Switzerland: Here We Go Again with the Uploads!

SwitzerlandSwitzerland – The Swiss broadcaster SRF has announced it will stick to its current selection process again for 2016, so it will soon be time for thousands of people around the world to upload all sorts of songs from the ridiculous to the brilliant to the online platform! The platform will be open for songs from September 28th 2015 to October 26th 2015 so you have two months to write your winning Eurovision masterpiece.

Eurovision die hard fans around the planet will then spend weeks listening to thousands of songs in the hope of finding a few gems.

An expert panel will choose ten songs, and these will be joined by 6 acts chosen by RTS and 3 chosen by RSI. The 19 acts will be whittled down to 6 finalists by a jury, and a national final will eventually take place on February 13th in Kreuzlingen with a 50/50 public/jury vote.

The SRF online platform will be available here.

Someone call Kitty Brucknell…

8 comments on “Switzerland: Here We Go Again with the Uploads!

  1. Oh well if they’re happy with this selection method…

  2. I wonder what Männerchor Steili Kressä will be treating us to this this time.

  3. Exactly ! Better stick to this great platform which has provided several top 10s in esc during the last years…

  4. It has provided so many great entries so why not ? Switzerland should stick to the quality they provide imo.

  5. Do people really believe the format is a problem?
    In my opinion it doesn’t matter what the format is, it all depends on if you get some quality songs submitted.

    Therefore it makes sense to cast your net as wide as possible.

    It doesn’t matter how many semis or 2nd chances you have, what matters is, is a good song submitted to the tv broadcaster at all?

    No amount of selection format changes can turn a bad song into a good one.

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