. Belgium got its best result ever, 3rd, with 110pts and was sent by someone playing for the frist time as well! Guitar’s get its best result ever for his second edition, and remains top 10 after last month! He brought Denmark to the 4th place. Shevek an Anders for their first try outside their home countries got 5th and 6th with respectively Albania and Finland! The much hyped Bosnia divided as expected and got 7th. But it puts Black Bird back in the top 10 after two 3rd places in 2015 and down to only 12th last month with… Austria! Austria also manages to having been last in ETSC 1 and winning ETSC 4! The Top 10 is wrapped up by Israel, FYROM and Romania!

As for the guessing game, people had been that far off: Austria was never considered a true contender! Here are the full results: Donnie 318pts, Dino 276pts, Guitar 273pts, Hulluna 272pts, Rosalina 266pts, Gregor 255pts, Tecku 252pts, Dimitri 242pts, Razvan 236pts, Togravus 232pts, Avat 230pts, Oxi 221pts, Bay 194pts, Shevek 182pts!

As for “ETSC 5 – July 2016″, it will be officially held in Salzburg. So we move east (center of Europe? Balkan? West? whatever you want!) and as for venue it’ll be the Salzburgarena! And the host will be, as a nod to Eurovision 2014, Conchita Wurst with the help of Elyas M’Barek in the greenroom! The logo for it is inspired by the winner again:

ETSC July 2016

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582 comments on “ETSC 4: Discover the Winner!

  1. Well, this has been a fun experience for me. I’m definitely not exposed to different music genres and cultures, so it’s nice to discover some interesting music and artists from all over. It was tough trying to represent countries whose music scenes I knew little to nothing about, but I always made sure to send songs that I personally liked, and not try to pick something that might do well (because heaven knows I still can’t put my finger on it). :D

  2. Stats update!

    1) Daniel: 0.022 (1 time)
    2) Morgan: 0.039 (4 times)
    3) Razvan: 0.067 (1 time)
    4) Mark: 0.157 (4 times)
    5) Guitar: 0.238 (6 times)
    6) Donnie: 0.278 (8 times)
    7) Marc P.: 0.325 (11 times)
    8) Dimitris: 0.327 (8 times)
    9) Luke: 0.357 (7 times)
    10) Mermaid: 0.358 (8 times)
    11) Rosalina: 0.382 (3 times)
    12) Gregor: 0.392 (2 times)
    13) Patrick P.: 0.395 (11 times)
    14) Dino: 0.400 (10 times)
    15) Cathal: 0.406 (2 times)
    16) Matt: 0.434 (3 times)
    17) Rob: 0.437 (8 times)
    18) Sedapsi: 0.447 (3 times)
    19) Shevek: 0.451 (8 times)
    20) Stommie: 0.46057 (5 times)
    21) Toggie: 0.46060 (8 times)
    22) Hulluna: 0.476 (4 times)
    23) Bay: 0.480 (2 times)
    24) Nick P.: 0.502 (10 times)
    25) Oxi: 0.508 (10 times)
    26) Jade: 0.527 (2 times)
    27) Cyphermusic: 0.542 (2 times)
    28) Arpatilaos: 0.543 (3 times)
    29) Anders: 0.553 (6 times)
    30) Ivan: 0.556 (5 times)
    31) Caolán: 0.630 (4 times)
    32) Ren Robles: 0.638 (3 times)
    33) Avat: 0.642 (9 times)
    34) Alex L.: 0.658 (4 times)
    35) Niclas: 0.675 (7 times)
    36) Alex NYC: 0.676 (7 times)
    37) Tecku: 0.691 (11 times)
    38) Phantom91: 0.692 (2 time)
    39) Mario M: 0.693 (4 times)
    40) Xello: 0.706 (5 times)
    41) Tehoe: 0.729 (2 times)
    42) Mylor: 0.739 (3 times)
    43) Max: 0.750 (10 times)
    44) Jasmin: 0.756 (1 time)
    45) Thomas: 0.758 (2 times)
    46) Jon: 0.771 (8 times)
    47) Brittany: 0.786 (2 times)
    48) William: 0.848 (4 times)

  3. Yugoslavia 1981: 9/12
    BiH 2006: 12/12
    Austria ETSC4: 12/12
    BiH ETSC4: 12/12

    It seems I’m into… Lejlas, Leyas and Lejlijas :)

  4. Russia was DQed because of a scandal. This song actually came first but was prevented from taking part for obvious reasons.

  5. I was quite surprised by the winner. The artist and song left me very cold and I hardly noticed it when I listened to the songs. For me it was very much like a Danish national final song – “indie-pop lite”. At least it found it’s audience!

    I’m happy to see my two favourite songs get recognition. Finland was my out stand favourite and the French song re-connected me to an artist I loved (and her latest work is her best!).

    I’m glad to see Bozo Vreco doing well too. I think some of the hype harmed the points he received, but hopefully the attention he initially got meant that he and his music connected with people. He’s certainly one of my favourite finds of this year. If you want to see Bozo mysteriously wander in more seasonal-appropriate environments then his new video does just that!

    As for next time, I do have my eyes set on my own country. That, or wishing somehow Mali becomes eligible to enter to enter ESC/ESTC… Here’s to wishing!

  6. I’m considering entering FDLC after hearing so much about it!
    How does it work exactly?
    I understood it’s got “themes” for each edition but I’m kinda confused about it, if anyone can help me out I’d be glad to enter the contest :)

  7. After some listenings I managed to make a ranking for ETSC 1. :)
    Here’s my top 15:

    1. France : Christine and The Queens – Saint Claude
    2. UK : Adele – Set Fire To The Rain
    3. Latvia : Instrumenti – King of the Wild Things
    4. Norway : Susanne Sundfør – The Brothel
    5. Poland : Mrozu feat. Sound’n’Grace – Nic do stracenia
    6. Germany : 2raumwohnung – Bei Dir bin ich schön
    7. Denmark : Orka – Tað vakrasta
    8. Estonia : Ewert and the Two Dragons – Road to the Hill
    9. Portugal : Peixe:aviao – Pele e Osso
    10. Iceland : Arstidir – Tárin
    11. Sweden : Robyn – Dancing On My Own
    12. Ireland : Sinéad O’Connor – Take Off Your Shoes
    13. Cyprus : Despina Vandi – Xano esena
    14. Serbia : Zeljko Joksimovic – Ludak Kao Ja
    15. Turkey : Ayse Hatun Önal – Çak Bir Selam

    I have “Saint Claude” and “King of the Wild Things” on replay at the moment! :D
    In the next days I’ll rank ETSC 2 and 3.

  8. Maybe I should also try to make a Top 20 out of all the four editions. Even if I’ve forgotten like 85% of all songs which would mean an awful lot of recaps. Plus that I’ve probably changed my mind about some of them, and that they won’t be identical to these Top 10 lists I once made. I guess for example that Monaco won’t be my favourite of ETSC 2 any longer, but probably Israel or Bosnia instead.

    But Iceland from ETSC 1 still remains my unthreatened number one. Followed by Greece from ETSC 4.

    • Oh, so you loved the Greek song that much?!!! I’m deeply honoured, Niclas! <3

      And I agree on Iceland/ETSC1. Actually all my top 3 songs from that edition (Greece, Iceland, Portugal, in that particular order) have a special place in my heart (and my playlist ;) ).

  9. Btw, this one was the alternative I was planning to choose for Sweden. I finally chose Sara instead, partly because her song was in Swedish, and I thought it was time for that now :p . And partly because these girls have been on far too many lists abroad anyway to make it an interesting choice.

  10. I’ve heard of First Aid Kit before (having lived in Sweden for a long time), but this song is very nice indeed! Hope to see them one day in Melodifestivalen

    • One can always hope. But I’m afraid our hopes are in vain. They are this kind of people who are against the whole idea of song competitions.

  11. Haven’t you had enough of music competitions? Wanna relive the feeling soon? Then you should join us in the upcoming FdLC! You get to pick non-European countries as well!


  12. Ann Sophie released a new video and a brand new intimate version of “Black Smoke”:

  13. I’ve finished ranking ETSC 2 as well. :)
    Here’s my top 15:

    1. UK : Hurts – Wonderful Life
    2. France : Lilly Wood And The Prick – Where I Want To Be (California)
    3. Sweden : Kate Boy – The Way We Are
    4. Austria : GuGabriel – Salvation
    5. Russia : Polina Gagarina – Spektakl Okonchen
    6. Bosnia & Herzegovina : Dubioza Kolektiv – Kažu
    7. Czech Republic : Verona – Ztracena bloudim
    8. Croatia : Franko Krajcar & Invidia – Terra Istria
    9. Albania : Era Istrefi ft. Mixey – E dehun
    10. Lithuania : GJan – Not Afraid
    11. Belgium : Tom Dice – A Soldier for his Country
    12. Ireland : Lisa Hannigan – Little Bird
    13. Netherlands : Kraak & Smaak – Good For The City
    14. Italy : Michele Bravi – La vita e la felicità
    15. Iceland : Sólstafir – Fjara

    • No Greece? :( :P

    • Update!

      1. UK : Hurts – Wonderful Life
      2. France : Lilly Wood And The Prick – Where I Want To Be (California)
      3. Sweden : Kate Boy – The Way We Are
      4. Austria : GuGabriel – Salvation
      * 5. Ukraine : Illaria – Nebo
      6. Russia : Polina Gagarina – Spektakl Okonchen
      7. Bosnia & Herzegovina : Dubioza Kolektiv – Kažu
      8. Czech Republic : Verona – Ztracena bloudim
      9. Croatia : Franko Krajcar & Invidia – Terra Istria
      10. Albania : Era Istrefi ft. Mixey – E dehun
      11. Lithuania : GJan – Not Afraid
      12. Belgium : Tom Dice – A Soldier for his Country
      13. Ireland : Lisa Hannigan – Little Bird
      14. Netherlands : Kraak & Smaak – Good For The City
      15. Italy : Michele Bravi – La vita e la felicità

      16. Iceland : Sólstafir – Fjara

      * After another listening to rate the songs, I saw how good Ukraine’s songs really is and it jumped right into my top5! :O

  14. Voltaj just released their new song, Din Toata Inima. I prefer this to their Eurovision entry this year.

    • I am not allowed to watch it but the picture I see seems to be the Transfăgărășan Mountain Road. <3
      They obviously like shooting their videos in iconic places. :)

  15. Well, I found a song from a Canadian artist I already knew and liked, so I’m definitely considering entering FdlC at this point!
    And no, it’s NOT Bieber

  16. Finally ready with all the ETSC, so here is my ranking of ETSC 2, I think you gonna like this Morgan ;) :

    1. France
    2. Ukraine (really close taking the crown doh :P)
    3. Lithuania
    4. Italy
    5. Sweden
    6. Finland
    7. Bosnia & Herzegovina
    8. Chech Republic
    9. Ireland
    10. Albania
    11. Norway
    12. United Kingdom
    13. Russia
    14. Austria
    15. Monaco
    … Honorable mention 24. Romania (PECS <3)

    My Average score of all the contests:

    ETSC 1: 6.43
    ETSC 2: 4.92
    ETSC 3: 5.29
    ETSC 4: 6.32

    • I do agree that the 1st and 4th editions were the strongest ones !

      • Agreed! I did not have any 9 and 10 on the second edition doh, which I had on all the others, so I did not really have any favorites unfortunally listening through that contest :(. But France did it again sending a very good song, not their best doh imo :P

        • I must be the only one around here preferring “California” to the other French ETSC entries :o
          You didn’t seem to like my ETSC 2 Greek entry :(

          • Im sorry, I really couldn’t warm up to that song :( loved your Norwegian entry doh (Y) le duce points :)

            • No Saint Claude? :o :P

            • Nah, close doh, but ”The Brothel” was a true Masterpiece! They both are 10/10 doh ^^

            • Now and since you participate in FdlC you have to catch up with FdlcC 1-7 too :P

            • Oh god XD Lets take one contest at a time ^^

            • lOL !

            • Good thing for you is that FdLC editions used to have max 23 entries. There has even been an edition with 11!
              I’ve been participating since FdlC 4 though

            • Yeah I scrolled through them a bit, to see if I could send my upcoming song, and I could ^.^ Hopefully noone else will choose Ireland this edition hihi ^^

              I will maybe do a ranking after the September edition, school for me is starting now on monday, so will probably have more to do later, then ranking online contests all day long haha XD

            • Another good thing about FdlC editions is that they re worldwide so the chances of claiming the country you wish are bigger!

            • Yeah, I was even more excited doh about the 10 year rule! :D Cause otwerwhise I will not be able to send the song im hopefully about to send (Y) Its from 2005 and its like excacly 9 years and 9 monts old XD

            • Btw I have never asked! Where are you from? Poland?
              I am from Greece :D

            • La Suede here! As my avatar portrays haha ;)

    • We have 11 songs in common in our top 15, really good! :)
      The order is not so similar though. :P

      I’m hoping to finish my ranking for ETSC 3 tonight.

    • of course I do, we’re winners :p

    • Thanks for having Ukraine as your runner-up although it wasn’t your favorite edition. :)

      • Yeah, I was amazed by her vocal technics, simply flawless! Some people can have good vocal technics, but use them extremely bad, so its refreshing to hear someone who uses them in the right way! :)

  17. Explaining my hints:

    1 pt – If you add one, you get 14 – 13 Flemish Beguinages are listed as World Heritage Sites. If you add one, you get 14.
    2 pts – There is an awful thing right next to 3 beautiful places – Central Portugal is home to 3 fantastic monasteries. Right next tot hem is awful Fátima Pilgrimage Site.
    3 pts – I have always wondered why it is only 1 – Only 1 of the many beautiful Norwegian stave churches is listed as a World Heritage site (Urnes).
    4 pts – There is a really big one and smaller ones surrounding it – Kiev Cathedral and the smaller buildings of the Cathedral Complex surrounding the church.
    5 pts – You don’t have a choice when it comes to this one – There is only one World Heritage Site in Macedonia (Lake Ohrid).
    6 pts – One was quite important for Shakespeare’s work – Los amantes de Teruel are one oft he sources of „Romeo and Juliet“
    7 pts – All of them serve the same purpose but are very different from one another – The Ottoman bridges of BiH.
    8 pts – It became something different when people got busy – Schokland was an island until it became part of Noordoostpolder.
    10 pts – One of them has one less than the other two – There are 8 World Heritage Churches of Moldavia and 8 Wooden Churches of Maramures but only 7 Fortified Churches of Transylvania.
    12 pts – That is what happens if you get too much sun . The cave on Patmos where Saint John the Apostle wrote the Apocalypse

  18. I’ve now finished ranking all editions of ETSC. :)
    Here’s my top 15 of ETSC 3:

    1. Czech Republic : Marketa Irglova – Without A Map
    2. Lithuania : Leon Somov & Jazzu – Ką Tu Su Manim Darai?
    3. Norway : Flunk: Queen Of The Undergound
    4. Poland : Sylwia Grzeszczak – Ksiezniczka
    5. UK : Bat For Lashes – Laura
    6. Iceland : Kaleo – Vor í Vaglaskógi
    7. Sweden : Laleh – Some Die Young
    8. Netherlands : Thomas Azier – Ghostcity
    9. Slovakia : Simona Martausová – V pouličných kaviarňach
    10. Malta : Winter Moods – My Neverland
    11. Portugal : Sequin – Heart to Feed
    12. Moldova : Dan Balan – Lish do utra
    13. France : Ibeyi – River
    14. Israel : The Young Professionals ft. Anna F. – All Of It But Me
    15. Italy : Ancient Bards – In My Arms

    I’ve also rated all the songs (from 1 to 10) and here’s my average score for each edition:

    ETSC 1 – 6.14
    ETSC 2 – 5.97
    ETSC 3 – 6
    ETSC 4 – 6.5

  19. Some interesting, I believe, stats:

    The HoDs I had the most songs in common with in my top10:
    Morgan and Luke (both 6/10). Followed by Marc, Dino, Niclas and Guitar (5/10).
    On the contrary, I had only 1/10 in common with: William, Nick, Jon, Caolan, Max and Daniel.
    No 0/10 though :)

    I think my absolute record is 7 or 8/10 (not so sure) and I think it was with Stommie in ETSC2 (not so sure about that either though) :D

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