Song of the Day: Chamar a Música by Sara Tavares

Song of the daySong of the day – We all have Eurovision songs that we love and listen to regularly. But then there are songs we might only remember because someone posts a link on Facebook or a Forum. We will shuffle through Eurovision history and present a random song every now and then during summer to bring back memories and give you the chance to discuss songs and years during the “Eurovision drought”. Our song of this day is ‘Chamar a Música‘ by Sara Tavares (Portugal 1994).

The song, translated as ‘Call the music‘ finished n 8th place out of the 25 entrants in that year. Ireland won with Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan singing ‘Rock n roll kids‘. It was the first year that voting was done by satellite and not telephone meaning spokespersons could be seen.

Tavares won the 1993/1994 final of the Endemol song contest Chuva de Estrelas (performing Whitney Houston’s ‘One moment in time’), which helped her win the Portuguese Television Song Contest final in 1994, consequently earning a place in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest.  The song was featured on her debut single release, Sara Tavares & Shout (1996), where Tavares mixed gospel and funk with her native Portuguese influences. Her more recent work is much more influenced by jazz , soul and South American music, and she has a strong following amongst jazz enthusiasts.

49 comments on “Song of the Day: Chamar a Música by Sara Tavares

  1. I love this. 1994 is one of my favorite years with so many great songs. This is my favorite Portuguese entry, but unfortunately not my winner. I think Russia had a great debut. Hungary was great also. (Two excellent examples why live instruments should be allowed on stage.) Poland was solid, though not really my cup of tea. The UK had a great song. One of their best ever.
    Worst of the worst however: Germany. Literally everything was wrong with that.

  2. Like it but my top 4 that year is inaccessible
    1.CYP <3
    and then is Sweden,Ireland,Croatia,UK,Estonia, Romania and Netherlands
    Poland and Norway are kinda overrated!

  3. Yes, 1994 left very good songs; these are my favouites:

    1. Hungary
    2. The Netherlands
    3. Portugal
    5. Ireland
    6. Cyprus
    7. Russia
    8. Poland
    9. Romania
    10. Iceland

    • *favourites

    • I can’t stand “Waar is de zon”. Way too heavy orchestration and the song never really starts. In a way the failure reminds me of this year. After a great year where everything went well, the Dutch broadcaster went for the same formula a year later with a disastrous lazy and tired result.

  4. First, the lyrics to this are gorgeous. As always when the great and late Rosa Lobato de Faria was the girl behind them. Secondly, Sara is a really great singer, although she looks annoyingly much like a young Michelle Obama. The problem I have with this one though is the composition itself, which in my ears is too standard and doesn’t really lead anywhere.

    As for 1994 – the year that opened and closed with a blond woman with a black hat – it was the year that started those short halcyon days of Eurovision in the 90’s, with several interesting compositions. To me, it’s all about three masterpieces: Russia, Hungary and Ireland. Russia is that interesting case (like Cyprus 1995) with a song that sounds quite awful in studio version but was revamped and delivered live with an amazing combination of performance and orchestration.

    Many people here seem to love France, but I’m not too crazy in that particular song. Don’t know why really. The Maltese entry – performed by the duo who looked like they had swapped their haircuts – comes off as quite lame, And UK is that bizarre kind of song I simply can’t decide whether I like it or not. All I know is that I probably would have prefered both “Sink or swim” or “Waiting in the wings” by Frances instead.

    My Top 10 would be:

    1. Russia
    2. Hungary
    3. Ireland
    4. Cyprus
    5. Romania
    6. Poland
    7. Iceland
    8. Estonia
    9. Norway
    10. The Netherlands

  5. I have always liked this simple and straightforward song which was served with excellent lyrics back in 1994. Although 1994 has several song I do not like at all (Finland, Estonia, Spain, Germany, Norway and Austria), it has many strong and interesting songs too. In a way, 1994 was the appetizer for the fantastic menue ESC served in 4 courses from 1995 to 1998. :)

    Songs I love: Cyprus, Ireland, Hungary, France and UK. I really like Russia, the Netherlands (old fashioned can be beautiful …), Croatia and Portugal too.

    Still, even if “Chamar a música” is a nice song, Sara’s post ESC work is in a completely different league.

    • ‘Chamara Música’ is clearly not what Sara likes to sing the most.

      • Definitely not. Btw, I am sitting in the garden, sipping after dinner coffee and reading a very interesting article on the Etruscan necropolis of Tarquinia. The thermometer still shows 33 degrees. Life is just perfect. :)

  6. Here is my top-10:

    Germany just missing out.

  7. Not really my thing. It’s probably not a bad song, but I find it rather boring. As I do with many other songs from 1994. I see it as one of the weakest years of the 1990’s actually. Too many ballads that sound the same and which don’t really evolve musically.

    As for this song, it is well performed vocally, but the vocals don’t contain anything special.

  8. Im with Niclas and Anders, I just dont like Portugal 1994 at all. It’s just a very boring and formula ballad that really doesnt go anywhere. Very overrated imo.

    As for 94, I never really got into many favorites (Poland, the big OGAE favorite, is insanely awful; Russia is very good but not amaing; Cyprus is another one of those nice songs in a genre I dont like at all but respect people who like it)… so in the end, I’m with most people on Uk, which is one of their top 5 best entries ever imo and, my personal favorite that year, which imo is WITHOUT A DOUBT the year’s absolute masterpiece, Ireland. I also like Hungary and France in my top 10. In general, it’s a year of many good songs (Russia or Cyprus are good, just not what i love), but nothing to love. And all the bad stuff (Spain, Croatia, Greece, Finland, Austria) is surprisingly charming in that it’s nto as dead awful as the “bad stuff” of, say, 96…

    But Germany that year is one of my bottom 10 of all time entries. Awful piece of [self censored] :p

    • What’s the bad of 96? I don’t think that 96 has a singlebad song, except for those left behind before the contest (Germany!!!) Songs I don’t particularly like … perhaps … butt n bad songs per se. :) My least favourite songs from 96 still score 5/12 (BiH, SVK, NED) and 4/12 (EST). In 94, on the other hand, I have several 2/12s and 3/12s …

  9. 94 was a great year!

    IRELAND 10
    POLAND 10
    RUSSIA 10
    NORWAY 10
    CYPRUS 9
    FRANCE 8.5
    PORTUGAL 8.5
    MALTA 8
    HUNGARY 7.5
    ICELAND 7.5
    SWEDEN 6
    GERMANY 5.5
    SPAIN 4
    GREECE 4
    AUSTRIA 3.5

  10. One of the best Portuguese entries ! I love it !

  11. The mature Sara Tavares:

    • That’s indeed different. Very latin-like. I have to admit that type of music is normally not so much my taste, but the qualities are obvious.

      • Here is another former Portuguese ESC participant who has evolved into a fantastic artist … and one of my favourites too. It is probably a tad too South European/melodramatic for your taste but I love the blend of fado and medieval orchestration. I saw Dulce perform this one and other songs live at Santa Maria Church in Óbidos a couple of years ago and had goosebumps for 2 hours. :)

        • I do like this actually. I think the vocals are a bit too loud for my taste, but it may also have to do with the sound which isn’t very good (it seems it is recorded in a church). But the feeling in the music is great.

          • :)

            It’s not a church but Europe’s most beautiful venue to listen to music: The Palau de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona. Everyone who loves music should attend a concert there at least once in his/her lifetime imo. I attended Brahms’ Double Concerto there with my parents when I was a boy:

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