Song of the Day: Take Me to Your Heaven by Charlotte Nilsson

Song of the daySong of the day – We all have Eurovision songs that we love and listen to regularly. But then there are songs we might only remember because someone posts a link on Facebook or a Forum. We will shuffle through Eurovision history and present a random song every now and then during summer to bring back memories and give you the chance to discuss songs and years during the “Eurovision drought”. Our song of this day is a former winner… Charlotte Nilsson of Sweden singing ‘Take Me to Your Heaven‘.

Sweden won in 1999 with 168 points where they beat Iceland into second place with 146 points. Sweden picked up ‘douze points‘ from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Malta, Norway, United Kingdom. Only one country gave them no points in the final: Croatia.

Charlotte Nilsson (now Charlotte Perrelli) was born Anna Jenny Charlotte Nilsson in 1974. After winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1999 for Sweden she released seven albums and multiple singles, hosted Melodifestivaen and became a TV host. She again represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 with her song ‘Hero‘. She participated in Melodifestivalen 2012 with the entry ‘The Girl‘ by Fredrik Kempe in a bid to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. In the fourth semi-final of the show, she came in fifth, and failed to qualify to the final. She performed her Eurovision hits and more in the Eurovillage in Malmo in 2013 and often appears on Melodifestivalen.


66 comments on “Song of the Day: Take Me to Your Heaven by Charlotte Nilsson

  1. Typical overrated stuff in esc in a relatively bad year song-wise (still slightly better than “Hero”) I really like only Croatia and Turkey that year. Cyprus was ok in studio version but butchered live due to probably the worst backing vocals ever in esc history.

  2. It’s a decent schlager, I guess, but it was totally overrated … like most Swedish songs in ESC imo. (Out of all Swedish winners, Loreen is the only deserved one, even if I do not expect “Euphoria” to age well. We’ll see … And the funny thing is that Sweden gets miserable results everytime I like their song … LOL) 1999 was the beginning of the really bad years: lame songs, joke entries, scarcely clad bimbos (both male and female) shaking it while singing out of tune. Oh my …
    I really like only BiH and Ireland out of everything 1999 had on offer. Croatia, Austria and Turkey were above average too

  3. I always had a hard time choosing between Sweden and Iceland in 1999. Both are top notch for their genre and in that year. But Charlotte always reeked confidence on stage and that gave her a boost imo, while Selma had the enthusiasm and the vocals but lacked the stage awareness factor that year. So I would say that she was the deserved (and a special mention here on the extremely unfair result she got in 2008 when she was even better).
    Other good entries from 1999 imo : Estonia and The Netherlands. Cyprus was decent too.
    On the other hand Germany was embarassing while Croatia was a load of pretentious over the top drama.
    Not the best esc year imo but it had its highlights and a great top 2 at least..

  4. My 1999 ranking:

    SWEDEN 7
    FRANCE 6
    ISRAEL 5.5
    CYPRUS 5.5
    AUSTRIA 5.5
    IRELAND 5.5
    TURKEY 4
    POLAND 3.5
    MALTA 3
    SPAIN 3
    NORWAY 2

    Balkans ruled. In the end we got a decent schlager and a nice pop. Cyprus was the most underwhelming. Good song but horrible vocals.

  5. It a is very catchy pop song, and it is easy to hear why it won. But there isn’t so much to get from it underneath the catchiness where the song is pretty ordinary. It is not particularly original, but on the other hand, the songwriters purposely flirted with the Abba-tradition.

    I have it at 8/12, but I personally prefer the Icelandic song which has got a more detailed production.

    I don’t find 1999 that bad overall. There is not much of the subtle, artistic stuff from the previous years, but many of the songs are very melodic. I remember my mum once said, if you can’t sing along to it, then it is not a good Eurovision song. Not that I necessarily agree with that, but the melody is a crucial ingredient in much pop music. 1999 is a relatively good pop contest, but clearly not a great art contest.

    The big let down is 2000 imo. where many of the most poppy songs didn’t even have good melodies, and where we saw the first really striking off-key performances (Israel and F.Y.R. Macedonia first of all).

    Sweden as a Eurovision country actually has a pretty high average in my rankings. When I last calculated the average for each country (a year ago I think), Sweden was around 8th or 9th place overall. Again, their songs may not always be highly artistic, but there often is a good sense of melody that is somehow coloured by a Nordic folk music tradition.

    • I totally agree. The 1999 contest is stuck between the last great contest from the 90s and the awful early noughties. 2000 was the year in which things started to go seriously wrong. And I agree on Sweden in ESC too. Most of there songs aren’t masterpeices but they are very effective, in particular on first listening. I have noticed that myself: There are many Swedish ESC songs I liked at first but then they kept dropping on my list because they become pretty boring soon. Everything is instantly noticable (which is their contest strength), and therefore there is very little to detect or explore afterwards. “Take Me to Your Heaven” is a very good example for this tendency in Sweden’s approach imo. I remember that nobody at our party had it in their top 3 but everyone agreed that we had just seen the winning entry.

      • I can understand your point about instantly catchy songs, but for me, if the melody is strong enough, they don’t always drop afterwards. F.e. I still love “Love Shine a Light”, but I wouldn’t say there is much left to detect in it. It is simply just very complete.

        And not all Swedish entries have been instant hits for me personally. F.e. I didn’t actually like “Euphoria” very much when I heard it for the first time. The synthetic production initially left me cold, plus I found it quite stressing with all that jumping around on stage. It began to make more sense for me rather quickly though, and now I consider it the best of the six winning songs from Sweden.

    • My problem with Sweden is their songs are too obvious and calculated. Once the song starts you know it’s Sweden… :-P

  6. This was one of the better songs of 1999, but that isn’t saying much! It’s a catchy and memorable sing-along tune but nothing more. Still, I have it in my Top 5 since I didn’t care much for a lot of other songs that year…

    Top 5

    1. Estonia 9/12
    2. Germany 9/12
    3. B&H 8/12
    4. Sweden 8/12
    5. Belgium 8/12

  7. I never really liked the song and 1999 was an underwhelming esc year overall.

  8. A song deeply rooted in Swedish dansband/schlager genre, mixed with some ABBA elements. In other words, one of our most Swedish entries ever in music style, and then it won! :o

    As for most Swedish winners; I consider it a 7/12. Effective and good, but nothing great. I think I rank it as our third best winner; after “Euphoria” (10/12) and “Fångad av en stormvind (8/12).

    1999 was quite a middle of the road year with a few songs I really like, especially Estonia, Lithuania, Bosnia and Germany (Siegel’s best).

  9. But aren’t Song of the Day supposed to be mostly about songs that didn’t win or that aren’t considered big classics?

  10. Not bad in any way , my 6th that year after Croatia <3, Slovenia, BiH (Balkans rocked that year), Germany :p and Lithuania ! I don't know why, but "Take me to your heaven" always reminded me of Xmas ! Maybe the orchestration?
    Iceland that year was WAY overrated. It kinda gets on my nerves! Never got the hype over Estonia either. I find it corny and a step backwards compared to their other 90's stuff! Cyprus was a disaster too!

  11. My personal runner up that year behind BiH

  12. I haven’t got round to commenting on the Song of the Day series yet. 1999 was not a top notch year and the winner was so bland and lifeless that I still remember my astonishment when it won. Moving on, these are my top 10 songs from 1999:

    1. Strazdas, Aisté, Lithuania
    2. Je Veux Donner ma Voix, Nayah, France
    3. Diamond of Night, Evelin Samule+Camille, Estonia
    4. Putnici, Dino+Beatrice, B&H
    5. Like the Wind, Vanessa Chinitor, Belgium
    6. Dön Artik, Tugba Önal + Grup Mistik, Turkey
    7. No Quiero Escuchar, Lydia, Spain
    8. Reflection, Bobby Singer, Austria
    9. For a Thousand Years, Darja Svajger Slovenia
    10.When you need me, The Mullans, Ireland

    • Nice to see France getting a nod in this site. It’s a song that aged surprisingly well. I wouldnt have it as high, and Nayah is a very polemic figure here so it’s hard for me to really defend it, but it feels musically subtle (with the chorus jumping in at the end). It didnt convey well live though.

      • Why is Nayah a very polemic figure?

        • It seems I am not going to get any answer. So be it. :(

          • oh sorry, I was busy and my only ET input yesterday was more or less checking the ETSC article and doing the postcards, so I sorta forgot about checking this one. Nayah is a member of the Raelian sect, who believe in Aliens as supernatural beings who created life on Earth. When she won the NF, she was far from favorite before the show based on songs and people who selected her for the NF didnt know about her belonging to the sect, when she won by a huge margin the show, then it got out and people suspected only her “sect friends” massively voted for her. And then in Eurovision, besides the “serious news” allways titling “with Nayah, UFOs in Jerusalem”, we sorta expected that no other countries would vote for her based on the song only and expected to be last… Still today, people barely remember our good or bad esc songs except for a very few, but the “Raelian one with a weird necklace” is sorta still known. And polemic.

  13. I didn’t mind Sweden 1999 and wasn’t at all surprised it won. I did however prefer Iceland though and also liked Croatia and Germany from this year. This is the first year for me to start collecting The Eurovision Song Contest CD collection.

  14. It actually IS one of my oldest esc memories (putting aside France 77 which I knew before but not as an esc song). Esc 99 being my first one, and the only song I remember from that actual night was “lady big boob in pink” winning. Which means that a song which is among the better ones in an awful, AWFUL year ends up, with a nostalgia push, as my winner that year. I genuinely HATE the Icelandic entry. Everyone who watched esc that year live in the above comment section seem to prefer Iceland and I get it: it was the huge favorite then, it’s THE most 90s song of the year, and you guys probably have that special nostalgia connection to it. I was a kid in the 90s and I genuinely hate what it produced in mass media. Thank god esc in the 80s got disconnected to real life, so that in the 90s when music took a turn for the worse in TV and “hits”, then esc got into its own nich of folk and celtic and ballads… so that the 90s end up as a good esc era. And Iceland is totally awful if you compare it to “good” but “vry nichy” songs like Lithuania, Bosnia, Estonia or even Belgium that year (and the songs that complete my top 5 quelle surprise). And France aged surprisingly well as I told Shevek above and it makes my 6th. Croatia and Turkey are a bit too over the top in their nichy approach but they follow my rankings.

    Germany and Israel are HUGE horrors of the year and I just never will get why they got top 5 when Uk or Malta, also 90s crap, rightfully failed. Oh and Netherlands and Denmark are the same song, one male, one female, and they’re both irrelevant.

    The rest of the songs, right now as I am typing this, I can’t remember.

    • You don’t even mention the beautifully melodious motown song from Ireland. :(
      And you don’t remember Rui with his awful long hair and equally awful song?
      I don’t prefer Iceland to Sweden. The songs are sort of tied on my list, and putting one above the other would seem pretty random to me. LOL
      Finally, I disagree on France. :) The song is as annoying and pretentious as ever imo … and still in 2nd last place on my list. The only song I dislike even more is the Maltese one.

  15. ESC 1999

    9/12: Iceland, Bosnia and Hercegovina
    8/12: Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Estonia
    7/12: Croatia, Slovenia
    6/12: Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, France, Poland, Germany
    5/12: Lithuania, Denmark, Portugal
    4/12: Ireland, Israel, Malta
    3/12: Cyprus
    2/12: Norway
    Average: 6,09

  16. Well,after reading all these comments i had to go through the 1999 contest because i could only remember 4 or 5 songs.It was a below average edition so i was right about that.
    My top-10:

    Just missing out Estonia and Ireland and Germany


  17. Worst live vocals of esc 2015 according to wiwibloigs readers(3179 votes received) :
    Pertti Kurian Nimipaivat: 718 votes (22.59%)
    Elhaida Dani: 714 votes (22.46%)
    Maria Olafs: 687 votes (21.61%)
    Electro Velvet: 612 votes (19.25%)
    Michele and Anita: 448 votes (14.09%)

    • Pretty much agree although I find Maria’s vocals (ICE) worse than Elhaida’s!

      • Well,the top-3 was very tight anyway.Poland wasn’t very good vocally but a bit better than those 5,imo.I remember you liking “In the name of love” at the beginning.Didn’t the song age well for you?

        • I always considered the song as a 6/10.
          Vocals dragged it down to 4/10 on my post-esc list!

        • Albania lost 2 points for the same issue as well. Now is stands at 7/10

          • It was a very average and rather underwhelming esc year for me after all.The NF season was way more interesting.

            • We still got “Love injected”, “Goodbye to yesterday”, “Monster like me” and Grande amore”. All four are pretty good for esc imo! My fave NF song is either “Brod sto tone” or “Fjaðrir” and both countries made a HUGE mistake by not picking them !

            • Yes,they’re all good but none of them would make it in my esc pantheon.I agree on Fjaðrir”.I also listen a lot to Alexa Feser atm and i loved Fahrenhaidt,Jon Henrik and Mariette.Am i mssing someone?

            • Agim Poshka – Në rrugën tonë and
              Enver Petrovci – Të vranë bukuri are the two FiK’s gem this year same as Himn by Gjergj Leka although I am a bit sceptical about the lyrics.
              I also loved Brotið gler from Iceland this year.
              “Exceptional” in Eesti Laul.
              Nefelibata in Latvia
              À espera das canções in Portugal
              and Där och då med dig in MF.
              Those are my 10’s

            • Ok,out of those i only missed “Där och då med dig”. <3

            • Hungary.Vera Toth!

    • Poland should be there too!

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